weekly astrology forecast | May 9th to 15th, 2022 - Jupiter into Aries, Mercury stations retrograde, huge energetic shifts, starting something big, changing our minds



Another week in the Eclipse spin cycle! 

With Jupiter's jump into fiery Aries the same day Mercury stations retrograde - we've got this HUGE push into something new or expansive - GO BIG OR GO HOME - at the same time we need to double-check information/are advised to BE CAUTIOUS.

WTH! Talk about mixed messages.


Cautious won't get us anywhere with Jupiter in Aries, but big leaps with Mercury retrograde usually end up with us having to do something all over again or stuck in a mess of our own creation. We are going to have to work both ends of this somehow with one eye on that game-changer Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at the end of the week.


We have to be SMART. 


Luckily we've got both the Sun and Mars interacting with the North Node this week, so we should have some CLUES to work with. 

Let's scope out the week!

TUESDAY - Mercury stations retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries!

FRIDAY - Sun conjunct North Node

SATURDAY - Mars sextile North Node

SUNDAY - Venus conjuncts Chiron, Sun squares Saturn, Sun sextiles Neptune, Ceres enters Cancer


TUESDAY, MAY 10TH - Mercury stations retrograde, Jupiter enters Aries


Mercury, at 7:47AM EDT, at 4 degrees Gemini, turns around. Hold up. We missed something. Time to re-think, re-examine, re-visit, re-vise. In Gemini, we will be re-evaluating ideas, conversations, facts. Communications/information/situations from the past can come back around.


We know the Mercury retrograde drill. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS. The details are what will trip us up with Mercury retrograde in Gemini. We lose the thread, things unravel. We keep an eye on the thread we make a nice pillow for Grandma - you get the idea. Also have a back-up plan/plan B and give people multiple options.


Now, Mercury retrograde in Gemini, his/her own sign isn't such a bad thing. He is only answering to himself, so there is no looking at what the ruler of the sign he is in is doing. We know what Mercury is doing. He is retrograde. 


Also, he doesn't have any repeating squares or oppositions, so mostly the stuff we are going back over, to re-vise, re-think, re-view, etc, are things like plans, information, ideas, OPPORTUNITIES. 

Just know that things can get a bit wonky with Mercury retrograde, especially the stuff he rules - communication, information, tech, siblings, transportation, local community, commerce, travel - BECAUSE there is no additional dispositor to kind of smooth things over. 


So, yes, the positive that we only have Mercury/Gemini to deal with (for the first couple weeks) is also the negative, because it will be all Mercury/Gemini for the first couple weeks.


We MUST re-check those emails before hitting send. We MUST take a breath before saying something we might regret. We MUST measure twice and cut once. If we can make the most of this 'change of direction' and do the "re's" as they apply to us then by the time he backs into Taurus on May 22nd and our re-vised ideas/information/communications gets more sticky/solid we will be ready for that.


On the other hand if we just continue to plow full steam ahead right now, we might get stuck in the mud THEN. Keep this in mind. It's not the time to make any big decisions that can't be FLEXIBLE. 

This is all kind of tricky with Jupiter's entry into fiery Aries on the same day, because this can make us want to jump into something new or expand something into something BIGGER and Mercury is saying - hold on, let's REVIEW THIS. There could be more/better options - let's think about this. New can be a good thing, bigger can be a good thing, but let's get our ducks in a row, let's not totally commit to something JUST QUITE YET.

BIG post on Jupiter in Aries coming early this week. 


Jupiter last crossed from the last degree of Pisces to the first degree of Aries on June 6, 2010 - started totally over again, you might say - so, there could be some connections from then to what we have going on now. Jupiter in Aries speaks of STARTING SOMETHING BIG. Being BRAVER. Being FASTER. Being more MASCULINE. Being BOLDER. Taking more ACTION. Being more NEW.


Once Jupiter gets into Aries THINGS CAN HAPPEN FAST!


This will be about our Aries house theme (and the placement of our natal Mars) - the space where we have always had to fight/stand up for ourselves, always had to walk through that door alone, always had to initiate, be brave, be motivated in order to get things done. 


Now here, for the first time since 2010-2011 is a BIG gulp of 'go big or go home' confident/optimistic Jupiter OOMPH!


The caveat here, and we'll talk all about this in its own post, is Jupiter can be over-the-top at times and that Mercury retrograde on the same day is advising we allow ourselves some time to RE-VIEW the FACTS. Yes, this requires our mind be sort of split in two, but with Mercury in Gemini, this is pretty much what is happening (and how it is anyway, hemispherically speaking), so there's THAT. 

Also keep in mind, Jupiter will be in Aries WAY LONGER than Mercury will be retrograde.


FRIDAY, MAY 13TH - Sun conjunct North Node


The Sun, at powerful 22 degrees Taurus meets the North Node. Here is a light on our best path forward. Pay attention. Significant developments - maybe regarding resources, money, our values or self-esteem can be spotlighted. 

Note the Sun is applying to Sunday's square to Saturn and sextile to Neptune, so we are encouraged to use our imagination/intuition and know there will be some limits/responsibilities/hard work required with whatever path is potentially opening up now.


SATURDAY, MAY 14TH - Mars sextile North Node


Here is where we are taking action, and Mars is still in Pisces, so the action might be more of a dreamy/imaginative nature - toward our best path forward. Sextiles are creative opportunities and require some effort, but things can fall right into place. Smooth flow to something more simple/stable/comfortable/satisfying. Note - Mars is trining the South Node at the same time, so something we are needing to release can slip right through our fingers/drift away.

SUNDAY, MAY 15TH - Venus conjuncts Chiron, Sun squares Saturn, Sun sextiles Neptune, Ceres enters Cancer


A complicated sky as we make our way toward Monday's BIG Eclipse.


Venus/Chiron can be about attracting something HEALING. This might speak of being brave enough to love or brave enough to be vulnerable and the healing that can come through that. IN AN INSTANT. The Sun's square to Saturn brings a reality check/limit (maybe regarding our finances/resources/self-esteem and groups or authority) while the sextile to Neptune reinforces the Venus/Chiron's healing/forgiving/compassionate/creative vibe. Ceres move into Cancer will start to make traditional nurturing feel more more nurturing. We'll talk about her/this in a follow-up Goddess post. 


MONDAY, MAY 16TH - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


On Monday, May 16th the Scorpio Moon will oppose the Taurus Sun at 25 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon, happening close enough to the Moon's Nodes makes this one a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is the bookend to the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago. 


We will start feeling the Eclipse as we get to the end of this week and will talk about it in its own post in a few days.

xo all  

artwork by the talented kelogsloops

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