Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, June 5th, 2021 - if the sh*t's going to hit the fan this will probably be the day, power plays, sharks in the water - swim at your own risk, get it done early, chill out tonight


The Moon continues her monthly journey through Aries. She sextiles a retrograde Mercury at 11:56AM EDT, squares a retrograde Pluto at 6:37PM EDT and goes void off a square to Mars ten minutes later. She will be void until 1:46AM when she moves into Taurus.

This is the problem day of the week when any sh*t that is going to hit the fan is most likely to hit the fan (note to self- unplug the fan and get those air conditioners in). Not everyone's chart will be impacted equally. 


Mercury, at 23 degrees Gemini reaches his exact square to Neptune in Pisces. Mars, at 26 degrees Cancer, opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury and Pluto are both retrograde. The Moon squares both Mars and Pluto. This just sounds like a mess.

Mercury/Neptune is the Gemini/Pisces we have been talking about. This is a repeating aspect from May 22nd (today is two of three). This is the Mercury retrograde meeting so we are doing the re's - re-view, re-vision, re-peat, etc. We are going back over the facts/what is real/what is not so real. Or we are pulling our head out of the details and giving ourselves a little break. Either is uncomfortable, brings tension/frustration. Squares to Neptune are draining/confusing. Check the fine print. Say it again. Be certain you are being understood (and you might still be misunderstood). Mercury rules transportation, so double check your directions/tires. This is an ongoing aspect we will continue to be dealing with for at least a couple more weeks. The facts/information/conversation is still in flux - keep this in mind. Do we even believe the things we think? Ask questions (Gemini is questions) but don't expect accurate answers ... just yet. Pencil in June 10th for some of that.

The Mars/Pluto is Cancer/Capricorn. This one is faster. One and done. Mars/Pluto is a war aspect, and no joke. Oppositions with Pluto often bring power struggles, manipulations, obsessions, confrontations. This might show up as home/private life vs career/authority/public life. Keep in mind, Mars in Cancer can get pretty passive-aggressive and Pluto in Cappy will just slap that stuff down. We want to be responding and not reacting now. We want to avoid dangerous situations. With the Moon in Aries we can all get a little selfish/self-focused and the Moon is squaring both Mars AND Pluto a couple hours after they square each other. Tonight everyone is going to need to chill out.


There is the opportunity, with the high ground, for real 'truth' here - this is kind of a 'gut check' aspect and with Mars/Neptune bringing the fog - this can be a way to maneuver. It's time to kind of under-think it. Pluto is retrograde, so this is old stuff, too. Situations will not be about what they look like they are about - old triggers can be activated. Other times we felt we had no control/faced hard endings or losses of power. So, how do we handle this now? Can we reach for a better/higher response? This aspect, amplified by the lunar squares to the brave Aries Moon - can give us courage/strength (also amp up any destructive/impulsive tendencies that have been tapped down) - we might need to keep a cool head. 

Time spent in water will be good for the 'keep a cool head thing', just know there are sharks in these waters. Swim at your own risk. 


Mercury/Neptune can help diffuse tense situations - try humor/keeping it light.


Things cool down late tonight (EDT) once the Moon gets into Taurus - the sign of her exaltation. 


In the meantime, just do your best to manage these energies knowing what we have to work with. Drive safely. Take care with fire/knives/heavy machinery. It's Saturday. Get some exercise. Then late this afternoon/tonight, avoid confrontations, just chill out.

xo all

artwork by Ian Forrester

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