Weekly Astrology Forecast | October 4th - October 10th, 2021 - HUGE week, New Moon in Libra, Daddy's home, here is the death/transformation that was postponed, reconnections, clarity


This is a HUGE/powerful week. I think you were hoping I would say, "this is a boring week, nothing will happen, go back to bed". Am I right?! No, that's just you Catherine, you say, we are ready for this you say. Hmm. We will see. I am not sure I am ready since I know I have to fight this week (more about that in the New Moon post), but here we go! 


(also someone tell me if anyone else is living these weekly forecasts in advance like I am - does this week sound like last week to you?, has this "Age of Aquarius, life at the speed of light" gotten even the astro ahead of itself?)


We have a BIG New Moon in Libra, Venus changes signs, Mars and Mercury retrograde meet the Sun and each other AND both Saturn and Pluto station direct. WHEW!


Let's take a quick look at the week ahead and expect a  BIG New Moon post tomorrow where much of the next two weeks will be unpacked. 


MONDAY - Sun trines Ceres 

TUESDAY - Mercury inconjuncts Neptune

WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Libra, Pluto stations direct

THURSDAY - Venus enters Sagittarius

FRIDAY - Sun conjuncts Mars, Ceres stations retrograde

SATURDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury, Mercury conjunct Mars

SUNDAY - Saturn stations direct


MONDAY - the Sun, at 12 degrees Libra trines Ceres in Gemini. This is smooth/balanced flow in our communications with other people. Nurturing is balanced/accepted if we keep things light/intellectual/try some humor. Give other people options.   

TUESDAY - this is the second Mercury/Neptune inconjunct (the one where Mercury is retrograde so we are revising/reviewing, etc) - the first was back on September 18th. Here is where we get to re-do/re-think whatever communication/information/conversation drifted off course last month. What needs to be cleared up?


WEDNESDAY - The Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun at 13 degrees giving us this month's New Moon, our annual New Moon in Libra. EXACTLY conjunct Mars - fresh starts will be turbo-charged, passionate, angry. There is alot going on with this one - we'll talk about this in a BIG post next.

Pluto, at 24 degrees Capricorn, stations direct. Squaring Eris, yes, still, this can bring up uncomfortable truths. Here is the death that was postponed or the transformation of what has died. Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio and Venus, ruler of Libra and this New Moon is in Scorpio - so this station happening just hours after the New Moon is mucho important. 


We'll talk about this in the New Moon post, too!

THURSDAY - Venus enters Sagittarius. About 24 hours after her BIG New Moon, Venus rises from murky Scorpio into 'sky's the limit' Sagittarius.  


Sagittarius Suns and Ascendants (1st house cusps) get more attractive now - both able to attract what they want/need and are easier on the eye. All of us get a visit from Venus in our Sagittarius houses (what house or houses carry Venus energy in your natal chart?) and those houses get more magnetic.


Sagittarius is the sign of the archer. If we were archers - we would gather our energy. We would pull back our bow. We would take aim. We would hold our bow "in tension". This holding position is important to landing our arrow where we intend it to go - to hit our target (of course, if we are in some kind of life and death battle with that arrow then I guess we just let it fly and hope for the best, but most situations we are facing are not quite so dire)

The same way an archer's "in tension" allows her arrow to hit her mark, our own "intentions" release our energy where we need it to go. Intentions are not wishes; they are not hopes - wanting to do something is 180 degrees from intending to do it. Set your New Moon intentions this month - they will be uber powerful.

Intention releases the potential that makes things happen.

So, we have Venus (love, women, beauty, what we value, our self esteem, money) moving into the sign of "potential".

Experience is more valuable than stuff with Sagittarius. Money (Venus) spent on experiences/travel will be well spent. Money (Venus) spent on other Sagittarius themes - higher education, legal issues, weddings, politics - will probably pay off, too, in the experiences we get back.

The search we began when Venus dove into Scorpio continues. But now instead of looking at the stuff that is underneath, the underpinnings none of us really want to look at, she looks way out into the horizon at the stuff we might one day meet up with. Sagittarius is the sign of faith. Do we have faith that better days are ahead for us? This faith stuff is risky and Sagittarians have been known to fall on their ass and even off a cliff now and then. But is there really any alternative to not trying? This is the season of faith and potential for all Venus ruled themes - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values. 


How are we going to use this energy? Remember the archer. The archer stays focused and holds herself "in tension" through all the noise. We have our bow drawn and we are focused on the target, but suddenly the dog barks, the phone rings, the guy next door starts blasting Adele and you know we have to stop and listen to that.

(and sometimes this noise can last a while and sometimes life sends us noise to test our intentions and see how badly we want something or sometimes the noise could be there to delay us because there is something better for us later or other people's arrows need to line up with ours)

Because once that arrow is released, it is released. There is no grabbing it midair and straightening that baby out (unless you have some super power that I would be totally jealous to find out about).

We have to have faith enough to release the arrow anyway. Bulls-eyes can be highly over-rated. Sometimes it's the missed targets (did you know the word "sin" was originally an archery term that meant - "to miss the mark") that lead to the best adventures!


Venus is going to cross over the South Node (a portal to past lives/old common or karmic patterns), pulling people from our past (or new people with similar energy patterns to those from our past), people and situations from the past connected with our money and self-esteem into our NOW. In Sagittarius, this can bring opportunity, luck, give us hope (depending on what we are carrying in early Sagittarius) or can bring karmic endings/bills coming due/the need to let go. 

Keep in mind this aspect can also slide us right into repetition. There is already a groove here which is the reason this might all feel so comfortable. Is this something/someone still a good fit or are we just too comfortable here for our own good? Mercury is retrograde in Libra's sign, so this will likely ravel/unravel itself as we move through the days and weeks ahead.


FRIDAY/SATURDAY - Sun meets Mars, Sun Meets Mercury, Mercury meets Mars - this is all happening within 15-16 degrees Libra, so will be felt strongest by people with planets points near this range (or the other cardinal signs by squares and oppositions).


Mars starts a new cycle with the Sun - this is passion/energy, new goals. In the sign of Libra, this shines a light on our relationships/our need for balance and fairness. Keep in mind Mars in Libra can bring the need for confrontation just so some steam can get blown off and now he is not only in the sign of his detriment, but he is being blown out by the Sun. Then Mercury comes in to pick up the new Mars solar story. A light is thrown on information/communication. This is the part of the Mercury retrograde cycle where we get some clarity/HERE is what this retrograde is all about. Then Mercury meets Mars. Clarity/action - just keep in mind Mercury is still retrograde, so we are still revising/reviewing, doing the "re's". It's probably not the time for big moves just yet. Mars in Libra will be squaring Pluto on October 22, so there could be some need now (in preparation) to take action to protect/preserve something we want to keep - maybe something structural, stabilizing or career related, before we get to that square.


SUNDAY - Saturn stations direct at 6 degrees Aquarius. His retrograde "review" wraps up. He will move direct until he gets to 25 degrees Aquarius next April when he stations retrograde again and backtracks to 18 degrees.

For people with planets and points between 6 and 13 degrees Aquarius (and the other fixed signs, which will get squares and oppositions) Saturn will make his third pass (hang in there!) over those spaces during the next few weeks and months.

There are a few things that will happen now.

Saturn's direct motion can release pent up pressure in our Aquarius house allowing us to make solid moves toward our goals and ambitions (and our natal Aquarius house theme).

It could have felt, during his retrograde, that we were getting further away from our goals or where we want to be in this area of our life. Maybe obligations weighed heavily. Walls and limitations had to be faced. Corners we had previously cut were noted to be missing.

The bills came due. Maybe we learned to say, "no". Maybe we learned to say "yes" to something we had been avoiding. Saturn always gives rewards, but they are Saturnian rewards - coming after we've put in the time and hard work to build something that lasts. And yes, the thing that lasts IS the reward!

Our long range goals that have been stuck can start to move forward now. 

With Saturn (father time) direct - daddy's home! - greater external structure is brought into our lives.

This can feel supportive and rewarding or like a wall/limit/roadblock depending on how we relate to Saturn natally and what we have been doing during his retrograde.

Dad's homeHave we been goofing off? Staying out late? Running up the electric bill? Worn out his favorite chair or left his tools out in the rain to rust?

Karmic books get balanced. Remember, karma isn't about punishment. It is simply cause and effect - we are just being served what we ordered. Most of us do alot of this "ordering" unconsciously.

If we don't like what we are being served - we can choose to do things differently today. Right now. This minute. The wheel keeps spinning! Multiple planets station and change signs this week and we have a New Moon - change is happening! Keep in mind Mercury is still retrograde and Saturn and Pluto are moving VERY slowly, so progress could be slow for awhile. We might continue to feel the ramifications of 'dug in' situations.

xo all - back with that New Moon post! Please excuse any typos - I can proof read three times and still find them these days ...

artwork by the talented Karoline Kroib

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