Full Moon in Leo, February 3rd - time to ROAR!

rachelle levingston - lion
Think about what a Full Moon looks like - it's the brightest moon; a completely lit circle. There is nothing obscured in the shadows, everything is visible.

During the full moon, something comes to light. 

In February the Full Moon is called the Snow Moon, you can probably guess why and also the Hunger Moon 

(because by this time of year our ancestors provisions were running low and their tummies were rumbling - this is built into our DNA - we are hungering for something, too, now).

This month our Sun is in Aquarius so we know the Full Moon is in Aquarius's polarity sign of Leo.

This is culmination of the Leo New Moon from August, so something from that time is wrapping up now.

Please get out and walk in this Moon - yes, even if it's obscured with cloudy skies and even if it's cold and you are sniffly - Leo is king of the jungle, is ruled by the Sun and loves his spotlight and we could all use a little more light during this long winter. Leo is all about individuation and we are hardwired to allow this Leo Full Moon to bring us the self awareness we need to carry the whole world forward - we just have to be open to it!

With a Leo Full Moon generosity pays off and feels really good - give the other person the benefit of the doubt, an extra big tip, your brightest smile (an old man just smiled at me and totally turned my day around, I need to smile more), the keys to your car (maybe not your actual car, but the keys are a good first step, even lions take baby steps sometimes - although I think it's stealthy baby steps toward their prey, but you get the idea)... whatever it takes, so we are thinking to ourselves holy smokes I can't believe I did that!

This is a big gambler moon since Leo rules the 5th house of creativity and 'taking chances' - just know the rules and what you are putting on the table (with Saturn squaring Pisces we should all be able to keep our heads about us). Expect some drama!

Enjoy your walk in the moonlight! xo all

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