Pluto stations direct | October 6th, 2021 - power, intensity, here is the death that was postponed, here is the transformation the dying has brought us, who are we now



Pluto stationed retrograde back on April 27, 2021 at 26 degrees Capricorn and started (from our perspective on Earth) moving backward.


Today, the Lord of the Underworld, stations direct at 24 degrees Capricorn. He will get all the way to 28 degrees Capricorn by April 29, 2022 when he will station retrograde and then move back to 26 degrees Cappy. 


So, 24-25 degrees start their final pass right now. People with planets/points in Capricorn (and the other cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer and Libra by squares and oppositions) nearest these degrees might feel this movement strongest.

(Facebook launched in 2004 with a natal 26 degree Capricorn Mercury (ruler of everyday tech, communication) went dark a couple days ago, as Pluto slowed to station and transiting Mercury, had just stationed at 25 degrees Libra - squaring Facebook's natal Mercury. They had a bunch of other things going on and we had Mercury inconjunct Neptune created confusion about what/why the blackout happened. Mars is combust in Libra, too, the sign of 'social'. Eris is squaring Pluto and Facebook had a whistleblower speaking out at about the same time. I do think there is more here than meets the eye, the whistleblower story, yes, but also either internal manipulations, maybe a data dump, and/or external pressure, not just the congressional hearings, to limit Facebook's power and probably our own)

Pluto is an outer planet, our most outer, arguably the strongest. Can we beat Earthly death? Well, we can maybe beat it back a bit, surely, but entirely? Of course not.

Since April something in our life has died/transformed/the truth been exposed. Now, as we prepare to pass over these mega-important Cappy degrees one final time in our lifetimes through 'death' we want to be stepping toward something more empowering and away from what was keeping us stuck/invested in what someone else owns/controls. 


Through the truth that has come (or will come) out AND from allowing (and we probably had no choice) something to end/die/transform WE are transformed/being transformed/made more powerful (even if it looks like we have lost our power, are standing in a wasteland - trust me, we are being made more authentically powerful - there are power/resources that can only come to us through death/what we lose).

Maybe what we feared would happen, has happened or is happening. 

Keep in mind now, we are not the same people who lived through these Cappy degrees in the past. 


We can bow to the grief or rise from the ashes. 


With a stellium of planets in Libra and a powerful New Moon as Pluto stations direct - we are right on schedule to change/transform the way we do relationships/give ourselves balance/fairness and peace.


In fact, life is demanding it of us. This is Cappy so our next move will always be mature/practical. 

Keep in mind - Mercury is still retrograde, Mars is blown out by the Sun and in detriment. We are in a space where we want to be NOT AFRAID of conflict, but allowing cooperation/diplomacy/civility to HANDLE IT. 


We are letting go of the idea that life is hard and we have to fight to survive or need someone else's authority/protection. Or we are clinging to these ideas with our shriveled up, old lady fingers. This is up to us.


Venus is about to move into Sagittarius and cross the South Node - we are letting go of limiting beliefs. Boldness/a need for adventure will allow us to see things we hadn't seen before. Consider new options.

If something ends now, know the ending is creating the space to be filled, by us, with SELF EMPOWERMENT. An old space/identity has been outgrown. Clarity about all this is coming and we are making much of this up as we go along as always.


Keep a cool head. Keep moving forward. 


Take a breath. Work the New Moon - avoid Libra's shadow of people pleasing/bending over backward to keep the peace. Stand up for yourself without being an assh*le. Big girl/boy pants on. 


The world is moving from surviving to thriving, but we have had so many lifetimes barely surviving we all think we are dying! 


Ask yourself - who am I now and how do my relationships/the way I relate to other people - need to change as a result of the changes within me?


Set your New Moon intentions:




Get grounded - we have moved from an earth sign into air so this is important - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both certain and light-hearted/happy). It is a good idea, since the New Moon is literally a blank sheet, to work in a clean, uncluttered space and maybe right after a bath or shower. 

I find affirmations are most effective if I speak less on New Moon days so my words will hold more weight when I need them to. I usually burn a white candle to help me focus and thin the veils between me and me. It also helps to channel ancestral energy a bit since I am always thinking as I move my story forward, their story moves forward with me. Write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together. Speak the words out loud. 

This month, I'm writing mine on my chalkboard while burning a white candle - when the candle burns out, all by itself, then I erase the words first and then clean the blackboard with water. Some people store them until the corresponding Full Moon (in this case during Aries season) and burn them then. Do what feels right. 

I don't think it's terribly important what we do with our writings as long as we are not pulling them out and checking on them all the time. 

We are not handing a honey do list to the universe! We are lining up with the universal energies of creation here.

And I wouldn't be sharing them with other people, although this is Libra so there might be exceptions to this, which also feels like it dilutes the process or pulls them into our story. I was writing them on my blog for a few months, as examples for people, and that definitely wasn't helpful.

Then - and this is the important part - release your attention from your words knowing your intention is known. 

Know these things are already yours. 

xo all

artwork by the amazing ZHANG Jingying

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