Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio | May 16th, 2022 - serious situations, permanent endings, choosing our response, deciding what gets built when the dust settles

On Monday, May 16th, 2022 at 12:11AM EDT the Scorpio Moon opposes the Taurus Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Scorpio. Happening very near the Moon's nodes makes this one a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

(NASA will feature the Eclipse live on youtube HERE)

Tonight's Scorpio Eclipse is the final chapter of a very POWERFUL Spring Eclipse cycle. This is a very challenging and emotional Full Moon. Almost everyone has had some kind of intense 'life and death' experience over the past couple weeks (or is about to). No one is standing in the same shoes they were wearing one month ago. 

Eclipse events are karmic cosmic resets. 

I am still sick today - take care of yourselves Scorpio risings (!), this Eclipse is happening in your first house of your physical body (also Virgo risings with that Saturn 6th house and Taurus/Libra risings with the Venus/Chiron - actually everyone take care of yourself!). My brain/focus isn't up to snuff, so this will be shorter than usual. 


Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon, at 25 degrees Scorpio is opposing the Sun at 25 Taurus. The Moon is conjunct asteroid karma. The Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (applying/in the future) and squares the Saturn/Vesta conjunction in Aquarius (unwinding/in the past). Mars is conjunct Neptune - to be exact within days. The Moon is conjunct the South Node of what is ripe for RELEASE, the Sun is conjunct the North Node of our best path forward. 


The Moon conjunct karma speaks of a 'cause and effect' playing out through Full Moon events. With Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, nearing the end of Pisces (the end of the end) this feels like the completion of a karmic cycle. 

What have we learned?


The Sun/Moon's opposition via the Scorpio/Taurus energies pulls in our nodal axis story-line we first talked about HERE


Full Moons bring things to light/to a culmination, but with Lunar Eclipse Full Moons some things remain hidden. With Scorpio maybe - affairs stay under wraps, financial shenanigans get missed, secrets are taken to THE GRAVE.

As the modern ruler of Scorpio, Pluto rules this lunation and is in a sextile - opportunity - with the Moon. This is good news and is also the Moon's closing aspect promising a positive and EMPOWERING outcome to Eclipse events. 

The Sun's trine to Pluto - exact later this week - gives us a dynamic and potent Earth trine. Once the rot underneath has been exposed by the Full Moon events we will eventually start to focus on what is next. As long as we are building something practical, focusing on long-term stability, growth over time, taking it SLOW, keeping things SIMPLE - we will shine/prosper. We can count on this. Events may require us to step into our own authority or get control of ourselves - Sun/Pluto. 

The square to Saturn/Vesta is more challenging. 


This is tension/frustration, this is in the recent past, but in play with Full Moon events. The square to Saturn speaks of limits/responsibilities - a REALITY CHECK. Maybe involving our responsibilities to a group or our Aquarius house theme. With Vesta nearby, something here has kept us up at night/had our focus/devotion. Saturn in Aquarius speaks of what we can't do/can't have and Vesta in Aquarius points us to something that must be done/attended to/the fire that can't be allowed to go out. 


This is all in the recent past and is somehow at odds with the Eclipse event itself (the serious Scorpio situation, the necessary dis-entanglement, the ending).

Maybe the way through the Saturn square ROADBLOCK/REALITY CHECK is that Mars/Neptune in Pisces which is trining the Moon. 


Using our intuition. Using our imagination. Offering compassion or forgiveness. Using music/art. Praying. Meditating. Chasing the dream/the ghost/the mirage (note - disappointments will come from not seeing situations realistically). Maybe the way through is taking a breather/rest. Some could choose unhealthy escapes here and we want to watch our addictive tendencies and understand how easily one drink can lead to three to thirty.


The best way through this, because with Mars in Pisces everything is certainly NOT within our control - going with the flow - GOING WITH WHAT IS ALREADY SET IN MOTION because something here is out of our hands anyway.


When there are obstacles/blockages/problems it doesn't mean it is always our job to grapple with them. Keep in mind, life is seeking, through us and through Eclipse events, a simpler path forward - THAT TAURUS NORTH NODE. To get to this 'simpler path' - complications, obsessions, drama (and our need for such things) might be removed. During a time of DIS-ENTANGLEMENT maybe when we go in search of solutions/remedies we might extend/prolong the problem. A better way - with that Mars/Neptune - is something more intuitive, more loving. Allowing things to flow/dissolve. Allowing things to move at a more gentle pace. Think about the way water solves problems/makes changes.

The more we can release the Scorpio complicated drama. The endless analysis. The third party situations. The debt. The inappropriate intimacies. The need to look under the hood again and again and again. The more we can make things more simple. Save more/make more (spend less). Take things slower. Value ourselves and our existing resources. Use what we already have. The better the next few months, and probably years, will be for us. 

Once we are through this Full Moon cycle (the next two weeks) and get to the end of May 2022, the big events of 2022 will have mostly played out. There will still be big things ahead this year, but they will connect to the things that have ALREADY happened. 

If we can let go of the Scorpio and embrace the Taurus NOW - the events themselves are somewhat out of our hands, but our response isn't - when Uranus meets the North Node at the end of July we will have some good surprises in store for us instead of the chaos we will be dealing with if we continue to remain mired in the Scorpio drama.

xo all

Note - with a 25 degree Eclipse it could pay to look at the iChing Hexagram 25 which is called DIS-ENTANGLEMENT. It teaches that although we expect what we value to stay where we put it (and keep in mind Vesta - what we value - is in unusual and liberating Aquarius, so not so much staying put!), this 'expecting' is a kind of 'imaginary' security. The important stuff/valuables in life are free-roaming/changeable, can't be 'tethered'. 

Mars in Pisces is like trying to hold onto water anyway, the tighter our grip, the less water we will be left with. The iChing teaches that to be 'entangled' is to get caught up in futile/groundless things - deluded beliefs, reckless actions or a compulsion to rewrite the past or control the future. 

When we are 'without entanglement' and this feels very much like a theme of this Moon, we recognize what is NOT OURS and we do not take it on. Other people's problems are most often not ours to solve and sometimes bad things happen to us that we didn't cause. 

I hope something here is helpful/healthful to your current circumstances.

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