Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, June 3, 2021 - say it once more with authority, rewards and recognition for old work, feeling capable, lucky in love and money, the eclipse spin cycle continues


This week is very important - we are at the mid-point of Eclipse season - in the Eclipse spin cycle, as personal and collective timelines shift. So, I will report the aspects, but it is not really possible to see where things are heading in Eclipse season! Fate has a card or two to play. And the ruler of the North Node, our best way forward, (Mercury) is retrograde!


What is going on in your life?


The Moon is in Pisces - we are nourished/nurtured through spirituality, our imagination, art, music, escape, surrender, forgiveness, compassion, water, stepping beyond discernment/discrimination/judgement. 


She will meet Neptune, square a retrograde Mercury and trine Mars, all before 7:10AM EDT, when she goes void off a trine to a retrograde Pluto. She will be void until 1:59PM EDT when she moves into Aries (encouraging us to get moving on new projects, maybe making us antsy with any hold-ups). From Aries, she will square Venus (in Cancer now) at 5:08PM EDT. 


(interesting the Moon met Pisces ancient ruler Jupiter yesterday exactly square to the opening degree of this season's Eclipse window and today meets Pisces modern ruler Neptune at the closing degree of the Eclipse window - bringing us a little mini-Eclipse energetic in the middle of this week)


Add to today's lunar machinations all the goodies we talked about in the weekly HERE (Venus trine Jupiter and Sun trine Saturn) plus we have the Sun squaring Vesta, 13 degrees Gemini/Virgo as a retrograde Saturn inconjuncts Vesta from Aquarius and a retrograde Mercury in Gemini squares Pallas (Pisces/23 degrees).

The Sun is trining Saturn (brakes off) as Saturn is inconjunct (rock and a hard place) Vesta (the thing that is keeping us awake at night).


The Sun/Saturn speaks of information/ideas getting solidified. Discussions with authority/father, conversations around our goals should proceed smoothly. There could be rewards for old work. We are stepping into responsibilities/feeling able. Taking our life seriously. Our words strengthen our resolve.


At the same time Saturn is back in this inconjunct with Vesta (our sacred focus) in critical, but disciplined Virgo. This is a repeating aspect from March 20th (the spring equinox - this was the day first the Sun and then Venus moved into Aries and we kicked off the New Year). Collectively this looks like something about the new rules/responsibilities/group dynamics are not jelling with our Virgo day-to-day commitments/health/work. Keep in mind, as we try to work both sides of this, Aquarius is fixed air, highly mental and resourceful in intuiting hidden meanings and sometimes jumping to conclusions which Virgo is naturally hesitant to do. Virgo is mutable earth with a strong need to be very specific although despite Virgo's careful/cautious ability to be definitive, Virgo is, of course, not always right. And equally, despite Aqua's intelligence and ability to detach into the bigger picture, Aqua is not always right either (although they will think they are!). We very much NEED both points of view here - Saturn's re-thinking/re-structuring of what he is up to in Aquarius (old commitments, responsibilities, etc) and Vesta's laser focus on what is most important. Some give and take needed. Nobody totally wins, but nobody needs to totally lose either.

At the same time Saturn is inconjunct Vesta, the Sun is squaring Vesta. So, although Saturn and the Sun are in good aspect with each other - that smooth air trine Aquarius/Gemini - Vesta is odd man out. 


Maybe that 'thing that is keeping us up at night' needs to cede some focus for other ideas/conversations/whatever is being restructured/our connection to the future. What else needs our attention? Or maybe the Vesta 'problem' is the thing that, back against the wall, allows the Saturn/Sun to do its work. Smooth trines are easy to miss - combine them with a frustrating square and an inconjunct and the smooth trine (the way through, the only open window) is probably not so miss-able.


To toss another monkey wrench into the mix (what's a mix without some monkeys after all), we also have a retrograde Mercury squaring Pallas. This is more of the Gemini/Pisces we have been dealing with and pulls in that uber-activated 23rd degree, so important late last year and earlier this year with so many New Moons. Whatever Mercury has us re-considering, re-viewing, re-vising is not in alignment with Pallas in Pisces' intuitive wisdom. This is a repeating aspect from May 20th, so getting another look. Where do we need more facts/details and less lalaland? Or where do we need more imagination/dreaming and less details? This square to Pallas in illusive/confusing Pisces can drain our mental energy/scatter our attention. 


Today's better aspects (and there are plenty!) will certainly help. Sun/Saturn is very focusing, just keep in mind both Mercury and Saturn are retrograde, so this might be more about finishing up old work and commitments. Also keep in mind that void Moon until mid-afternoon EDT.


And, saving the best for last - the best news today is benevolent Venus's trine to benevolent Jupiter at 1 degrees Cancer/Pisces. This is lovely/loving. Beautiful. Compassionate. Expansive. Lucky. Feels like home. Reach out. Connect. I hope we can all feel this one!

xo all

artwork by the amazing Claudia Tremblay

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