Weekly Astrology Forecast | October 11th - 17th, 2021 - structure and stability, a light on old opportunities, renewed faith and optimism, luck, making adjustments, the wound is where the light gets in



We start this week with a FORWARD moving Saturn - DADDY'S HOME. Situations with authority/with our own authority can begin to move forward.


Depending on our natal relationship with Saturn direct - things will either get more stabilizing/help can arrive/delays can end/rewards for hard work can come in OR walls/rules/responsibilities that have been relaxed can feel like they are tightening up. 


The GOOD news - Saturn's first aspect after station will be an opportunistic sextile with Venus in Sagittarius. This can bring structure/stability to financial situations, our relationships, our self-esteem, travel, education, foreign or legal situations. 


The even BETTER news, this is the week the Sun will trine Jupiter - we might find ourselves re-evaluating old opportunities/panning for old gold. New doors can open into old rooms or old doors into new rooms. This is smooth flow. Things falling into place. Luck. Expansion. We won't have to push. An improved/more optimistic outlook is possible now.


There are multiple inconjuncts this week - rocks and hard places, but really spaces where some give and take is needed. Stay flexible. 

Also - there is a heads up that immediately following this forecast the Sun is going to square Pluto (Monday, the 17th, so it is building all this week, coloring the week with the energies of a POWER STRUGGLE - we don't want to be trying to dominate/manipulate someone this week). We've seen this coming since the Sun went into Libra (a cardinal sign like Capricorn). This can bring some intense challenges within relationships/contracts/our natal Libra house themes - keep this in mind. We want to be smart/playing our cards right. Also keep in mind, the day AFTER the Pluto square, Mercury AND Jupiter are going to station direct. So, lots of avenues for forward movement after we get past that challenge.


SEEK OUT opportunities to better/improve the situation. Follow up with what shows up. Give whatever comes to your attention another look.

TUESDAY - Mercury inconjunct Uranus

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextiles Saturn, Sun inconjunct Neptune

FRIDAY - Sun trine Jupiter

SATURDAY -  Venus trine Chiron, Mars inconjunct Neptune, Mercury sextile Venus

TUESDAY - Mercury, retrograde @ 13 degrees Libra inconjuncts Uranus, retrograde in Taurus

Now Mercury is doing what the New Moon did last week. The difference is we now have Venus, ruler of BOTH Taurus and Libra in Sagittarius (instead of Scorpio). She is not so much about diving into the details as she (as us) is about needing to be more optimistic/have faith. If we think about the Libra/Taurus inconjunct this is about cardinal air vs fixed earth. Libra needs some space and Taurus wants to own the situation. Libra's indecisiveness (since she can see both sides) can make Taurus cray-cray. It can be challenging to make a decision now. 


Mercury's inconjunct with Uranus can bring unexpected (not totally because Uranus is retrograde) news or communications/conversations that shake things up. 

WEDNESDAY - Venus @ 6 degrees Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Aquarius, the Sun @ 21 degrees Libra inconjuncts Neptune, retrograde in Pisces

UPDATE - note our serious/goal oriented Moon in Cappy will go void at 6:53AM EDT off her monthly meeting with Pluto - she will be void until 4:47PM EDT.

Venus/Saturn is support/opportunities to stabilize our relationships, money, values. Our hopes/ideals are given definition. Commitments are made. We are taking responsibility for what we want. Good for situations involving authority and stepping into our own. At the same time the Libra's Sun's inconjunct with Neptune shines a light on relationship imbalances, old dreams and relationship sabotaging escape mechanisms.

FRIDAY - the Sun @ 22 degrees Libra trines Jupiter, retrograde in Aquarius

Old doors can reopen. Opportunities we missed the first time through can come back around. People from the past/old contracts/relationships can prove helpful. This is a smooth aspect - we won't have to force things. There are benefits here certainly, but just keep in mind the Sun's next stop is that square to Pluto.


There is growth/expansion here, but over-confidence/exaggeration/bullshit can lead to challenges as this "over" stuff pulls us into manipulative/compulsive/Plutonian territory. 

We have access to confidence/luck now, YES, just keep in mind this access is solar and this is Libra season - diplomacy, civility, fairness, beauty, relationship.  

SATURDAY - Venus @ 10 degrees Sagittarius trines Chiron in Aries

Venus/Chiron - here is a healing opportunity for our values, finances, relationships through optimism/faith or maybe here is where our vulnerabilities are making us stronger and not weaker. We attract what we need/want by NOT having all the answers/by allowing ourselves to be seen as flawed. This is smooth flow in fire signs, so some action will be needed on our part to get this energy lit.

At the same time Mercury @ 10 degrees Libra is sextiling Venus, so creating opportunities via ideas/communication. Good for being out and about/social. Having an adventure together. Good time to ask for help/attract what you want via our words. This all flows into the Venus/Chiron healing.

The challenge today is Mars @ 20 degrees Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces - this aspect can bring out the more passive-aggressive Mars in Libra energy and create challenges within relationships. Keep things direct, but not heavy. A time out might be needed (or a nap) just don't take the 'escape/fantasy' or any kind of bending over backwards/self-sacrifice too far either.

xo all


artwork by the talented Diego Fernandez

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