the meaning of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in taurus | April 30th, 2022 - blessings come out of nowhere, change is good, risks pay off, fresh starts with what really matters

The Taurus Moon meets the Taurus Sun at 10 degrees Taurus at 4:28 PM EDT on Saturday, April 30th.  Happening conjunct the Moon's North Node makes this a New Moon Solar Eclipse. 

This is the first Solar Eclipse (a partial since the nodes are only widely conjunct the Moon) of 2022 - the Moon blocks the Sun and the flow of energy to planet Earth is interrupted - focusing our attention on that point. We get a cosmic reset, much like a computer being turned off and back on and the program that uploads at restart is a little bit (or quite a lot) different than the one we ran on before.

Eclipses change us, and we, (vibrating differently), change our circumstances by attracting or repelling what our new self lines up with.

Eclipse events don't often happen on the actual date of the Eclipse. One tricky thing with eclipse energy I have found from personal experience as well as other people's charts is they often work backward. The thing the eclipse is "eclipsing out" or "bringing to light" can happen days or weeks before the physical Sun is overtaken by the Moon. Often almost exactly one week or one month before (or after). Then they play out over six months to several years.


Let's dive right in and unpack the chart!


The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 10 degrees Taurus and conjunct Uranus at 14 Taurus. The Moon is in a productive/opportunistic sextile with Mars (in Pisces). Venus, ruler of this lunation as ruler of Taurus, is exalted in Pisces and conjunct Jupiter EXACT. 

The conjunction to chaotic/change-maker Uranus - this is applying, so hasn't happened yet (although it might have, because keep in mind, eclipses are kind of a time out of time), speaks of changes that come OUT OF THE BLUE. Probably not totally unexpected, but it could be. The changes push us (coax us maybe with Venus in Pisces) toward SOMETHING ELSE. Away from what is dead/dying and toward something new and growing. Uranus in Taurus has spent the last few years shaking us out of our comfort zones, prying our fingers from the stuff that is no longer needed/no longer valuable for our highest GROWTH and this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse can kick changes, over the next few weeks and months, into a higher gear.

There are many reasons to be VERY HOPEFUL with this one.

The Moon's most exact aspect (other than the solar conjunction) is an opportunistic/creative sextile to Mars in Pisces. Mars isn't particularly strong in Pisces and it may take until Mars is past Neptune and Jupiter and gets into his home sign of Aries toward the end of May, that things really GET GOING, but GET GOING things will. Events will conspire that require ACTION. With Mars going from Pisces to Aries during this lunar cycle - this might be something about the 'dream' spurring us toward starting something new. 

The ruler of this lunation is Venus, exalted in Pisces, and EXACTLY conjunct expansive Jupiter. When Venus meets Jupiter in Pisces (with Neptune nearby!) - pretty much ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. This is likely to be very BENEFICIAL.

The Venus/Jupiter is in the Piscean realm (spirit, dreams, our ancestral inheritances) AND the Moon's energy in Taurus pulls in tangible results - things that make sense/cents - more/new money, more/new resources, more/new values, more/new self-esteem. 

Being a Solar Eclipse amplifies the goodie potential and extends the play of this. 

Keep in mind that applying conjunction to Uranus speaks of the goodies coming through a CHANGE/something unexpected and potentially disruptive/liberating. 

The sextile to Mars speaks of action, with Mars in Pisces this will be kind of drifting/intuitive/creative (maybe restful in some cases) action, probably not directly focused until Mars gets out of the Piscean waters in late May. In this case Pisces takes us to Aries, so we won't want to neglect the drifting, dreaming, intuitive, creative, restful stuff! No skipped steps even if the steps look like a nap. 

Keeping this one short and sweet, since we will talk about most of this stuff in the weekly and I am just back from a very Pisces-style trippy trip and need to adjust back into reality a bit. 

I hope something here is helpful - back tomorrow morning with the weekly and we will get caught up with everything BIG PICTURE in some other posts next week!

xo all

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