Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 - following our arrow, a new idea/conversation that is not totally new, something gets firmed up, one step at a time



The Moon is in Gemini today. We are nourished/nurtured through conversation, information, having lots of irons in the fire/balls in the air. We might be focused on writing/reading/learning, children's school issues, sibling/local community/transportation situations. Before the Gemini Moon makes her annual meeting with the Sun - tomorrow's New Moon Solar Eclipse - she will meet the North Node and then trine (brakes off) a retrograde Saturn, in fellow air-sign Aquarius, at 5:43PM EDT. 

The meeting with the North Node speaks of a conversation/idea/information that points us in a fresh direction. With the Moon opposing the South Node maybe an outdated belief is discarded.


The follow-up trine to sober Saturn could limit our options - in a good way if we have had trouble deciding. The conversation (and with both Saturn and Mercury retrograde this won't be a new conversation) matures/gets serious. Gemini likes her fast moves, but Saturn always plays the long game. Aquarius brings the logic/intellect, the group, the goals that bring us into connection with other people. 


Or maybe we need to finish something up before tomorrow's New Moon, some paperwork maybe? Some dealing with authority? What is that about?


For today, keep an eye/ear on the North Node. HERE is the way forward. A blinking arrow that might be easy to miss amidst all the other lights/signs/action (Gemini is BUSY I've said that, right?!) - did you see it back on May 31st when the Sun met the North Node - do you feel it now?


The tricky part of this, and Gemini, ruled by trickster Mercury, can be quite tricky, is we are building to tomorrow's Eclipse square dreamy/illusive Neptune. Things are influx. Uncertain. And a retrograde Mercury - the ruler of the North Node, the Moon, the Eclipse - tells us we have to go back before we can move ahead. What are we re-thinking, re-viewing, re-evaluating? Gemini is the sign with lots of moving parts - maybe there is a missing piece/detail somewhere behind us we have lost/missed/failed to notice and need to find before we can move on ....

xo all

artwork by Lyse Marion

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