Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 - moody mamas and manipulative children or vice versa or something like that ....



The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer (since yesterday). 


Maybe our attention has turned to home matters, real estate, renovation, home or family business. With a Cancer Moon we are nurtured/nourished by home and family, by mom and apple pie. 


She is all over the place today - squares Mercury at 1:09AM EDT, trines Neptune at 10:47AM EDT and opposes Pluto at 6:07PM EDT. 


The Moon in "mama-bear" Cancer is sensitive/protective/self-protective/moody. The square to Mercury in partnership/fairness/balance focused Libra speaks of difficult conversations or information. Maybe feelings get hurt. It is easy to take things too personally. The smooth trine to Neptune in Pisces pulls in compassion/reminiscing/forgiveness, but then we move into our monthly lunar opposition to powerful Pluto. Things get intense/uncomfortable. Something can feel like life and death. The stuff that is not being said becomes more important than what is. Oppositions are similar to Full Moons and bring culminations/peak energy/endings. Maybe hidden information comes out. Someone says what needs to be said (or maybe it doesn't but it gets said anyway and now it's out there) and it doesn't feel so good. Power struggles, maybe reminiscent of childhood situations. Manipulations. This can also bring up situations with other people's money, merged funds, taxes, inheritances, loans, reproduction, intimacy issues. 

At 2:01AM EDT on the 28th, the Moon will go void off a testy square to Mars at the end of Libra leaving us feeling antsy. Don't force a late night conversation/action that doesn't need to happen. It might not go so well.


The good news - keep in mind, all day (in play all week) Venus is applying to tomorrow's sextile to Jupiter. Expansion. Hope. Luck. Opportunity. Ka-ching. This is your Sagittarius house and your Aquarius house all powered up with goodies. Everyone gets something this week/some kind of LUCKY. How is this impacting you? What can you do with this? Just keep in mind the whole over-estimating thing/going too far, too big too fast. We talked about that and more in the weekly HERE.

xo all


artwork by the amazing and talented Meluseena - I make a lovely locket with her HERE

  • Cancer Moon square Mercury in Libra (15 deg)
  • Moon trine Neptune Rx in Pisces (20 deg)
  • Moon opposite Pluto in Capricorn (24 deg)

The Moon/Mercury square triggers emotional discussions that veer between extremes. It will be difficult to have a polite convo because sensitivities will be heightened. There could be dramatic statements or difficulties in saying/hearing something clearly. Before you respond, step back and think. 

The trine to Neptune can encourage a healing flow and compassion but that will take you right into the opposition with Pluto. So what begins as smooth access to certain needs/feelings will quickly reach an intense culmination - fears of loss, neediness and parental issues will be activated. There could be an ending/breakthrough that allows you to access something that's been repressed, but it won't feel comfortable. The full spectrum of emotions will be activated with a range that includes mothering/smothering, childlike helplessness and manipulative withdrawal.

Nonetheless, don't shrink from what's revealed - a mini "death" can clear the way for enhanced self-sufficiency. Also, this can be a good time to recognize who you're handing your power to - no one has the power to make you feel anything (you're in control of your emotions). 

Painting by Dirck Hals (Wikimedia Commons)

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