Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, June 4th, 2021 - walking our talk, brave baby steps, being up for what comes up



The Moon is in warrior/worrier Aries now. We are nourished/nurtured by time alone or spent with men, passion, anger, courage, moving our body, taking action. She will sextile a retrograde Saturn at 4:23PM EDT and then the Sun at 6:37PM EDT. Mars and Saturn are a powerful combination - good for stepping into responsibilities, group dynamics, dealing with authority, taking action on our goals, motivation and ambition. 


(In April 2022, Mars and Saturn will meet at 22 degrees Aquarius, with Jupiter at 22 degrees Pisces and the Nodes at 22 degrees Taurus and Scorpio - the ramifications of that 'wiped out' 22 degrees Cappy from January 2020 - the king is dead/falling patriarchy/the ends justifying the means no longer - reverberating change across the zodiac- we will talk about that in a big picture post).

The Moon's sextile to the Sun is this month's Waning Sextile. Aries/Gemini at 14 degrees.

This is about walking our talk. Taking the first brave steps. Action with words. Being a good neighbor. With sextiles (unlike squares/oppositions/inconjuncts that can push our back against the wall and force action) situations are smooth/fall into place BUT we have to take some action/speak up or the opportunities they can initiate just flow on by us. If we only get things done through the pressure of squares life will seem to be harder than it actually is! 


Keep in mind Aries is the first sign and gets antsy without something to do - so give the Moon something to do. The Gemini Sun wants to go here and there and talk to her and him - Aries is up for that, too. 


Say YES to opportunities/what comes up today. DO something. 

xo all

Heads up Mars (ruler of Aries) is headed toward his opposition with powerful Pluto - exact tomorrow, but in play now (and the Moon will be squaring both of them as we move through Saturday). Mercury's exact square to Neptune is tomorrow, too, so the day is rather treacherous. We talked about that HERE and I will get tomorrow's post up tonight with more. STAY FROSTY - avoid those dark alleys. Drive safely.

artwork by the talented Itay Magen

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