Astrology Forecast for Creatives - Week of February 2nd - shine on

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The big news this week is Tuesday's full moon in where's my spotlight? larger than life Leo which will trine the planet Uranus - our Aquarius sun's ruler and the planet of unpredictability, rebellion and awakening.

So while some who take center stage will go home with the award, writeup in Forbes or Super Bowl trophy, still other people and information could be exposed in a not so rewarding manner in this same cold, blinding spotlight.

The Moon trine Uranus brings radical and innovative energy into the open. In a person's natal chart this aspect brings cutting edge genius that has been refined over many lifetimes and the crazier and more anti-establishment the person behaves, the more people seem to lap it up. 

As a Full Moon transit and with Pluto inconjunct and intensifying everything we'll have some of this going on now - an almost irresistible urge to stand out in some way that bucks authority maybe.

And this "going rogue" is all very raw with rough, rule breaking edges. It can create a backlash. People are not guaranteed to be lapping up something just because a light has been thrown on it now.

The only guarantee is that in some corner of everyone's life (and most especially if you have natal or progressed planets in fixed signs near 15 degrees) a light is being turned on. This aspect brings a strong (Leo is the lion after all) courage to our convictions, but it will often provoke criticism, fear and even envy from more conservative types.

That's how it goes. Aquarian energy is gonna do, what it's gonna do now.

Positive results are best achieved because we want to free, uncover or shine a light on something, not because we want it or us to be appreciated by "the public" or some outside authority.

In the national discourse here in the U.S., our Aquarius sun is definitely influencing the vaccination conversation with detached Aquarius "for the greater good" pushing against rebellious Aquarius "freedom for the individual". Of course, this whole thing feels like more media fear mongering to me - we go from crisis to crisis - Ebola to Isis to .. the measles. We had a blizzard of the century here last week, that dropped ... eight inches.

Bottom line we need to stay grounded with our hearts open to other people who think differently than we do - there is room for all of us. 

There are some Chiron aspects this week that will have many of us focused on health issues and in particular chronic health issues. Last week we had Mars stimulating Chiron and activating our wounded assertiveness. This week it's the Sun's turn to work with Chiron and since our Sun is in Aquarius now which is about our groups - there may be information from members of our flock that is helpful for our own health (or wounded spaces). Maybe somebody says something or refers us somewhere or somehow 'enlightens' us. With Aquarius it could be something very cutting edge and forward thinking. It could be a light bulb moment. Keep ears and eyes open now.

The Sun is opposing Jupiter on Friday. Jupiter is currently retrograde in Leo where he wants everyone in the spotlight (yes, more spotlight talk - it is Superbowl Sunday!). Where's Leo in your birth chart? That's the house where stepping into our authority and our responsibility will get us ready for our close-up and our own center stage attention! When Jupiter starts moving forward again in early April - be ready for some real expansion in this area. If you don't know which house Leo was in when you were born - contact me and I will let you know.

We are already more than half way through this Mercury Retrograde - let's be grateful for this "time out" energy. Let's reflect, re-do and realign with our dreams! xo all


DancingMooney said...

Let's reflect, re-do and realign with our dreams!

Sing it Sister! :)


Catherine Ivins said...

5 more days and we are out of retrograde and so many shifts coming for everyone late march and through april - it's going to be a great year!