weekly astrology forecast | April 25th - May 1st, 2022 - UPDATED - and Venus is her name, magical possibilities, love and money luck, unexpected starts, Eclipse season begins with a bang



What magic is this week?! 


Some pretty potent magic folks!

I am away this week, so will fill in the week as we move along - I will add to THIS post, so pop back in - and I will get up a BIG Eclipse post, too, of course. 


MONDAY - Venus sextile North Node

WEDNESDAY - Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus conjunct Neptune

THURSDAY - Mercury trine Pluto

SATURDAY - New Moon in Taurus Eclipse, Venus conjunct Jupiter

SUNDAY - Venus sextile Pluto

MONDAY - Venus, at 22 degrees Pisces sextiles the North Node in Taurus

Venus, exalted in Pisces and ruler of Taurus, sextiles (opportunity) the North Node in Taurus while she squares Ceres in Gemini at 22 degrees. 

Ceres in Gemini is smart nurturing, talking things out, having choices/multiple ways to feel better. Imagine the funny, fast mom multi-tasking with her phone (hands-free of course) while driving the kids to school. They are nurtured through her AIR. Her ability to pivot, do two things at once - her smarts.  Maybe there aren't any homemade cookies on the table awaiting the kiddies after school, but there is a probably a box of Oreos and some lively CONVERSATION.

As Venus moves into her square with Ceres she is also sextiling the North Node - way forward - and trining the South - where we are/what needs to go. Something about the tension/frustration of this square allows what needs to go to leave smoothly/unwind and the best path forward to open up. This is Pisces/Gemini, so maybe something about compassion, forgiveness, universal/unconditional love, magic, God - rubbing up against our need for logic, answers, to make a decision. Ceres can stir up mother/daughter issues, season of life situations, the need for complicated compromises. There is something uncomfortable/challenging here that allows us to release old baggage/dead weight and open to something more new, simple, GROWING. Note- trines to the South Node make it easy - and Pisces is extra slippery - to slide back into something old and comfortaable that is no longer working/isn't good for us anymore instead of letting it go, maybe something kind of self-sabotagey (not a word, of course, but it should be). Keep this in mind. 

At the same time we have the Moon, at 5 degrees Pisces sextling the Taurus Sun - this month's Waning Sextile as we prepare for this weekend's BIG Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Pisces/Taurus. Water and earth. 'Making the dream' into something realistic/practical or adding some magic to the realistic, practical nitty-gritty. Taurus pulls in our money, values, resources and self-esteem. Sextiles are subtle. Easy to miss when the portals are open and they are happening, but provide potent CREATIVE OPPORTUNITIES. 

Things fall into place naturally. 

TUESDAY - UPDATED - The Moon joined the Pisces party yesterday. In Pisces we are nourished by our imagination, spirituality, art, music, the past, going with the flow. Our boundaries are more porous, so we are more likely to pick up other people's moods, thoughts, colds. Her only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to change -maker Uranus (in Taurus).

Changes are more easily integrated. We are merging with the future.

Pallas, nearing the end of Aries squares Pluto, nearing the end of Capricorn. Even with all this Pisces, can you feel that? The need to assert/start/win/maybe even OVER-POWER. That last one being the extreme end of this. We could be acting more obsessively, compulsively. 

Or will Pisces dilute this, too?

Pallas/Pluto, powered up by a tense/back against the wall square, is good energy to make plans/strategies to deal with something we have been avoiding/maybe even something that scares the hell out of us. 

WEDNESDAY - UPDATED  - Mercury, at 27 degrees Taurus, sextiles Jupiter in Pisces, Venus meets Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces 


The Moon, finishing up in Pisces today, meets up with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. Then sextiles Mercury (in Taurus) and goes void off a sextile to Pluto (in Cappy). Everything is FLOWING/blending now. 

We are likely to be very EMOTIONAL.

Before the Moon sextiles Mercury, Mercury will sextile Jupiter. This is optimism. Confidence. The dream and the practical words/ideas to make the dream REAL, working TOGETHER. 

Words are BIG, expansive, connecting.

This is also the day when Venus meets up with Neptune. 

Love. Unconditional love. Lost in love. 

Psychic abilities. Not knowing where one thing ends and another begins. Here is where sacrifices can pay off, but we need to be clear on what we want, so we are lining up with the right things - not toss ourselves onto a burning pyre. Today's Taurus and Cappy should ground this somewhat, at least for more lunar-leaning people, but the Piscean waters today ARE DEEP. 

Be compassionate. Forgiving. Create art. Listen to music. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE. We are attracting what we have lined up with without the usual limits. 

The impossible is possible. 

Just keep in mind idealized versions of things are what we are seeing now and everything won't pan out to be exactly as it appears. That's OK and as it should be. 

We have to dream the things into being FIRST. 

THURSDAY - UPDATED - Mercury, at 28 degrees Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn

Mercury is walking degrees he/she will re-walk during her upcoming Gemini/Taurus retrograde. 

We are having conversations/communications/situations/ideas we will be going back over and dealing with AGAIN. Things aren't settled, even if they look like they are.

Today he makes a smooth trine (brakes off) to powerful Pluto in Capricorn. 

Conversations/information can feel intense. We are looking at what is really going on beneath the words, the balance sheet, the hood. Conversations/ideas become more powerful. REALITY can be transformed. Collectively we are talking about our money, our values, our resources, our self-esteem  working with our goals, voice in the world, responsibilities, authority. Personally, this is about your Taurus house having a direct line to your Capricorn house. Trines are a smooth flow. No beating our head against the wall, exhaustive effort with this one. Something just slips into place. CLICK. We've got it. We know it. 

These are earth signs, so keep things practical/do-able. Taurus is the sign of our North Node - best direction forward now - and Mercury is STILL answering to an exalted Venus in Taurus, but not for much longer. 

How can something be made more simple? Where is the new growth? What seeds need to go into the ground?

FRIDAY - UPDATED - Mercury into Gemini, Pluto stations retrograde

Mercury (communication, ideas, local life and travel, transportation, sibling issues) moves into his/her home sign of Gemini. We will feel a difference in the days ahead as information and communications switch from turtle pace to rabbit. Increased choices, conversations and ideas will start to flow. We can CHANGE OUR MIND, SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE. We won't put everything to use, Gemini can be rather chatty, so some stuff will just move in and out, but the change in momentum will be noticeable. Keep in mind with Gemini there are more questions than answers and the information might be sometimes too quick and unreliable. But easy, adaptable conversations, suitable for the moment, can pull everything forward now. 


On May 10th, Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini - we are already walking degrees he/she (we) will walk two more times. He will get to 4 degrees Gemini, and stop - WAIT, WE NEED TO RETHINK THIS - then get all the back to 26 degrees Taurus on June 3rd. On June 18th, Mercury will be back where she started - 4 degrees Gemini - and the retrograde cycle will be over. We'll have decided/chosen. We'll know what we know. 

Mercury's retrrograde in his home sign of means  technical/paperwork/communication/transportation situations - whatever we have going on will be subject to this back and forth kind of REVIEW, it won't be a one and done. That's OK - this is synchronistically timed and as it should be. Work the retrograde process. Don't rush things.

Life is about to get very BUSY, anyway, and Mercury retrograde means we will be doing some things OVER AGAIN, this can't totally be helped, we will talk about this more in the weekly on Sunday.

Pluto stationing retrograde is a BIG collective deal, but not always a big personal deal, unless you are a Scorpio rising or have planets/points very near 28 degrees of Capricorn or the other cardinal signs. We will talk about this in its own post next week.

The Moon is in Aries - we are nourished/nurtured by action, physical movement, taking the initiative, time spent alone, time spent with men, passion, anger. She will sextile Saturn this morning - good for goal-oriented action, getting things FINISHED, stepping into responsibilities, working with authority. 

The Moon will go void at 5:38PM EDT off an intense square to Pluto, who, remember has just stationed retrograde and is very powerful, so no dark alleys. You are not a cat. We may get an infinite number of lives, but not nine this go-round. Argumentative-type of situations can flare up out of nowhere, so keep this in mind. This is a kind of CLEAN-UP before tomorrow's powerful Solar Eclipse as the Moon meets the Sun, which we will talk about in a BIG post on Saturday night.

SATURDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus with ruler Venus conjunct Jupiter!!!

SUNDAY - Venus, at 28 degrees Pisces, trines Pluto in Capricorn

xo all

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Today's astrology forecast | Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 - a test of faith



The Moon moved into Sagittarius Monday night - maybe you could feel the energy shift/lift a bit. 


Now we are nourished/nurtured by adventure, by what is foreign to us, by making something bigger/taking something further. 


Her only aspect on Tuesday is a frustrating square to Mars (in Pisces) at 3:29AM EDT. There is the possibility for expansion here, maybe a breakthrough when we confront what looks impossible. But we might be overly idealistic or aiming our sails in the wrong direction. Our faith could be tested. The Sun will be in earthy/practical Taurus by nightfall - reality check time. Pisces tends to weaken Mars and the Moon in Sagittarius is answering to Jupiter, who is in Pisces, too - it will be easy to drift off-course and likely hard to focus, so give your schedule a little wiggle room. 

With all this Pisces we will need extra rest AND we have the Mercury/Uranus conjunction - exact yesterday - asking us to pay attention to something ELSE/NEW. New skills/new dreams are being stirred, maybe slowly, maybe unexpectedly AWAKE.

It's also a good time to receive some surprising (Uranus) news (Mercury).


The Sun moves into Taurus tonight - we talked about that in the weekly HERE


Keep it simple. Pace yourself. Time is on your side.

xo all

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weekly astrology forecast for creatives | April 18th to 24th, 2022 - power struggles, the devil is in the eggs, stopping to smell the roses, a fated meeting, the dream and the practicalities


More fiesty astrological weather as last weekend's Full Moon in Libra story rolls out. This week starts off with a bang, smooths out in the middle and ends with some final challenges/opportunities. Next week has some of the year's most beautiful aspects and it looks like this is the week we are going to have to work for them!


MONDAY - Sun squares Pluto, Venus sextiles Uranus, Mercury conjuncts Uranus

TUESDAY - Sun enters Taurus

WEDNESDAY - Juno enters Pisces

SATURDAY - Mercury conjuncts North Node

SUNDAY - Mercury squares Saturn, Mercury sextiles Neptune


MONDAY - the Sun, at 28 degrees Aries, squares Pluto in Capricorn - Venus, at 13 degrees Pisces, sextiles Uranus - Mercury, at 13 degrees Taurus, sextiles Uranus 

This is a very jacked-up day! 


We also have the Moon in Scorpio inconjunct the Aries Sun - this month's Waning Inconjunct just to add to the fun. So, the Moon in Scorpio is answering to Pluto and inconjunct the Sun in Aries who is squaring Pluto. If we understand Scorpio as the 8th house of death and Aries as the first house of self/starting - we can see the scene set for a bend/break that will feel like the 'end'/the elimination of what was put into motion in Aries season. This square is also the Sun's final aspect in Aries and was the bottom line/final aspect of the Aries ingress chart (new solar year). Something needs to die for something else to live/be born. Although Aries view of the 8th house is hidden, this inconjunct is where we are required to rise above our instinctual nature (which is something like survival at all costs).


The Sun/Pluto square is a continuation of Saturday's Full Moon, has been in play for a couple days and speaks of drama, power-struggles, compulsions, obsessive behaviors. Intense, over-the-top reactions. Situations can feel like 'life-and-death' because the Sun is our life force, and Pluto the God of the Underworld. Whatever this stirs up usually gets much worse if we are clinging to something that is dead, scared sh*tless (not dealing with what we are afraid of in a conscious way) or something is outside our control. Sun/Pluto can be incredibly damaging. Bridges get burned. Babies tossed out with dirty bathwater. 


We will need to use the tension as motivation (maybe to figure out why we are wanting to control the situation or what this loss of power we are feeling is really all about) instead of an excuse to BLOW.


The best bet for us - hold on loosely, stand in our own shoes without trying to control/manipulate anyone else, FACE OUR FEARS. Be honest with yourself and others - do not allow hidden issues/the stuff we have stuffed to create a mess of things by bubbling up in big, maybe ugly ways. We can channel this energy - Aries/Cappy - into positive ambition and goal-oriented hard work. It's a time to be standing in our power.


Keep in mind, Aries wakes up everyday wanting to be a Capricorn and Pluto is in Capricorn, so even though the inconjunct and square are both awkward/frustrating energies there is a path to our goal here somewhere. 


(A small example of this played out for me on Sunday. We were leaving in the car to go for Easter brunch/picnic and hubs was asking if we shouldn't be bringing hand wipes and I said, yes that makes sense and he went back inside to get them. He came out all huffy because they weren't where he thought they should be and he had to look for them, even though they were exactly where they've been for the last six months. His 'huffy' was probably something about not being able to 'control where things are kept', and as I am thinking this in the car and reminding myself not to respond to the 'huff' and make things worse, he starts rummaging through my glove box and now I get 'huffy' and say 'don't mess things up in there' even though it's already quite a mess. Agitated because I can't control what is happening in my car/can't control his 'huffy' mood either. Minor league power struggles. Nothing blew up, except the deviled eggs that slid off the back seat a few minutes later, but it was just this kind of agitating vibe at play - if it's not hitting our chart or we are lucky :) it might just feel like this)

With Mercury meeting Uranus at the same time, this could be about disruptive news/a change of plans. Maybe this is the same thing as the Sun/Pluto power challenge or something else. We can't go back to pretending whatever this is (the Plutonian secret/Uranian disruption) never happened and continue to grow/STAY ALIVE. Heads in sand will be pulled out. Heads that have over-reacted/gone too far can be chopped off, too. Pluto makes changes permanent, so check yourself before you wreck yourself.

The good news - and remember we talked about all this in the Full Moon in Libra post because this week and next is playing that story out - we have benevolent Venus, exalted in Pisces, sextiling (opportunity) that same chaotic Uranus. 

The change is good. The change makes sense/cents. The frustration will all be worth it in the end. THIS WILL ALL PAY OFF. Just don't let the crisis control you, don't blow things out of proportion - choose a measured response, keep moving forward.


The Moon in Scorpio's closing aspect will be a smooth sextile to ruler Pluto - another indicator there is a positive ending here if we manage our response/allow the tension to unwind a bit.

TUESDAY - the Sun enters Taurus


The Sun enters stabilizing Taurus maybe making it feel like one of those mornings after big news/events when things don't seem quite as bad (or quite as good) as they did the night before.

Burning Taurus energy for fuel now our attention turns to Taurean themes - our comfort, security, money, resources, our income, our possessions, our values and self-esteem - all that 2nd house stuff. What house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? Events will conspire to shift your energy there


Any Taurus planets in your chart will meet up with the Sun over the next month (Scorpio planets will be opposed by the Sun and Leo/Aquarius planets will square the Sun). In Taurus, the Sun is prudent and stubborn - and doesn't really want to fight anymore. The fire of "let's go for it" in Aries yields to a more earthy and resolute "let's take it one day at a time" kind of thing in more laid-back Taurus. Being comfortable/stable starts to be more motivating than being first. Note this comfort thing is only so comfortable during these years with disruptive Uranus in Taurus.

WEDNESDAY - Juno enters Pisces (she will station retrograde at 21 Pisces on July 25th and direct on October 23rd at 7 degrees Pisces - so will be in Pisces for the rest of the year) - yes, more Pisces, so now we have Mars, Venus, Juno, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces!

This is going to be a long transit. We will have to pace ourselves. Some likely things we will be dealing with within our relationships/contracts include - themes of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, spiritual contracts, idealization, martyrdom, self-sabotage/self-sacrifice, victimization. Imbalances will show up. We'll talk about this as we move through it. 


The detached/logical Juno in Aqua period is over, our relationships/contracts will require MORE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

SATURDAY - Mercury, at 22 degrees Taurus, conjuncts the North Node


Mercury (news, information, communication, our local community, sibling issues, transportation, tech) meets up with the North Node - our collective best path forward. Significant news might come in. A conversation that points us in a more stable direction. A moment of clarity. A fated meeting. A practical idea that makes sense/cents. This might be connected to relationships, finances, our values, self-esteem, our Taurus house theme.

SUNDAY - Mercury, at 23 degrees Taurus, squares Saturn and then sextiles Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces

So, right after meeting the North Node (the future), Mercury runs right into her/his own square to sober Saturn. Rules, limits, boundaries, authority, a "no" - maybe a need for patience, a pivot or to take something seriously. 


Then Mercury sextiles (opportunity) dreamy Neptune in Pisces. 


Our Neptune house is the way through. How can we use our intuition/imagination here? Can we be more compassionate/forgiving? Do we need a break/rest? The Moon is in logical/detached/future-focused Aquarius making a conjunction to Saturn and a closing square to Mercury, so we probably won't be thinking our way through this. What feels right? Mercury/Neptune is subtle. Easy to miss. Maybe Mercury in Taurus's stubborn words/thoughts can soften now or a magical Pisces dream get shored up with some practical planning/language. 


Coming right after the 'road block' Saturn square and with the Moon kind of repeating everything from another angle - we will want and need to be focusing on what is most important/beneficial and merging our practical/logical thinking with something more dreamy for best results.

xo all


artwork by the amazing Isabel Emrich

Full Moon in Libra | April 16th, 2022 - a powerful portal for relationship change, a new kind of balance after an intense crisis, committing to a different kind of future

On Saturday, April 16th at 2:56PM EDT, the Libra Moon opposes the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Libra. 

Full Moons are always a time of PEAK energy. There is a culmination, a completion. Something comes TO LIGHT. In general during a Libra Moon we might notice the ways our life/relationships have moved out of balance. Who/what are we attracted to now? Who/what we are withdrawing from or is withdrawing from us comes to our attention via Full Moon events/situations.


This is the Aries/Libra polarity. Too much Aries and we get selfishness or we are rebelling just to be rebelling. Too much Libra and we get boundary issues and codependency. Together they represent wholeness of the me vs. we paradigm.

Libra also rules fairness and beauty and justice. The reason Libras can sometimes seem so indecisive is because they can see both sides of an issue, so maybe that is what is illuminated now - another point of view. 


We have had the planets mostly all jammed together for quite a while, so maybe the Full Moon - which is an opposition - is just what is needed. And, of course, we know it is just what is needed because it is just what is happening.  


Too much certainty assures we are shown the very things that will make us question ourselves and others. 


Although, Full Moons are about endings, happening in the cardinal sign of Libra (cardinal signs usher in the new seasons) - there is a beginning here, too.


Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon opposes the Sun - 26 degrees, Libra/Aries. The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn and trines Juno and Saturn in Aquarius. The Libra Moon is ruled by Venus, exalted in Pisces and sextiling Uranus and Mercury. Note - Mars has just moved into Pisces, Black Moon Lilith into Cancer and Jupiter has managed to pull Neptune to the 24th degree of Pisces. 


So, the Moon moved into Libra and she trined Saturn and then Juno (they are widely conjunct now, having met a few days ago). Then she opposes the Aries Sun, then goes void off that challenging square to Pluto. Note all the water in this chart - we will be leading with our feelings during this Full Moon cycle and THEN the information/what we do/maybe sometimes how we fix the mess our feelings have led us into - will follow that.


The Moon's square to Pluto in serious, goal-oriented Cappy is applying/strong. Squares are tension/frustration, require us to DO something. Plutonian stuff is uncomfortable. So, maybe a secret comes out. Maybe a Plutonian situation is creating tension within a relationship - power struggles, taxes, inheritance, merged resources, large financial transactions, life/death, reproduction, third party situations, sex, divorce, intimacy issues, debts, other people's money.

The Full Moon is a kind of release point after a bottle neck, so what comes out now could be explosive/challenging. There can feel like a life and death kind of intensity - people can WAY over-react. In serious Cappy, there is something here that asks to be taken seriously (this square will carry through the weekend and into Monday when the Sun squares Pluto and then start to unwind).

The trine to Juno/Saturn will help/is a smooth flow. This is already unwinding, but still in play. Here is the serious partnership/commitment - this is us doing what we have to do, but also giving the other person, and so ourselves, some freedom/wiggle-room/ability to be ourselves - this helps with the Plutonian square - provides a way through somehow. Maybe it is the rules/commitments, the unusual relationship that is BRINGING something back into balance. 


Pluto (which with all this Pisces, might just look something like the 'truth') tosses the monkey wrench, but there is an Aqua outlet - sober/unusual partnerships, sober/unusual group commitments, a sober/future-focused commitment. Not being too traditional. Not being too sentimental. Everyone gets to BREATHE.

Pluto rules all the 'dirty' stuff we stuff/don't want to deal with. A Pluto square at a relationship and balance seeking Libra Full Moon - especially RIGHT NOW with the added Pisces magic - is an excellent time for declaring/accepting the truth of this sludge within us. A time to let go of the hypocrisy of trying to fix ourselves through blaming others. 

A Full Moon is like the point in our breathing when we have taken in as much air as we possibly can and need to EXHALE. Maybe it's time to release the comfortable padding, the toxic overload of connecting to each other and ourselves in this shame/blame way, and to trust in our own beauty, gentleness and purity (Venus in Pisces!). 


When we give ourselves the gift of acceptance/forgiveness we release others to do the same.  


Another helpful thing now is the Moon's ruler, Venus, is in an EXCELLENT position and provides another way through the intensity/challenge of the Pluto square.


Venus is exalted in Pisces/loves being in Pisces - can be her most attractive/benevolent self here. She is in an opportunistic/creative sextile with both Mercury and Uranus in Taurus. So, new and practical conversations focused on the future AND grounded in reality are helpful. Being a kind and patient listener is helpful. Venus in Pisces is a compassionate/loving vibe.


The Mercury/Uranus (also exact on Monday, so Monday looks dicey already) speaks of news that is maybe unexpected, but likely brings chaos/disorder/change. In the Full Moon chart they are sextiling benevolent Venus, so provide an OPPORTUNITY, maybe for greater CONNECTION. Collectively this will be about money, resources, our values, self-esteem. Personally we can also factor in our natal Taurus house theme. And, keep in mind, Pluto in Cappy (the monkey wrench) is answering to Saturn in Aquarius who is answering to Uranus and here are Venus and Uranus working together. 


Change is good. 


Mars has just entered Pisces - think spiritual warrior here. Think going with the flow, think movement, but also think NO PUSHING. Mars rules Aries and the Sun is answering to him. So now, Venus, after months of captivity, is stronger than Mars. Peace. Balance. Love. What's the expression - we attract more flies with honey than vinegar?  That T-Square with Pluto won't allow 'peace at any cost' though. The dead won't stay buried and we don't want a zombie apocalypse in our living-room.


The Pluto square and the Saturn/Juno bringing things back into balance makes me think of things like - the way 'an affair' although painful in the short term might revive a stale marriage or an 'acute' health situation revive our long term health, something about bringing us to a certain appreciation/gratitude, a willingness to change after a life/death kind of struggle, which, obviously doesn't have to be anything quite so dire.


Although I am not really loving my use of the word 'revive' here, because although this Full Moon in Libra is all about balance, it's not about coming 'back' into balance because Plutonian changes are permanent/transforming and Juno/Saturn are in Aquarius which is about the future and moving forward. 


It's a NEW kind of balance altogether. It's what works NOW.


There is alot of energy in Pisces, including Venus. the ruler of this lunation. Take some time now to consider your strategies, your direction, your alliances. Plutonian squares, especially during Full Moons, bring the potential for great destruction and great empowerment. 


Keep this in mind. 


Proceed gently.  


Don't forget to get out and walk in the Full Moon. See what it stirs in you. We are in a once-in-a-generation Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces portal - the most magical of the magical - to make use of this, to move toward a better timeline/future, keep in mind this is a here and now thing - choose better in each moment.

xo all


For the astro buffs, let's take a quick look at the asteroids/dwarf planets and see what they bring to this story - the Moon is sandwiched between Elatus and Haumea.


Haumea is a dwarf planet about 1/3 the size of Pluto, oddly shaped with a thin coating of ice. Her Moons are icy, too, maybe indicating they split from her surface at some point. The only way for ice to get free is to melt. Maybe with all this water in the chart - something about melting/needing to not be too hard. In astrology, water is generally associated with emotions and we have the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction (note the Ukrainian missile that just sunk the Russian ship was named Neptune?!) and a Full Moon ruled by Venus in watery Pisces. Haumea was a Hawaiian creator God and was discovered in 2004, tightly conjunct asteroid Tsunemi and 2 days before a devastating Indian tsunami.

Elatus was a centaur killed during the battle with Hercules that wounded Chiron (the arrow that killed him was the same arrow that continued on to hit Chiron's knee), so he is certainly connected to Chiron - wounded healer. The Latin word for Elatus meaning something like 'puffed up/arrogant'. See what you make of that.


The Aries Sun is conjunct Eris/Pallas, so although Mars is swimming with the fishies in Pisces, Eris/Pallas is powering up the Sun, bringing wisdom/strategy/courage/terrrorism through initiative/passion/maybe anger. So, the Moon in Libra answering to that strong Venus isn't just going up against a Sun answering to a watery Mars, there is Eris/Pallas behind the opposition.


Venus, ruler of the Full Moon, is sandwiched between Diana and Nessus. Nessus often being something about trusting precious cargoes to untrustworthy people or situations. Diana could represent something here about our wild nature. She was also the protector of young women and Libra could be said to rule young women. Maybe an important story comes to light now (#metoo). A Full Moon in Libra might be pushing us to finalize - in some sense, whether this means an ending or a commitment - certain relationships and experiences. 


Maybe something here about 'getting free'. Something about 'shared' wounds. Something about melting/softening. Also with the Eris/Pallas/Sun the need to take care of ourselves/be ourselves/to know our own strength. To understand that tossed apples (the Eris mythology) can start wars.


And, finally, if we look closely the empty leg of the Moon/Sun/Pluto T-square isn't empty after all - here is asteroid Iris. She is a rainbow messenger Goddess. Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a rainbow after a storm, an optical illusion .... I guess what we see here/what we get is probably up to us.

the astrology of Jupiter meeting Neptune in Pisces | April 12th, 2022 - a cosmic baptism

dolphin rock by deskridge



On April 12th, 2022 at 10:42AM EDT, Jupiter's conjunction with Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces becomes exact. We have both the ancient and modern rulers of Pisces together in their sign for the first time since 1856. They start a new 12 year story and also a new 165 year story. 


Neptune dissolves boundaries and Jupiter expands whatever he touches. This is excellent energy for deep healing/cleansing, unlimited imagination, unlimited love and compassion - also, because the shadow side of anything is really just the positives taken too far - for our addictions/illusions/escapism to drift us quietly, and maybe swiftly, out to sea.


When Jupiter and Pisces meet in water signs, it ensures whatever is happening we will feel it - our emotions will be fully engaged.

The North and South Nodes of Fate (Taurus/Scorpio) are also at 23 degrees creating some opportunistic trines and sextiles. People with planets/points near 23 degrees of Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio, people with natal Neptune/Jupiter contacts and Pisces rising/Sag rising charts will probably feel these energies strongest, but EVERYONE'S chart/future is impacted. 

Jupiter brings luck, good fortune, expansion, optimism, confidence and growth. Neptune is the powers of our imagination and our intuition, our music, our art, our spiritual healing. 

Jupiter brings growth to Neptunian themes, makes things more far-reaching/hopeful/BIGGER. Neptune brings healing/connection/dissolution/imagination to Jupertarian themes, makes things less solid/more ethereal which can be good because certain practical limits are erased and also bring challenges for pretty much the same reason.


Happening in Pisces, the last sign of our collective 12th house - there is alot here about what is behind us. 


What we can't see from our perch in the first house, including our ancestral/past life inheritances (rewards/debts), the stuff we have accumulated that is trailing invisibly in our wake. So, with Neptune/Jupiter here - think mega-water - the debris that is ready to be sloughed off (released) or brought into our conscious awareness at this time is. This is more of a 5D thing, but 3D events could also correspond. We lose grandma's traditional wedding ring and also her propensity to judge the unusual/different as 'less'. Family curses cede tired ground (think of a flood clearing land here) to make room for more neutral territory, so what is the family energetic (ie us) going to build here THIS TIME? 


Unconscious baggage comes to the surface through miraculous events that might seem ordinary.


Latent talents can emerge - something that existed only as a possibility before (interesting these words are anagrams). Something we or someone who came before us put in our chart/spiritual bank account/DNA chain. Spiritual subsidies. Emotional, artistic, spiritual expression. The kind of 12th house genius that gives us and others - art, healing, music, charity, compassion, psychic abilities. This can happen suddenly or, maybe more likely, take root over time and come to fuller bloom when Saturn moves into Pisces next year and Jupiter is in Aries.


Some Jupiter/Neptune word salads might provide some collective clues of what to expect over the next 12 years - a flood of hope, a flood of refugees, mass deception/hypnosis, expansion of healthcare, more drugs, ocean spills and clean-ups, water crisis, wet weather, oil and gas crisis, viruses, martyrs/victims, chemical spills/exposures, wars at sea, wealth/expansion through art/music, turning to God, spiritual pride/arrogance, expansion of escapism, benefits from our imagination, UNLIMITED LUCK. There are certainly some troubling possibilities, but also, just as strongly the possibilities for true MIRACLES. Some will become enlightened (more light coming in), others more paranoid/mistrustful. Empathic people will need some solid spiritual practices (yoga, breath-work, prayer, etc) to avoid picking up unconscious/shadow energies. 

2022 is a BIG year. All the 2020's will be big years.


The fixed signs via the upcoming eclipses and ongoing Saturn/Uranus square, are being shaken out of their comfort zones - changes to our fixed signs create REAL change because they are the ones holding everything together. This is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


The cardinal signs via Venus's retrograde through Capricorn are re-evaluating their lives/values/relationships/finances, figuring out what is still standing/what new starts are needed since they have taken on much of the collapse/humbling of the last few years. This is Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. 


And now the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - have this incredibly rare, once-in-a-generation opportunity to make a LEAP forward in their creativity, intuition, spirituality, hope/optimism and escape repressive limits/old curses. They will also be heavily dealing with Mars in Gemini for seven months starting later this year.

We ALL have all these energies in our charts, but some people are more directly impacted and some will be activated this year more than others. And, although on Tuesday morning EDT we will have these planets together on the same degree down to the exact second, this has been building for long enough we are likely already feeling the effects of this. When Mars reaches 23 degrees Pisces on May 16th, these energies will be triggered. Look to not only the house in your chart where 23 Pisces is located (and its themes), but also to the houses that Jupiter and Neptune rule - your Sag house and your Pisces house for some idea of how this might impact you personally. 


This is all amplified by Venus in Pisces - and Mercury and Uranus answering to her AND Mars entry into Pisces by the end of the week. So we will have Jupiter, Venus and Mars all answering to Neptune PLUS Mercury and Uranus answering to Neptune through Venus! That's alot of water! 


Once Jupiter moves past Neptune, activating our new 'dream' - he will keep going, crossing the Aries point/made new and entering the first sign of Aries in mid-May. The fire will be lit under all of us!


If Saturn/Pluto was 'time runs out' in January 2020 and Jupiter/Saturn on the December 2020 solstice started the physical world back up again, Jupiter/Neptune in April 2022 is starting our spiritual/co-creative world back up again. The tides pull us past the trauma and fear - past the death. Not because the world is perfectly safe, but because we figure out/REMEMBER we don't really die.

For now, prayer/meditation/breath-work will be extremely helpful/healthful. Make art. Listen to music/your muses. Clear the slate a bit and allow the Pisces cleansing waters to impact you in all the ways you are wanting/needing. Jupiter/Neptune is bringing God/spiritual connection into all these spaces in our physical bodies and physical lives where he/she has been missing. 


Imagine yourself at the shoreline being washed clean/forgiven by a warm, SAFE flood of water. Think - cosmic baptism, tides turning. 


Just remember to come up for some air now and then.

xo all

artwork by the talented deskridge

weekly astrology forecast for creatives | April 11th to april 17th, 2022 - a need to dial down the noise, from mountains to miracles



This year's BIG aspect perfects this week - the miraculous meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces for the first time since 1856. 


Coming on the heels of last week's pressure-cooker Mars/Saturn and with daddy-Saturn squaring the Nodes of Fate this week, the fear/foreboding/reality checks are coming at us so fast and so furious, it's almost as if forces are hard at work to keep our attention over here while the miracle-making elixir is being handed out over there.


And, of course, this makes sense in a free-will system always seeking balance, but also means -




We are beyond the limits of time and space here, bending reality, going where no man/no woman has gone before (well, at least not since 1856) - let's not waste this entire week doing our taxes. Of course, taxes will be done, yada, yada, but if our focus is ONLY on the mountains/obstacles we might miss the first gentle stirrings of the MIRACULOUS NEW BEGINNING the Jupiter/Neptune is ushering in. 


Although this conjunction MIGHT best be appreciated in hindsight (over the next 12 years), it will be our inspirations/dreams/optimism now that create that heavenly view from our rear-view mirror later - keep this in mind. 


Allow time this week for inspiration, prayer/meditation, music, art, compassion, visioning, healing, nostalgia.

Let's unpack the week!


The BIG astrology this week includes our annual Libra Full Moon and, of course, this year's, once in our lifetime, Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces - a new story kicks off in our Pisces house with UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. There are also quite a few inconjuncts and semi-squares, so just know there will be some inconveniences. We will need to be flexible, able to adapt/adjust, see some things coming before we can actually see them coming and even then things will probably not be exactly what we are wanting.


That's OK. Life is a process and we are somehow miraculously right on schedule and exactly where we should be. 


All of us. Together.

MONDAY - Saturn squares the Nodes of Fate

TUESDAY - Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, Sun sextiles Saturn

THURSDAY - Mars enters Pisces

SATURDAY - Full Moon in Libra


SUNDAY - Mercury, at 28 degrees Aries (damn he is flying!) squares Pluto in Capricorn. I am repeating last week's closing aspect in this week's posting, since it might just bleed into the beginning of the work week. Tension/frustration. Secrets come out. Arguments can come out of nowhere with this one. Information can be scary/feel like 'life and death'. This might also speak of power struggles/manipulations/merged financial stresses and complicated third party situations. Our focus narrows. 


Later this same day, Mercury moves into Taurus, so our words/conversations may turn to our personal finances, resources, stability. We are thinking about and talking about what really matters/what we value/what we need. Communication, the flow of information can slow down and become about more practical things. This is fixed earth, so people can become more stubborn/less inclined to change their mind for the next few weeks. 


Note - Mercury's move into Taurus quickly follows the tension of that Pluto square - this can be an abrupt change of conversation/focus. Take care of yourself, focus on what really matters, let the rest go.


MONDAY - Saturn, at 22 degrees Aquarius squares the North and South Nodes of Fate, Leo Moon trines the Aries Sun at 22 degrees


Saturn square the Nodes (more 22 degrees!) is a crossroads/decision point. Saturn squares are reality checks, best dealt with using a grown-up voice and big-girl/boy pants. We might feel stuck/limited/challenged by authority. Keep in mind, Saturn requires hard work and patience. The way through this - besides hitching our wagon to the Taurus North Node  (SOMETHING MORE SIMPLE/PRACTICAL and less complicated/obsessive/dramatic) is that Lunar Waxing Trine - being brave/confident, following our heart, standing out by standing up and stepping into our responsibilities.


The Moon's trine to the Sun is this month's Waxing Trine on our way to this week's BIG Full Moon in Libra. This is about following our heart/allowing ourselves to shine. The Sun in Aries is conjunct Pallas, here is wisdom, winning strategies, direct action. Leo/Aries is brave/firey energy. Happening at master number 22 degrees as Saturn in Aquarius squares the Nodes really powers this one up. Something independent and individualistic is falling into place - take action and focus on personal goals and ambitions. Keep in mind that Saturn square, although we likely won't be able to miss it.

TUESDAY - Jupiter, at 23 degrees Pisces conjuncts Neptune, the Sun, at 23 degrees Aries sextiles Saturn

The modern and ancient rulers of Pisces meet for the first time since 1856 in the sign to start a new 12 year and 166 year cycle (yes, your dreams/inspirations now will be impacting your grandchildren!). Neptune dissolves boundaries and Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so this is UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Magic. A mystical start. Healing. Having faith in our dreams. Reaching beyond our material circumstances. Jupiter brings luck, good fortune, expansion, optimism, confidence and GROWTH. Neptune is the power of our imagination, our intuition, our collective consciousness. The natural ruler of our 12th house/last house, Neptune is about everything that is behind us. What we can't see, what we've already done including our ancestral/past life inheritance, for reward or challenge. Things can also get all blown out of proportion with this aspect - anything that seems too good to be true or totally insurmountable would apply here. Keep an eye on what is expanding for addictive/escapist/overly idealistic clap-trap. Expect a BIG post

On the same day, the Sun moves into an opportunistic/creative, future-focused sextile to serious Saturn, also at 23 degrees (the degree of all those New Moons last year interacting with Eris in Aries). Bringing fire/air and stability/sobriety, this is the perfect follow-up aspect to the Jupiter/Neptune and happens within hours! A little bit of effort/fire goes a long way with this aspect - take action and things will fall in line. This speaks of a new goal, new course of action supported through structure/limits/authority/maybe groups. Saturn requests a serious attitude, some elbow grease and patience. Aries/Aqua speaks of individuality/independence - the new/the future.

THURSDAY - Mars enters Pisces  - at 11:05PM EDT, Mars joins the Pisces party. Mars hasn't been in Pisces in two years and should help energize our dreamy Pisces house! 


With all this Pisces we are going to need to rest when we can rest. Mars is kind of drifty in Pisces so we need to watch for self-sabotaging actions - drifting off purpose, losing our boundaries, escaping with another glass of wine or another Netflix marathon, taking action based on what we are seeing through our rose-colored glasses. We will muster whatever reserves we have to stay on top of things AND we are going to prioritize rest and escape somehow, too. Mars in Pisces is a good time to put energy into old things/what we have previously overlooked/not seen.

Keep in mind we are NOT going to be able to just push things through/do business as usual because Mars in Pisces can't push. It will be like pushing jello up a hill - nice for the guy behind us who isn't pushing and gets a delicious strawberry dessert tossed at him that he didn't have to work for - but not so nice for us; the ones doing all that PUSHING. On the other hand Mars in Pisces is excellent energy to go within, to meditate, to make art, to heal, to work with our intuition, to work with our dreams - this is the energy of the spiritual warrior, and if worked properly ie intuitively and creatively, having this active energy joining Venus and Jupiter and Neptune in miraculous Pisces is a wonderful gift for all of us at this time.

SATURDAY - Full Moon in Libra at 26 degrees

An important Full Moon focused on our relationships, fairness, balance, peace. T-Squaring Pluto in Cappy and Eris in Aries - speaks of intensity/tension/situations that feel like 'life and death', powerful endings. Secrets/what has been repressed/unconscious can come out to be SEEN. The good news with this one, Libra's ruler Venus exalted in Pisces and sextiling Mercury/Uranus. Expect the unexpected. Expect a BIG post!

xo all


Hope something here is helpful - back with the Jupiter/Neptune post that I have been procrastinating the hell out of  - which sort of makes sense now that think of it, plus I have a natal Jupiter/Neptune trine impacted now, really fighting the tides to sit down and write :)

artwork by the amazing charoncreates