weekly astrology forecast | May 23 - 29th, 2022 - opportunities to go big, changes of direction and focus, obsessive wants, needing to stay flexible and keep going



This is another important week!


Lots of opportunities as whatever got held up back at the end of April, or maybe just a couple weeks ago, starts moving (it's still not forward ho with Mercury retrograde, but there is movement). 


THREE inner planets change signs, one backing out of his/her home sign and the other two coming home. Expect CHANGES of conversation, activity level, changes around what we want/need. STAY FLEXIBLE. The energy is ripe for BIG MOVES. 

For asserting our right to be here/to be noticed. 


The biggest challenge this week is probably the Venus/Pluto obsessions/power play toward the end of the work week - at its best we really, really want something and will do whatever it takes to get it. The 'whatever it takes' is where things might take a wrong turn. Relationships and money can get intense/complicated. Jealousy can rear its ugly head. The wrong things could be very hard to resist. Stay frosty.


MONDAY - Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars

TUESDAY - Venus sextile Saturn, Mars enters Aries, Vesta enters Pisces

WEDNESDAY - Mercury trine Pluto

FRIDAY - Venus square Pluto 

SATURDAY - Venus enters Taurus

SUNDAY - Mars conjunct Jupiter

On MONDAY, the Sun, at 2 degrees Gemini, sextiles Jupiter in Aries AND Mercury, retrograde at 29 Taurus sextiles Mars in Pisces

The Sun/Jupiter is confidence. GOOD TIMING. GOING FOR IT. We are emboldened/ready to WIN. Sextiles are smooth aspects, air and fire mean things can TAKE OFF/expand in productive ways. Jupiter in Aries encourages independence/big STARTS. 


At the same time Mercury, has backed into Taurus and sextiles Mars at the end of Pisces. Another smooth aspect - our words/the information/the tech/transportation, sibling or local community issue (Mercury is retrograde so this could be a repeat conversation, situation that was postponed, etc) and our actions are WORKING TOGETHER. Mars is still in Pisces at this time, so we are trusting our intuition, taking inspired action. Making the dream real/practical. 

Mercury's retrograde season switches gears as he moves from air to earth - we are still prompted to re-think, re-view, re-vise, etc, but our attention might turn to more solid/practical matters - our material situation/how we got to where we are. This should get a bit smoother this weekend when Venus, Mercury is answering to her now, comes home to Taurus.

On TUESDAY, Venus, at 25 degrees Aries, sextiles Saturn, while both Vesta and Mars change signs. 

Venus/Saturn is STABILIZING. What we want/what we are attracting is smoothly anchored in REALITY. Limits are helpful. Responsibilities grounding. We are focused on getting what we want. Interactions with authority can go well. 

This is also the day, Vesta moves over to ethereal Pisces and Mars comes home to Aries. Vesta in Pisces will bring a focus/intensity to our natal Pisces house theme or the collective themes of - spirituality, the past, mental health, medication, meditation, art, music, healing. We will talk about this as we move through it.

Mars into Aries is good news for all of us. This is Mars home sign and after all these weeks floating through Pisces, he (as we) will be very happy for the increased momentum/energy/passion. Mars hasn't been home to Aries since 2020 when he retrograded there for 6 months - yes, even Mars was sent to his room in 2020 - so this is going to be very helpful.

Aries is the energy we incarnate through - it is us being born. Pushing our way into our very existence. Starting out all alone. It is our hero's journey. Our "I am". In Aries, Mars is strong, willful, passionate, impulsive - and at his most Mars-y

(which is something like ballsy only more like BALLSY - I am talking bowling and not tennis here),


Mars is the first planet outside our Earth's orbit. Our other inner/personal planets, Mercury and Venus are closer to the center, and, so, visually they travel with the Sun - they never get too far away - but Mars is a fellow who likes his independence.

He isn't constrained by the Sun in the same way Mercury and Venus are. Ruler of brave and independent Aries he mostly does what he wants. In Roman mythology, Mars was the son of Juno and Jupiter (in Greek mythology he was the God Ares). We think of Mars as the God of War, because he is, but his ancient role - as a fertility God and protector of crops and animals (herds), might be something for us to keep in mind now, too, as he moves back to his home turf.

In our natal chart Mars rules our Aries house and also is influenced by/and influences the sign and house he calls home. Mars is about our will, our ambition, our action, our passion, our physical self, our selfishness, our rage. His house placement and rulership lets us know what battles we are going to face in this lifetime - the spaces where, if we are not assertive and active (without being a self-centered, irritable, impulsive, angry assholes), we will find ourselves steamrolled or in continued stress until we take action/stand up for ourselves/have COURAGE.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury, retrograding at 28 degrees Taurus, trines Pluto (also retrograde)

So, here is the Mercury/Pluto trine - a repeating aspect - with BOTH planets retrograde. Powerful conversations/ideas are possible now. Words are our super-power. Some will be thinking about revenge - especially in regards to finances/relationships/resources or competitive situations/power plays. If you are looking to persuade - a softer style of manipulation, and be careful with this - someone of something, particularly something with its roots in the PAST, well, today's your day. Secrets can come out, and remember words are powerful now, so think before speaking. Double check communications before hitting that send button.

When we have an Earth trine, it is always a good time to "ground" ourselves. Things like - hands in the actual dirt, bare feet on grass tend to be helpful. Even handling money - with care, of course - is grounding. 


On FRIDAY, Venus, at 28 degrees, makes her final aspect in Aries, the sign of her detriment - a square to powerful Pluto (retrograde in Cappy). 


This energy, especially with Venus, so out of sorts, could make it easy, for us and others, to RAGE if we are not getting what we want/if something seems unfair. We can be driven by COMPULSIONS now. There can be POWER-STRUGGLES. Pluto squares are intended to be destructive/dredge up old fears. Bridges get burned. Babies tossed out with dirty bath water. This is powered up in negative ways by both planets not being at their best right now and in the no-man's land of the hail-mary plays tossed out in final degrees of signs. Know if you are feeling this POWERLESSNESS, this, too, will pass and we will be better off if we manage ourselves well in spite of it. Keep in mind, too, that by tomorrow Venus will be home in Taurus and on her way to a nice smooth trine with Pluto on June 21st. Every dog gets his day. 


On SATURDAY, Venus comes home to Taurus. Venus loves (and rules) Taurus. After her weeks in Aries trying to be a lover and a fighter, she is quite content to settle into herself again. Taurus suns and rising signs get more attractive (both physically attractive and more able to attract).

For everyone, this transit, particularly when coupled with Mercury's retrograde mud, can help us really appreciate what is right in front of us.

Taurus is a fertile earth sign. She is the earth in a sense. Taurus rules our 2nd house of love, money and values. Where is Taurus in your natal chart? This space is about to receive its annual visit from Venus (beauty, love, self-esteem, values, women). 

How can we make her feel more welcome?

Taurus is the sign of comfort. She values simplicity - fancy or complicated embellishments just get in the way of true comfort. It gets easier to see (and feel) that now. With Venus here until June 22nd what we want and what we need are fused into the same thing. The power and real beauty of Venus in Taurus is a deep seeded belief that everything we need is available to us. Either we have it, or we can attract it, if we believe we are worth it.


Now, two of our three inner planets are in their home signs!


On SUNDAY, Mars at 3 degrees Aries meets up with Jupiter. You will be able to see them together just before sunrise and although they will only be about a planet's length from each other from our view on Earth, they are actually millions of miles apart.


Maybe NOW is where we begin to feel Jupiter in Aries. Mars comes along and lights a fire under him. Here is what I want to do. Here is what I am going to do. Here is what I am doing. Our actions get BIGGER. There is courage here. We can face whatever it is we are facing HEAD ON. Good energy to travel/step outside comfortable spaces. 

Mars - the way we get what we want, our action and initiative, our passion, our anger, our young fiery male energy - meets expansive and lucky Jupiter (think Santa Claus here).

What did you want for Christmas? This is very good energy to work with something that will require physical strength, energy and initiative.

This is confidence (Jupiter) meeting courage (Mars). This is fighting (Mars) for what we believe in (Jupiter). This is making (Mars) our own luck (Jupiter). 

And, yes, this could be might (Mars) makes right (Jupiter) and leaping (Mars) before we look (Jupiter) and more (Jupiter) anger/violence (Mars) - there are always flies dear reader.  

This is a brave (Mars) journey (Jupiter). This is our brave journey. All of us on Planet Earth.

As always with Jupiter, the fly in the ointment is taking things too far or taking on too much. With Mars the fly would be us/or someone else flying off the handle - then the handle is broken and we have to shovel the snow with our bare hands (yes, I am back to thinking about Christmas and it's 90 degrees as I type this, so go figure). We could also overdo it and actually get physically hurt.

I hope something here is helpful. 

xo all

artwork by the talented Doringota

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