Mercury retro squares Pluto for weeks | October 1st, 2021 - power struggles, communication trouble, the wounding that leads to compulsive re-thinking, the inner issue beneath the outer issue



Because of Mercury's retrograde through Libra, his square to Pluto (retrograde, too) TODAY will basically be in play, off and on, until November!

This aspect was last exact with Mercury direct on September 22nd, so something from now might connect back to then. This is about intense conversations, power struggles. Eris is opposing Pluto from Aries bringing in the energy of something we probably don't want to deal with!


And Mars, in Libra, opposing Chiron in Aries, also EXACT today, speaks of dealing with a painful result/culmination. Mars, the warrior, and not so happy traveling through Libra's land of civility speaks of our attempts to be nice/please someone else/not rock the boat/not get mad - these machinations don't work and probably just make us resentful, but pushing/forcing our way through with no consideration for others won't be comfortable with Mars in Libra, and won't work, either.  


Regardless, we need to speak up/stand up for ourselves/be ourselves/keep moving anyway. With Mars in Libra our relationships are trigger territory now. If we know this going in - we can do a better job handling it.

The Mercury/Pluto speaks of power struggles/intense information or communication. Something that feels like life and death. It might be, but probably isn't. There could be manipulations/something behind the smile. Someone is saying something to us and we just know they are really meaning something else. of course, with Mercury retrograde we could be just as wrong about their motives as we might be about our own. 


What is the real issue beneath the surface issue? Why are we ruminating over this conversation or those words? The real wounding is very old and very deep. The retrograde Mercury squaring deep Pluto gives us access. 


Mars/Chiron says any move we make is going to hurt anyway, so make the best one. 

The way through today's morass if we hit one - we have the Moon (in Leo now) sextiling the Sun. 


This month's Waning Sextile - Leo/Libra. The Moon in Leo wants to stand out/have fun/enjoy recreation, romance, children. The Sun in Libra wants to shine with other people/stay in balance/be fair and cordial. Libra and Leo are sextile signs because we CAN shine AND be in balance with other people at the same time. 


Fun is more fun with other people. It just is.

Leo confidence/joy is the way through today. Lighten up. The Leo Moon wants appreciation/attention, so don't be afraid to stand out. Just be honest about it (that square to Pluto), our fake smiles aren't fooling anybody. Avoid being a selfish jerk and we'll get through this one.

Keep in mind the Mercury/Pluto is an ongoing aspect we are already dealing with and not apt to wind itself up with Mercury retrograde, but  certainly we are more likely to get to the bottom of something. With Mercury in balanced Libra - fairness is our goal here. Just work the process.


Shine like the star you are. Just remember everyone else is a star, too.


xo all

artwork by the talented Valentina Bucur

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