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I wrote this about a week ago, but somehow it didn't get posted. 


This is all still in play, and although some of it has dispersed a bit, much hasn't and it might still pay off to think about. We talked about the Goddesses' relationship with the collective's current conflicts, but not as much about our personal lives and it always pays to keep in mind that everything that is happening OUT THERE is happening within us, too. 

With Venus, this week, making her annual exit from Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, for Aries, the sign of her fall (since she rules Aries polarity sign of Libra) we will find there is a kind of collective/personal feminine "fall". Sometimes this will play out through something or multiple somethings that catch our collective attention and it will also play out in our personal lives. 


Women losing power, women fighting amongst themselves, female scapegoats, feminine dysfunction, maybe the feminine energy in some kind of power struggle/struggle for AIR. 

(a similar thing happens with masculine energy when Mars leaves Aries for Taurus)

Whatever this is, it won't be 'black and white', 'good guys and bad guys' at all. Not with the Eclipse spin cycle's reset pulling in Uranus, Ceres squaring Neptune and sextiling Eris and Black Moon Lilith's recent entry into Luna's 'home and family' territory. Not to mention rebellious Black Moon Lilith is now answering to the 'moody' Moon who changes signs every two and a half days. And Ceres' trine to Saturn pulling in groups and responsibilities.

People, maybe especially women, but not always, stirring the pot. Getting riled up over all the wrong things. And sometimes pots that seem to stir themselves. We might think someone, maybe a group of someones, is against us and actually we don't have the whole story/can't see things clearly (Pisces!). 

The energy is ripe for MISUNDERSTANDINGS.  

If we are triggered, and we could be on any side of this thing - maybe feeling slighted or ganged up on or not understood or being accused of something we don't think we have done, etc - thinking about other times we have faced something similar, seeing what we can learn from this, seeing if we are over-reacting NOW because of something back THEN, can help. Some bridges will be burned and that won't always be a bad thing, but we don't have to burn down the house, too. Keep in mind things aren't exactly what we are thinking they are. 


Maybe the good guys white hats are dirty and the bad guys are helping little old ladies across the street. 

It's not a time to be too damn certain. 

Black Moon Lilith's transit of Cancer is a long transit. Through January 2023. Old family dramas will be stirred up. Arguments. The things we've run away from will be drawing us home or landing on our doorstep with a THUD. Our insecurities might be activated. Our vulnerabilities/the spaces we have lacked nurturing. Our hidden emotional history. Wounded mothers and wounded mothers who have wounded their children. Feeling unsafe/maybe unwanted. Childhood traumas. Toxic roots. Tribal ugliness. The ways we've passed on what we wish we hadn't and what we can do about it. Maybe something about the myth of the noble/self-sacrificing empath/martyr in here, too. The need to take care of ourselves/give ourselves what we need/mother ourselves now. 


This will be a rich, sometimes painful transit and we will learn and grow alot. 

And this is making me think I need to take a look at the Depp/Heard charts. I am sure we will see many connections to the Goddesses between them. Whenever things capture the collective attention/become a zeitgeist for the rest of us, it pays to REALLY look at them.

Vesta is in a T-Square with the Nodes of Fate. Even in the Eclipse spin cycle and with so much in-flux, it's clear our sacred focus matters. It's important for us to know what's most important to us. From Vesta's perch in Uranus ruled Aquarius, she, too, is showing us something ELSE. Something new to care about. Her meeting with Saturn this week can have us feeling what we are missing/losing, feeling what is restricting/limiting us/limiting humanity. 


As the feminine energy rises and Chiron in Aries works his painful magic on the wounded masculine - we will see more and more clearly the way what is stuffed into pretty little boxes became/becomes ugly/distorted, controlling/manipulative. Can we hold space for the female shadow? Without judgment? We have embraced the Goddess as victim (#metoo), but that's the same old story really.

In between Eclipses is a good time to think about what we do and what we become when our light is trapped, when our natural relationship with light and dark has become polluted. The current situation is not sustainable. If the Taurus Solar Eclipse has a central core, it’s about sustainability. And that sustainability demands that we face the trauma in our shared DNA codes and find a new way to relate to each other. Feminine and masculine. This is a deep and powerful shift.

Anyhoo, we are expecting a rainy weekend and I am looking forward to getting a big picture up!


xo all 

artwork by the talented Tattersail

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