astrology forecast for creatives | week of May 2nd - May 8th, 2022 - into the eclipse spin cycle we go!



We are in between two powerful Eclipses now.


Getting a cosmic reboot. 




The promises/possibilities of last weekend's Solar Eclipse - we talked about that HERE - begin rolling out right out of the gate with Venus's move from watery Pisces to fiery Aries on Monday. 

Even with Mercury slowing to station - things are going to start moving faster and faster. 


We are going to get itchy - want to MOVE/DO SOMETHING.

This is also the week Jupiter sextiles Pluto. Saturn isn't making ANY exact aspects to the outer planets in 2022 and Jupiter's biggest aspect, his connection with Neptune, is behind us. The Jupiter/Pluto is the ONLY other middle to outer planet aspect this year. It matters. Truth can come out. Secrets can be exposed. Opportunities are here to heal very old wounds. 

We also have MULTIPLE aspects to change-maker Uranus this week. 


Remember the Solar Eclipse was conjunct Uranus and promised the opportunity for CHANGE. This week's Uranian aspects are soft/smooth (I'd say easy, but you might shoot the messenger when they aren't). 


The Solar Eclipse New Moon's assurances of the BENEFITS OF CHANGE begin to come into focus. 

SUNDAY - Venus sextiles Pluto

MONDAY - Venus enters Aries

TUESDAY - Jupiter sextiles Pluto

WEDNESDAY - Mars sextiles Uranus

THURSDAY - Sun conjuncts Uranus

FRIDAY - Mercury sextiles Venus

SATURDAY - Sun sextiles Mars

SUNDAY - First Quarter Square Moon (Leo)


SUNDAY - Venus sextile Pluto


Venus, at 28 degrees, makes her final aspect in Pisces with a smooth sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. 

Love/relationships/our finances. Pluto brings intensity, but the intensity is made easier to handle. Pisces will dilute power struggles. Venus will make things feel BETTER. Sextiles are smooth aspects, creative opportunities, but require some efforting on our parts to make the most of this. Venus in Pisces is about ALLOWING more than direct action. Compassion, forgiveness are TRANSFORMING. Commitments are connecting. With Pluto, something might need to be released/the past be ALLOWED to die/not be dragged into the future to make the most of this one. Jupiter is following in Venus's footsteps and will get here Tuesday. Venus rules the Taurus North Node and Pluto the Scorpio South Node, so this aspect is made even more important and impactful.


MONDAY - Venus enters Aries 

Aries Suns and Aries Ascendants become more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want. All our natal Aries houses become more attractive, too. Attracting both what we want (Venus) and what we line up with energetically - as the house itself gets woken up by attractive and loving Venus.

In Aries, Venus functions best when she puts herself first. In Aries, Venus will be thinking, "what's best for me?". In Aries, Venus is a WARRIOR (and love is a battlefield ... cue Pat Benatar).

Something to keep in mind as we give ourselves permission to go after what we want (always that fly in the ointment) is the impulsive nature of Aries. If Venus was always in Aries our relationships would last 15 minutes and the things we bought/valued would very quickly fall out of favor and we'd be on to the next thing. 


Maybe not such a good long-haul energetic, but as a transit, ie transitory, I think Venus in Aries can get on with the business of getting us what we want in a very effective manner.


TUESDAY - Jupiter sextile Pluto


Jupiter, at 28 degrees Pisces (Jupiter will enter Aries on May 10th, so heads up, we are approaching the end of his days in his old stomping ground) sextiles Pluto at 28 degrees Capricorn 

Sextiles are creative opportunities, but require some action/efforting on our part. This one is water and earth - think about making clay, making something solid/practical, making the dream real. Jupiter is expansive, confident, faith-full and this brings LUCK and success. Pluto is raw POWER/destructive and this brings transformation and truth. Pluto rules Scorpio and the South Node, so maybe we need to let go of something to have something else. Sextiles are smooth aspects, makes this easier. Or maybe it is Jupiter bringing luck/optimism/faith to a crisis situation. With Pisces, this can be all happening in the background/behind our back. It can be pulling the past into the present to be HEALED. This might not be an obvious thing because from our perch in the 1st house we can't see what is happening in the 12th (Pisces realm) but it IS happening. 

Faith/optimism (Jupiter) is empowering (Pluto). 


WEDNESDAY - Mars sextile Uranus

THURSDAY - Sun conjunct Uranus


Mars, at 14 degrees Pisces, sextiles Uranus in Taurus. The Sun, at 14 degrees Taurus, meets up with Uranus and then sextiles Mars (on Saturday)

Mid-week is when a new opportunity/change can COME TO LIGHT. 

Again, sextiles are smooth aspects, so this change likely won't be forced. With Mars in drifting Pisces one thing will lead to the next thing. We are using our intuition/maybe imagination. Change is good. Stay flexible.

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Venus


Mercury, at 4 degrees Gemini, sextiles Venus, at 4 degrees Aries. Communications/conversations/news can be beneficial for our relationships/self-esteem/finances. Here are new choices. New words. New ideas. This isn't about some deep conversation, but this is a good time to talk/keep things light. Meetings can go well. Be out and about.


SATURDAY - Sun sextiles Mars


After their conversations with change-maker/chaotic Uranus, now the Sun (at 16 degrees Taurus) is sextiling Mars (at 16 degrees Pisces). 


The fog lifts. Our intuitive/maybe drifting actions are supported by focused practicality. This is a gentle push/drive toward something more stabilizing/realistic/simple. The dream being made real. Keep in mind, sextiles are smooth aspects so this is something we are ALLOWING, we aren't being forced into this, but this also means the opportunity can be easy to miss/drift right on by us. Pay attention to what comes to your attention. Move in that new direction.

SUNDAY - First Quarter Moon


We finish up the week with the first lunar square to the Sun after last week's New Moon Solar Eclipse. Our first challenge/obstacle of that New Moon's story. The Moon, at 18 degrees Leo, squares the Sun at 18 degrees Taurus. Here is our need to shine, have fun, our desires/ego at odds with the reality of the situation/our resources/our security. Security/safety vs putting ourselves or our heart center stage. Squares are tension/frustration. What's safe will be unsatisfying, what's satisfying will feel unsafe. First squares require action. This one isn't a gentle push. What we do with the square is up to us, sort of. The Moon's last aspect was a square to Uranus (maybe the changes this week are not so easy on our egos/hearts), her next aspect will be a final square to sober Saturn tomorrow, so responsibilities, maybe to the group, will need to be taken into consideration. 


Hope something here is helpful. 


xo all 

artwork by the amazing Alise Hirvonen

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