NEW MOON Ramp Up to BIG Energy SHIFT | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 16th

The Moon starts the week in its Balsamic Phase - this supports reflecting and finishing up.

With the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn it will be easy to get caught up in the feeling that busy-ness is needed for our business now.

This isn't true.

Remember our dreams are birthed and given flight from moments of our best selves.

We can't be our best (whole) selves when our thoughts are splintered by nonstop pulls on our attention and our actions are all over the place. We need to center ourselves. We can slow this whole show down. We don't need anyone else's permission to do it

There is pressure and seriousness here but we have the tools to handle it. Mars is a bit worn out in the last degrees of Pisces where the energy, like the fish that often represents it, is slippery and hard to hold on to. 

Attempts at busy-ness now will have us leaping into one project and then drifting off to something else and then coming back all fired up, only to drift off again - when he comes home to Aries later in the week it will be easier to maintain our consistent enthusiasm and focus.

On Wednesday, the energy starts to shift, and we have a New Moon in the very last degree of Aquarius.

Three minutes later (holy mackerel Batman!) the Moon and Sun both move into Pisces.

Energy shifts in "last chance" degrees mean we have all the information we need, it's just a matter of us putting it together. We have three planets in fire signs bringing alchemist (transformative - think base metals into gold here) energy to the "initiation" of whatever we are involved with.

On Thursday, Mars (action) will move home to Aries, Venus follows (money love, values, ability to attract) on Friday. Venus was happier in Pisces - she doesn't like Aries angry outbursts, but passionate pursuits needs a spark and we will now have 5 planets in fire signs. This is big news! Lots of enthusiasm and focused initiative!  

The fire is lit.

Aries is THE sign for starting things. Mars is his ruler, so he’ll be roaring to go. When he meets up with Venus next weekend at 1 degree (more initiation mojo) it adds an extremely positive and potentially lucrative power to the New Moon. Mars united with Venus means our actions blend smoothly with what we want. This is also about the courage to take gentle action.

Normally Aries is so great at getting things started that he burns himself out quickly - this time we've got our hot headed lovers, Mars and Venus, trining Saturn so we've got commitment, staying power, the ability to do what needs to be done to see this thing through and the big dreams of Sagittarius thrown into the mix. There are no guarantees of happily ever after here - these are pretty diverse energies - but they don't get together like this very often and their joining together now starts us on a new two year cycle in Aries!

What are you starting? (more on this in Wednesday's New Moon post)

Heads up we are approaching the last of the seven Pluto Uranus squares in mid March which is going to be a doozy, for each of us individually and for the collective ..... we'll be taking about this soon. 

xo all

If you received or bought any roses for Valentine's Day here is a great post on making rosewater - it would be a good way to clear any stagnant energy in your home or studio before the New Moon - if you run out of time you can also just dry the petals in your oven and put a few in a bowl of water in the rooms you want to clear. This works almost as well.


DancingMooney said...

Definitely feeling all over the place this week... will try to get out into the moon tonight. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

A bath would probably be great, too - I think this Moon is more about Pisces - I'm thinking water will get us centered now!

The energy is all over the place this week and really for the next month or so ...

DancingMooney said...

Ugh, being all over the place is typical for me. Sometimes I just want things to make sense! A bath sounds like a good idea too. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

I do, too - simplicity and ease is highly underrated ...