Sunday, December 13, 2015

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 14th - the crossroads ...the price we are willing to pay

crossroads by xeneras

On Monday, our Sagittarius Sun squares Jupiter (in Virgo). This aspect could provide a "lucky" opportunity for success but comes with something like a test of character. Big head = big bust with this kind of thing.

The key to working with this energy is not to get too far ahead of ourselves. In its position square to our Sun, Jupiter is testing our ego. Too much of a good thing is still too much. Focus on the groundwork now. We'll channel grandma and let our mantra be "all things in moderation".

We'll plow toward Friday when the same Sagittarius Sun squares the North Node (in Virgo) as he prepares to exit Sagittarius (sniffle) - events will carry us toward a crossroads.

Let's allow this week to play itself out before we make any big decisions if we can.

This is really all about the dream we are building now. Virgo (north node) is our way forward which means we need to move from what is hazy, vague and general toward what is structured, grounded and precise (Virgo).

Mercury (in Capricorn) is out of bounds this week. There will be an element of a lack of control or things, particularly Mercury ruled things (like communications) will be out of our control. Some rules may go out the window. The inmates will be running the asylum. The cat will be away.

We might be able to get away with some rule breaking now, but we will still have to pay the price for our decisions. Our decisions (and dreams), yes, we're back to that crossroads, can go either way now. Boundaries are weakened. We can buckle down and do the work or we can walk away. And so can other people. There are no easy (or correct)  answers.

There is energy this week around "the cost" of what we want and "the price" we will have to pay. These words will probably be floating around us on multiple levels. This will be part of our crossroad/decision making as we decide what we really value now.

In the outer world we have the climate change talks - a decision made, a cost to be paid - we arrive at a crossroads. What do we really value?

The decisions we make in our own lives influence this energy. 

What do we value now? What path are we taking? Are we willing to do the hard work our dreams require? 

As we make the choices now about our own values we impact the same energy that influences worldly events. It can't not influence them. We really are that powerful!

At the end of the week, Venus (in Scorpio) is inconjunct Uranus (in Aries) this could bring a surprise or maybe some kind of pressure around Venus ruled stuff - money, love, women, art - (the things money can buy and the things it can't) - the things we value. The next day Venus trines Chiron (in Pisces) so probably whatever comes up will work itself out somehow or lead to some kind of healing or clearing of the air. We won't be able to have everything we want ... but when have we ever, right?

xo all - will try to do a few dailys as we move through this busy week!


DancingMooney said...

the ego, and the cost. wise to consider...

hope you're selling lots, but hanging in there Cat!


Catherine Ivins said...

You, too Janell - just a couple more days of madness! xo