Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, October 17th, 2021- let go of the need to control, let go and let God, let go or be dragged



The Moon is in Pisces now - we are nourished/nurtured by spirituality, our imagination, art, sleep, time spent near or in water, relaxation, meditation, medication, what is done behind our back, our addictions, our past, Pisces people. She meets up with ruler Neptune (retrograde) at 12:59AM EDT and goes void at 7:23PM EDT off a sextile to Pluto. She is void for the rest of the night.

The Sun in Libra reaches his exact square to powerful Pluto. Pressure. Tension. Fear. Power struggles within relationships/with authority/over contracts. Passive-aggressive/indirect manipulation. Intimacy issues. Sometimes this brings hidden/ignored health situations into the light. The way through this one is the Moon's sextile to that same powerful Pluto. Pisces is the way through. Let go/let God. Releasing what needs to go/releasing what is dead. Going with the flow. Meditation. Sometimes medication. Prayer. Rest. Forgiveness. Sacrifice. Water. Hydration. Knowing we can't control anyone else or how anyone else experiences us.


Mars, following the Sun through Libra, will square Pluto next week when we might be taking action on what comes to light now. Or something might hit more acutely. Kapow! We'll talk about this in the weekly.


Also today is Mercury's final aspect retrograde - a smooth trine to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini. If we have some controversial conversation/information that needs to be revised/re-discussed/re-evaluated - maybe something from the beginning of September, well here's when we want to be re-negotiating this. When Mercury/BML reach their final trine at the Aries Full Moon on Wednesday this will be DONE.


Mercury and Jupiter are preparing to station direct TOMORROW. The conversation changes. Our fortune changes.


A BIG and intense week ahead. 


Buckle up.  


And get some extra sleep.  


On Monday, the Moon will be in Aries and we'll start building toward this week's Full Moon in Aries, it's a doozy!

xo all

artwork by the talented Aaron Griffin Art

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