Weekly Astrology Forecast | October 18th - 24th, 2021 - green means go, the conversation shifts, our fortune changes, fast endings without closure that chart a new course, that luck we thought had run out well maybe it hasn't, an intense week



What a week! Yes, another one - 2021 is going to go out with a bang folks.


On MONDAY, the Moon is in "let's get started" Aries - we are nourished/nurtured by action, passion, initiative, anger, time spent moving our bodies, time spent with men. Her only aspect today is a stabilizing sextile (opportunity) to Saturn at 7:14PM EDT. Good for taking something seriously/dealing with authority and stepping into our own.


Mercury AND Jupiter station direct (they are both direct before noon EDT). 


This is FORWARD movement and good news for our relationships.


With Mercury direct - the conversation shifts. Our thinking changes. Stuck distribution channels come unstuck. Decisions get made - we decide. They do, too. If someone has come back into our life during Mercury's long retrograde through Libra - well, that situation might fade to black now. Bye-bye. If someone has disappeared, this week is when they might make a re-appearance.

With Jupiter direct - our fortune can shift. We (and everyone else) start LOOKING AHEAD. Group/online situations come unstuck. We should begin to feel more optimistic as Jupiter - the planet of hope and luck - gets up to speed over the next few days.

Mars (at 22 degrees Libra) is trining Jupiter - at the degree of his station AFTER he turns direct. HERE is where you want to be taking action - Monday afternoon EDT. This is a smooth flow. Our efforts can make us lucky/hopeful. This is the natural trine between your Libra house and your Aquarius house amped up with the energy of two powerful planets. AND the Moon in Aries answering to Mars with that applying sextile to serious Saturn helps, too. Think - expansive action. Think - optimistic action. Keep in mind Mars is still in Libra - be balanced, cordial, social, fair, diplomatic, but also DIRECT. Mercury is direct - SAY what you want. If you have been back and forth over something/put something on hold/or need to DEFEND yourself/what you value - Monday afternoon looks like the time for some positive action.

(I had a customer contact me last week. She had asked me to include a little freebie with her order and I forgot to include it. She emailed me about how disappointed she was and then added, "let me know how this happened". I was not at all surprised she used this kind of wording because of all the passive-aggressive Libra energy. It's impacting all of us. Maybe she normally would have said, "can I still get this?" or "can you fix this" or maybe she would have just been pissed off and trashed my feedback. I don't know, but I do know the astrology and knowing the astrology, I was able to respond and not react. I didn't take it personally and I didn't start explaining "how this happened" because I knew what she really wanted was for me to apologize and do the thing I said I would do. So, that's what I did.)


Venus (at 11 degrees Sagittarius and answering to Jupiter) opposes a retrograde Ceres - in Gemini and answering to Mercury. Oppositions bring things to peak energy and often to an end. Ceres rules season of life situations (also situations where compromise is needed or where important things we care about/nurture are out of our control) and with all this GO energy now, there are also BIG ENDINGS. 

If something ends now KNOW we are meant to look in a new direction. The astrology is crystal clear here that the ending is fated/will move us toward something newer/BETTER (Mars/Jupiter). Keep your words/thinking/planning optimistic and focused on a wider horizon.


Now, something to keep in mind as this energy shifts is we have a BIG Full Moon in Aries opposing Mars in a couple days and then a couple days after that Mars is going to square Pluto (like the Sun did at the end of last week) - so we are going to pay attention to what is revealed and we are going to respond carefully NOT react impulsively - and then we are launched head-first into Scorpio season - co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, oh my!


This is INTENSE. 


This Full Moon energy can bring fast endings where we don't get any closure. If you are a certain kind of person that will sound just awful and it might be if we stay mired in what is over. Our ability to use the direct Mercury/Jupiter energy - looking toward a more optimistic future - is paramount now.


Anyway you cut it the retrograde/review period is over.


Fast endings and equally fast beginnings are possible now. Do your Libra (trying to control someone/some situation isn't going to work - think : cooperation). Keep your wits about you. With the Mars trine Jupiter activating 2020-2022's important 22 degree energies - the stuff we are taking action on this week, the stuff we are passionate about this week, the stuff that pisses us off this week has a WIDER CONSEQUENCE.


xo all


Back with the Full Moon post which will color in the middle to end of the week!

artwork by the amazing Terri Broughton

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