Take 10 Tuesday - the lazy-girl summer version where we get to 7 this week

1. Are you all in? over at Illuminated Mind

2. It's not time to scale back the gulf oil clean up - is it? over at TreeHugger

3. How much of yourself do you have to reveal to succeed? over at thinktraffic

4. An assistant orders a sandwich at D.A. Wagner

5. Carmen Torbus announces a scholarship contest

6. Brenda shares some tips for selling handknits on Etsy at Phydeaux Designs

7. Rachel's new blog is filled with total gorgeous inspiration!

8. 55 quotes to inspire creativity, innovation and action over at awake at the wheel

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Kendra Zvonik said...

Thanks Cat!
I really enjoyed the post on Illuminated Mind & Rachel's new blog looks fantastic!
Hope you are well & happy! Also hope that the trade show experience was/will be a success for you :)
xo kz

Sherry said...

I'm loving the choices today, Cat. I hope I'll have time for a sandwich and to read them all.



ummm, let me count the ways i love you... 1,2,3,4, 234,700 ways:) you're just awesome cat. making me smile something fierce over here and you know it's been a LONG time. thanks so much- SO SOOOOOO MUCH.