time is the means ..... part I

"Furthering" is the I Ching principle

(one of the meanings of the I in I Ching is "the easy")

of the innately beneficial nature of the Source that nourishes and protects all of us.

Put another way - we can trust that life has our back.

(I am finding it comfortable and comforting to call this source the Creative these days - maybe you will like this word, too, if not just use what you are comfortable with)

Furthering is about stages of development and the vehicle that powers this process is time. Because time is the vehicle - patience, trust (thanks Lynn) and perseverance are necessary.

Now perseverance isn't about trials and tribulations, although there could be trials and tribulations - this is the hero's journey we signed up for after all although the real heroes are maybe not the ones written about in our history books - what perseverance is really about is receptivity.

Through our receptivity we awaken the power of the Creative and draw it into action.

Things become as they should be, (and should is a loaded word and not exactly the right one, but we'll leave it for now) only maybe things move in a slower, more organic manner than what we hoped for. Stuff won't be rushed. We trust the Creative to complete what we initiate. Things go wrong only when we try to do too much or too fast or do it all by ourselves - when we muck up the right timing and start advancing when we need to withdraw or withdrawing when we need to advance.

When we give in to our fears and listen to that voice of doubt - the one that pushes us to take matters into our own hands NOW and causes us to force quick, comfortable conclusions - we are actually competing with this Creative energy

(and this is not a fair fight believe me - it is kind of like we have gotten into the ring with George Foreman and yes, he is swinging punches and electric grills at our head).

We start ourselves down a path of endless corrections.

We have to make adjustment after adjustment just to stay on the path. We hit brick walls and dead ends. Or we get to where we wanted to go and don't even want to be there. We get tired. Because we are using our own finite potential and not tapping into the infinite flow, we burn out.

So how do we run a business (not to mention a life) in today's world from this state of receptivity? How do we know when to withdraw and when to advance? How do we allow the Creative through the vehicle of time to get us where we need to go and still pay the bills and feed the cats? 

(note - the only cat I am actually feeding is myself and so few foods agree with my digestion these days, I have become like a picky 3 year old who only eats one color)

Let's talk about this in a new series and see where it goes ....I don't have the answers but maybe we'll ask a question that opens something up and moves our business a little closer to "the easy".

Here's a story about right timing I wrote about a couple years ago, since this morning is getting away from me and it's still a great example. We all have stories like this.

Up next in Part II - cultivating a waiting attitude


DancingMooney said...

I definitely connected with the planting of seeds theory as well... as a gardener, I tend to dig things up and move them around at the wrong times, knowing I should be leaving them be, and just giving them time, but I want them to be someplace else, or do something else with the space they are in. I am terrible about constantly starting over on things... it's definitely hard to be patient sometimes...

My mom's boyfriend has been sober for over 20 years now, and still lives by the mantra, one day at a time. I've taken it in as well, and try to remind myself of it on days when I am not feeling so go with the flow.

Happy Weekend Cat! (and Lynn!) :)

Hope the weather is not so bad your way!


Catherine Ivins said...

You have a great weekend, too- my niece in WA told me it's 60 degrees there. I hope you have that, too- freezing cold here right now, snow expected tomorrow night but just a couple inches! I have plants I need to move and I never do!! xo

DancingMooney said...

Yep, this is why we live here. :)

stay warm, hot cocoa!