Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 - the run up to Thursday's big reality check eclipse (powerful endings, starting/re-starting something) and a sneak peek at the week ahead


Sorry I didn't get a weekly up this weekend - the weather here (plus that Neptune!) was just too good to avoid a little escape - plus I've been feeling wiped out. 


No worries, the Solar Eclipse New Moon post next will pretty much cover everything anyway!

For today, the exalted Taurus Moon begins with an early/early (late) sextile to Neptune at 12:46AM EDT, then trines powerful Pluto (retrograde) at 7:10AM EDT and finally goes void off a sextile to an out-of-bounds Mars at 11:06AM EDT. She is void until 2:47PM EDT when she moves into busy and communicative Gemini and squares bigger-is-better/let's-make-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill Jupiter at 6:47PM EDT.


(keep in mind the Taurus Moon - and Uranus! - are answering to a VERY out-of-bounds Venus in Cancer, the Moon/Venus mutual reception can help tone Venus down, bring her back to herself, but once the Moon gets into Gemini, all bets are off and relationship challenges/disagreements could escalate as the energies move out of balance)

So, the Moon finishes up in Taurus - her favorite sign other than Cancer - with all good aspects. That sextile to Mars should help us take the edge off any uncomfortable antsiness with Mars at the very last degree of Cancer pushing us to hurry up and make something happen (always a bit of a dangerous way to go about doing things!). 

Give yourself a little break during the void/attend to routine work and prepare to be even busier tonight and during the Moon's time in Gemini over the next couple days. Our attention shifts and scatters. Diverse communication and information comes in. Her square to Jupiter tonight could make something seem bigger (maybe better) than it actually is - keep this in mind. 


Take a breath. Clear your head. We are still in the Eclipse spin cycle!

THURSDAY is the BIG Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini as a retrograde Mercury meets the Sun, BIG post next! Then Mars moves into Leo (YAY!) on FRIDAY waking up our Leo houses for the next six weeks - apply your energy THERE for best results. On SATURDAY Venus will square Chiron (great night to see Venus in the sky!) bringing our attention to challenging relationship, money and self-esteem issues that trigger old wounds. On SUNDAY, the Sun squares Neptune (reality check, delusion, a need for rest) and Venus sextiles Uranus - a tricky day we will unpack as we get a little closer, but at first glance following the Venus/Chiron this could be about trust issues. Us, trusting ourselves or other people. With the Sun/Neptune we might be being misled (or misleading ourselves). Most likely one partner/situation is needing more freedom/a new expression. That Venus sextile to Uranus following the square to Chiron tells us CHANGE is the way through this one. This will factor into the New Moon, so we will talk about it then, too!


xo all

artwork by the talented Thomas Salient

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