Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sun into Capricorn - a little bit more light today ....

winter by autruche noire

I am learning (for the last few decades, no wonder I prefer the term human-kind to human-race!) to appreciate the tiny beginnings of things - you know, the ones we miss by either focusing on the other thing, the thing that is ending - or we are so busy skipping ahead to what, if anything, comes after the tiny beginning that we don't get to feel the tiny beginning at all. It becomes only a space in hindsight.

The energies today would be a good time to sit in this space and really know what it feels like to begin. The true beginning where there is just a little more light - no seed, no planting, a time and space many moons from any harvest - just a tiny bit of additional light for the Gods/Creative/God (choose your comfort zone with this) to see us a little more clearly, to see who we are now, to select a dance partner and begin the unconscious part of our journey that lines us up with next.

The creation point.

(the moon is void all day so a good day to kick back if we can or just do routine work if we must)

xo all

Note - Capricorn is the sign of leadership and as we step into this energy now remember we can be easily seduced by the idea of 'self mastery' - we don't want to treat the unconscious or the creative as though it were something to be 'controlled' or 'brought to heel'. The humility of realizing we are really more a tenant in our house than a master of it is what will really feed our soul and connect us with our bigger destiny.


lynn bowes said...

What a great line, Cat - that we are tenants in our house. This reminds me to wear my life like a loose shift, feel the flow. To let the flow, well, flow, nothing tight and constricting. A hard thing to do when I was younger but as I age it becomes easier to quit shaking my fists into the wind. Not a lazier feeling but a freer feeling, especially when I apply it to my artwork.


I've used so much from your postings in the last year as I made the hard transition from metalwork to the more flow-y painting. It has definitely not been easy but suddenly I'm more successful. Weird, huh? Now I have to figure out how to get it into a website and all of that attendant work, but that will come in January. Up to this point I just wanted to get it out there to see how it fared and, lo and behold, it fared well. I must have done the lifework right in the last four or five months?

Thanks for a great year of reading and learning, Cat. I'm really looking forward to the coming year and continuing to grow with you and the Universe. But not Miss Universe - that didn't go so well. =-D

xox :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

Wear life like a loose shift, yes, beautiful. And I agree that we think 'lazy' about things that are receptive and intuitive and flowing and not lazy at all. The divine feminine - the wound of the lost Goddess ...

Miss Universe reminds me of my jury duty last year - the foreman read "not guilty" to a charge that was "undecided" - it was a major charge and the defendant said "thank you God" when the foreman said not guilty, then we all said "wait!" - it was a bad time for the foreman to make a mistake ...

looking forward to next year, too Lynn - thank you for your kind words xo