Hey YOU, yeah you over there, the world needs your THIS | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 23rd

We kick off the week with the Sun in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius - something requires an adjustment or we hit a bump in the road

(how big a hit we take depends on how fast we are traveling - think of those speed bumps in parking lots - hit them too slow or too quick and we're bouncing off the seat - hit them just right and we slide right over them!)

or maybe there is a feeling that we are running out of time.

This is just Saturn up to his old tricks. Do we really want it? How much? How hard are we willing to work? We might need to slow down, but we probably don't need to stop.

Venus in Aries comes in to form a supportive trine to Saturn (plus we've got a wonderful Taurus Moon squaring Jupiter in Leo - yowza).

We start thinking maybe we really do deserve this thing we want - maybe we really can attract the thing we are after!

Venus rules our 2nd house of values - this is about believing in ourselves and what we deserve (I'm talking to everyone but especially you Aquarius and Pisces!).

Good stuff will come from the work we are doing now.

Mid-week Mars offers up his support by encouraging initiative and action (I'm talking to everyone but especially you Aries!). The Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces - we could get a breakthrough now - maybe that bump in the road turns out to be just a pile of snow, the sun comes out and it melts away. 

With all this powerful energy trining Saturn (authority) - it's a great time to step into any responsibility life offers up for us. If we need to talk to our boss or a powerful client - now's the time to bring the energy we need to get what we want. Who's the boss of us? Oh, yeah we are.

So Monday to Thursday we can get a lot of stuff done - time to PUSH, say YES to opportunities- get work out there. Note: Moon is void Tuesday and Thursday so let's not initiate anything new on those days if we don't have to. Friday - people might be testy, good hookey day, stay in bed, run off to Tahiti - you get the idea. This is not the day to have that authority/power figure talk.

We are in the process of a month long Yod (February 8th through March 9th) also known as a finger of God. A Yod is a configuration of at least 3 planets or points that form a long triangle. People with Yods in their natal charts often have very clearly defined missions in this lifetime - it is a challenging aspect.

For all of us now, this is our fate, karma, destiny calling. It is formed by Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces apexing at Jupiter retrograde in Leo - this is a pretty long Yod and is getting us ready for that final Uranus-Pluto square mid-March.

Think crossroads, mission, key decisions here.

This yod is a finger pointing at us - hey YOU over there, it's YOUR time to do THIS - the world needs your THIS now!

Expect an invitation.

This could be an actual invitation - someone calls us up, asks us to join them, yada yada. 

This could be a dream that grabs hold and won't let go and yes, I mean an actual dream with our eyes closed, drool on our pillow, legs tangled around a dog (this could just be me).

Or this could be something we hear or see that grabs hold of us - yes, that kind of dream

Whatever it is  - we are being called to step forward, step into our own, unique path (yes, even as we partner with others - our days of doing it alone are over), step into our responsibility, step into our spotlight - what we are here to do is calling our name - HOLLA back. Jump in. This is destiny - we are making important choices now.

Heads up to our natal Leo house (where Jupiter is settled in though summer) - this is where the message will show up - if you want to know where that is in your own chart and what it means email me!

xo all


stregata said...

May I ask you to explain about the Jupiter in the Leo house in my chart? I am so thick-headed theses days. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

OK- you have Leo in the 9th house of your natal chart (me, too) - that house is traditionally about long journeys over water, this placement gives you naturally a broad mind and adventurous spirit - you have the planet ruled by the Sun in your Sagittarius ruled house of adventure - in our modern life it rules long distance travel, higher education, psychology, philosophy, legal, astrology, publishing, religion, politics, grandchildren, it's also the 2nd house from the 7th house of partnership so can be about values having to do with a partnership

so this year we have jupiter in leo- it's expanding the leo house of our natal chart - in your case, the 9th house - leo is always the house where we are meant to shine so with jupiter there until summer we get an extra dose of a spotlight thrown on this area - and because jupiter moves in 12 year cycles it's also the start of a new 12 year cycle for that house in your life

now, because we are dealing with the 9th house, traditionally ruled by sagittarius and we have saturn in sagittarius you might have the feeling it is too late to do this thing you could start now or too much work, but this is illusion

in the last few weeks jupiter has aspected chiron - our wounded healer and childhood wound that we heal by healing others. traditonally we think you heal yourself and then you go out and heal others, but it actually works in the opposite way with chiron - a teaching what we need to learn kind of thing

this week we have an aspect with jupiter and pluto (karma, fate) and it's on the world axis - called a yod or finger of God - my thinking with this is that jupiter since it's in leo (where we are meant to shine) is this will be like an invitation to step into something related to our leo work in this lifetime and also connected to our wounding (childhood, past lives)

if its in your heart, its in your chart so to speak

in your chart 9th house so this invitation will come through a 9th house messenger - maybe someone from a foreign land, teacher, student, lawyer, philosopher, minister, priest, even a grandchild - look back at 9th house stuff in 1st paragraph

the 9th house is a cadent, changeable house and with leo there - you want to be inspired

this invitation could be something small - big things aren't always big things - but whatever is offered or heard or seen it would be a good thing to accept now and dive in and anything in your 9th house would be a good place for any expansion to come from - hope this makes sense

Catherine Ivins said...

also 9th house - media, big thinking

Catherine Ivins said...

really the yod is like a finger pointing at us - hey you over there, it's your time to do THIS, the world needs your THIS but invitation sounds nicer I think :)

stregata said...

Thank you so much for explaining this, Cat. Very much appreciated. This will be my focus to ponder today.
Wishing you a wonderful day - hopefully your weather will get warmer soon. xo