our wounded children and wounded inner child - the astrology of where we are now and its connections to this summer's fated chaos/changes



Let's take a QUICK big picture look around.


We are coming off a complicated Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that promised, and delivered, intense "life and death" situations. The Moon's energies, being an Eclipse, will be felt for at least 6 months, but begin to unwind a bit after next week's New Moon. We have Mars (ancient ruler of Scorpio) sandwiched between Neptune and Jupiter back in his home sign of Aries. We have a retrograde Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) in trine with Mercury until mid-June.

Venus is almost out of Aries, home to Taurus tomorrow. But first is her challenging square to Pluto. 


Venus met Pluto back on March 3rd, so maybe something that started then is transforming (if we can avoid holding on too tightly) or ending (if we can't). Keep in mind Pluto rules the South Node of the past/where we are now - it is a Scorpian spell that keeps us stuck here through fear, an addiction to complication/to 'more', compulsion, jealousy, manipulation. Venus rules the North Node of where we are needing to go - this is Taurus, something more simple, sustaining, nurturing, healthy. On June 21st, they will form a smooth trine (with Venus in her home sign), keep this date in mind, if you have something challenging now. We talked about this square in the weekly HERE.

The Mercury/Pluto trine - in play now with both planets retrograde - continues through the middle of June. Digging into the details. Big financial information. Complicated conversations. Secrets coming out. Truth. News with Plutonian themes - merged monies, complicated third party situations, death. Mercury rules Gemini and the Sun is in Gemini now and the Gemini New Moon is happening in just a couple days. Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, will station to go direct on June 3rd at the degree where we had the Sun during that Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (on fixed star Algol, this was also the degree of the Moon at last fall's Full Moon in Taurus, also an Eclipse).


For now, Mercury is moving backward, going back to the Eclipse energies (May 16th) to show us a MISSED MESSAGE. Maybe a conversation that needs to be had again. Maybe some information that needs another look or some truth that needs to come out.

Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer along with Ceres. June's voice, too, speaks of wounded children/families. Our wounded inner child. Maybe the wound the child carries when they can't please the parent. Maybe what the child had to do or be or accept to be true (that wasn't) in order to survive. Maybe this is a generational wound. Wounded parents (especially mothers) wounding their children. Hurt people hurting people. We started this conversation HERE.

At the end of July, Uranus is going to meet the North Node at 18 degrees Taurus (A FATED DISRUPTION). Mars, the trigger, will be there, too. 


RIGHT NOW, the end of May/beginning of June, we are very near the mid-point of that MAJOR conjunction at the end of July. That conjunction will be speaking to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer (she will be conjunct Venus and squaring Chiron) - our wounded child/family/tribe, Chiron in Aries - our wounded masculine. Ceres will be with the Leo Sun. The Sun will be trining Jupiter. Mercury will be opposing Saturn and squaring the conjunction, so we'll have a T-Square pointed at the Uranus/North Node. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

And, right now, as Mars meets Jupiter (in an EXACT square to Black Moon Lilith in Cancer) and we move toward that Gemini New Moon (conjunct the U.S. natal Uranus and Biden's natal Saturn (!) and where Mars will station retrograde later this year during the next Eclipse cycle and where Mars will station direct in January 2023 - 2022 being all about 2023) and through the Gemini New Moon two week cycle, this is all ACTIVATED. 

Mars meeting Jupiter this weekend, concludes a cycle that started in March 2020 when Mars triggered the Saturn/Pluto story (time runs out). Saturn ruled that conjunction and was at the final degree of Capricorn. That cycle, ending now, was all about responsibility, working within limits, working with rules, growing up. 

Their meeting this week at 4 degrees Aries starts a VERY DIFFERENT two year cycle. This one is all about new beginnings, approaching things with a beginner's mind, independence, an almost foolish courage, NOT having alot of responsibilities, not having all the answers. So, wherever 4 degrees Aries is in our natal charts we will find GROWTH/expansion/luck over the next two years through something fresh and new. 


(and here in the United States, again we are dealing with another horrific mass shooting of children. The killer's birthday fell on that 'life and death' Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, the day he legally, in Texas, bought himself an assault rifle. If we run an Aries Ingress chart (setting up the astro year) for the town devastated by the events, we find 25 Taurus on the Ascendant, so tightly conjunct the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Sun, malevolent fixed star Algol and the previous Full Moon Lunar Eclipse's Moon plus Mars on the mid-heaven. Transiting Mars is now on the ingress Sun - was at the dangerous final degree of the zodiac at the time of the shooting - Mercury on their ascendant. The transiting Nodes of Fate are on the NRA's powerful Sun/Pluto opposition and transiting Chiron (wound) exactly squaring their Mars/Saturn conjunction. Those Eclipses both could have devastating financial implications/secrets coming out for them. How does a group with 5 million members in a country with more than 250 million adults have this kind of power? We will have to look at their chart's transits/progressions. We could get universal background checks, required national gun safety training and the assault weapons ban back, but we won't beat an organization with Sun/Pluto and Mars/Saturn energy by talking about 'gun control'. Maybe 'gun responsibility'. Whatever happens, the astrology is clear this story won't end here.)


Anyhoo, not sure where I am going with this post today and it feels a bit choppy, so I will wrap it here. 


The New Moon in Gemini post this weekend will make things clearer. 


xo all 

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