the astrology of the New Moon in Libra | October 6th, 2021 - the stuff that won't stay stuffed, what's worth defending, power struggles, relationship imbalances, something begins with a bang, keep a cool head


On Wednesday, October 6th at 7:05AM EDT, the Libra Moon meets the Libra Sun at 13 degrees giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Libra. 


We look to our natal Libra house (13 degrees) for the kind of theme we will be working with personally. Then we consider the general Libra themes (relationship, partnership, balance, justice, women, beauty), our natal relationship with Venus (and Mars for this one), and we look at the event chart for the time of the New Moon, to see how this all might play out.


Happening with a stellium (group) of planets in relationship-focused Libra including Mars (EXACT with the Sun and Moon), as the Sun and Mercury and Mars get closer and closer and as Libra's ruler Venus prepares to leave Scorpio for Sagittarius and cross the South Node and just hours before Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio) stations direct after a six month retrograde - makes this an uber POTENT fresh start.


Libra New Moons are about new ways to partner/new people/new connections/new situations. New LOVE - not the deep kind necessarily (although it could be), but the social kind that gets us invited to coffee and walks in the park. New peace and harmony. New negotiations. What is fair now? What is balanced now? What does justice look like now? This is a cardinal energy - something is going to START.

Let's take a look at this specific New Moon - let's unpack the chart!


The Moon/Sun are EXACT, conjunct with Mars and tightly conjunct asteroid Karma. They oppose hurting/healing Chiron and trine Ceres. The Moon/Sun form the apex of a Finger of God formation with Uranus/Chiron as the base. Venus, the ruler of Libra and so the ruler of this lunation, sits uncomfortably at the end of Scorpio, opposed by Sedna and answering to Mars and Pluto. Mars is in Libra answering to Venus and Pluto is retrograde, strong and still at station and preparing to begin moving forward within hours. Pluto is in Saturn's sign, Capricorn, and Saturn is also strong and still at station and preparing to move forward within days. 

The New Moon's conjunction with a challenged Mars, not able to be his fiery Martian self in Libra, the sign of his detriment (his opposing sign as the ruler of Aries) brings some challenges.


The good news for Mars is he is in a mutual reception with Venus (for just a little while longer), since Venus is in his other sign - Scorpio. So Mars can access Scorpio, but has to go through Venus (women, balance, civility, diplomacy, beauty) to get there. AND Venus is in Scorpio so can access Libra, but has to go through Mars (men, passion, action, anger). Likely there is an elephant in the room we are trying to avoid dealing with and that ain't gonna work. Cue potential passive-aggressive madness. 

This Mars conjunction brings passion/fire/impulsivity, maybe anger to whatever is starting. And keep in mind something is always initiated at the New Moon.  Mars likes to push, but this pushing can come out all passive-aggressive sideways in Libra, so we need to be on our toes here. The feeling that we have to do this NOW can be strong. Mars position tells us action on our part (maybe connected to our identity or the need to defend something of value) IS required. 


We'll get back to Mars.


The New Moon is opposing Chiron. This aspect is separating, so the wounding/painful trigger - whatever is inspiring the New Moon event - is in our past. Chiron is also retrograde so this trigger will actually have its roots in a much older situation we may or may not remember.

The New Moon is trining Ceres (preparing to turn retrograde in a  couple days). Trines speak of free-moving energy/obstacles removed. In Gemini, Ceres speaks of smart nurturing. Giving people options. She isn't all cuddly here, so we won't need to be either. Nurturing is expressed through learning and then acting on what we have learned. Gemini is the sign of duality, so there may be more than one way forward, more than one thing that needs to be done at the same time. Ceres also rules season of life situations - are we nurturing something no longer in our life or something that is STILL ALIVE?

With the New Moon (plus Mars) forming the apex of a Finger of God whose base is Uranus and Chiron, it might be the Chironic wounding came out of the blue (if we are honest with ourselves this will not be something totally unexpected with Uranus and Chiron both retrograde) and connects with our future and is a GIFT. Probably because it pushes us to take some action we have been avoiding or maybe because something unexpected happens/some 'third way' through that helps us with this New Moon situation. 


The New Moon is inconjunct Uranus which speaks of a sudden event/situation that pushes us to move either before we are ready or in a way we were not totally expecting (Uranus is retrograde, so this won't be something we couldn't somewhat see coming). We are going to need to avoid sudden moves - our Mars will be itching - and we need to avoid passive avoidance - our Venus will be maybe wanting to sit this one out or maybe in Scorpio she wants to go over things again and again, especially if we are feeling neglected/scapegoated and then not get anywhere. Neither way will work and compromise will be uncomfortable and not so effective. What do we do?

Pluto will station direct just hours after this New Moon and with Venus in Scorpio answering to the Lord of the Underworld, his station is even more prominent here. Here is the death/ending that was postponed or here is the transformation that has resulted from the 'death'. Pluto is POWER. Pluto is FEAR. Keep in mind, his movement here is slow, almost imperceptible, but IS happening. Consider when you change gears in your car from reverse to first, but still have your foot on the brake. Our car/our body will feel the change even though we haven't moved. People with planets and points in late-ish Cappy but before 24 degrees will feel this as a lessening/unburdening/things feel less like life and death/less urgent. People with planets/points in late Cappy and on or after 24 degrees might feel pretty much the reverse of this (this includes the United States natal Pluto set for its first exact pass on a Pluto return in February 2022, but in play now - this is about massive structural change in our systems). This is all part of the New Moon story.


OK, back to Mars (and what do we do?).


Mars will push us to move fast and if we do this, well, we will find out the ways fast is good and the ways fast is not so good. The bathwater gets tossed, but probably the baby does, too. Things can get dicey. This isn't some 'charge into battle' Moon with Mars so debilitated, BUT Mars position in this chart tells us some kind of balanced/civil action is probably needed. 


The Moon's applying trine to Jupiter might indicate that impulsive/brash action can make problems bigger than they need to be. It also warns of over-doing, over-promising or over-trusting - this might be brought home to us when the Moon meets up with Jupiter in the middle of October. On the other hand, this applying trine to Jupiter - the Moon will meet up with Jupiter on the 15th - brings us luck/good news if we can play our cards right.


Think assertive instead of aggressive.  


Take a moment. Catch your breath. 


The Moon's final square to a recently stationed Pluto asks us:

Are we willing to let go of our ego attachments that are no longer serving us/making us feel loved/bringing us peace? Can we let go of the stuff we are no longer passionate about? Our old ways of doing relationships? The old things we are doing within our relationships? The old ways we fight or the old ways we flight?


Are we willing to step into new spaces/step up to new plates? Defend what we value? Take action on someone else's abuse of power?


This looks like a power struggle plain and simple.


We need to be facing the facts and taking organized action.  


We need to keep a cool head - and this cooling our head thing won't mean burying it. 


The Sun/Moon/Mars are conjunct asteroid Karma, so the New Moon situation will have some connection to us resisting old trauma/the spaces we are holding it in our cells. Mostly we fear change/chaos rather than seeing its opportunities. 


Be smart - and Pallas is sitting with Uranus in Taurus at the base of the Finger of God, so we have access to her wisdom (how to keep what we have/what we need). Angry moves, too much haste, exaggeration will not work out so well for us. Balanced action, diplomacy, being on the right side of the law/being fair will work out better for us. 


There are some things that are meant to go now and Pluto will see to that. 


We proceed with caution, but proceed we must.


xo all


Keep in mind Mars and Mercury and the Sun will all meet up within a couple days AFTER this New Moon - this will bring more clarity and help us decide what actions we need to take. We will talk about it as we move through it.

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