Astrology Forecast for Creatives - Week of February 9th - today: production and groundhog day style do-overs
Ugh - I've had no internet since Saturday night. Bypassing my router, which didn't work yesterday, is suddenly working, so fingers crossed I stay online. I'm writing a quickie about today and tomorrow now and will expand this post later to include the rest of the week.

The energy looks easy, peasy - it's all Pisces, all the time. The downside - it could make it hard for us to stay on task. We might look back on Friday and realize nothing got done. Set daily goals and stay on top of them if you don't want this to happen. If your schedule allows a little drifting now, go ahead and drift. If you're sick this week, you probably won't miss much.

Today we have our Sun in Aquarius, our Moon is trining our Sun and in peaceful Libra and quincuxing Mars in aspirational Pisces. The Moon is void so this is a great day for productive work and not so great for launches or new beginnings. Since Libra is all about connection and partnership, this nice aspect to some Aquarian (humanitarian) fuel makes working with others more mutually beneficial.

We've got Venus (money, love, values) conjuncting Chiron (wounded healer) today and then tomorrow she is inconjunct with expansive Jupiter.  This is kind of a good and bad mash up. When Venus and Chiron connect in Pisces, there is real opportunity for compassion, healing and attraction to what we need to make this happen (the reason for the 'fill your heart' quote). Those damaged spaces we worked with 10 days ago when Mars was aspecting Chiron are reactivated. People are especially sensitive. Venus stuff can be revealed or not quite what we expected. Jupiter will make the whole thing bigger. Disappointment may be possible with this but so is the reward of connection from sharing our damaged spaces and wounds with others.

Mars (action) can be a little all over the place now as he prepares to lead us into the new astrological year. We may find ourselves having to repeat what we've already done or things getting away from us if we aren't on top of them. With Mercury in the final couple days of his retrograde, this is peak time  for things to get wonky - stuff will start to clear up after Wednesday. xo all


DancingMooney said...

So I guess I will just go with the flow for the next couple days. :)

We are having a crazy storm here right now too... hope you get your internet back soon!

Be safe!


Catherine Ivins said...

going with the flow sounds about right - stay safe in your storm Janell. we had delayed school openings due to icy roads here and it's super cloudy and cold but no storms! xo