SNEAK PEAK - Punch Drunk : Recycled Wine Cork Jewelry

Here's a sneak peak at my new jewelry line with recycled corks and recycled steel. I've named these little babies Punch Drunk.

(yes, after my recent behavior - I blame the wine I've had to consume testing these out - yes, this stuff is hard work, folks - don't hate me)

I ordered these adorable laser cut tags from Ana at All This Wood and love them.

With ocean blue for strength, passionate pink for joy, purple berry for clarity, orange creamsicle for creativity and pistachio green for abundance - they make great little totems for our focus and wonderful gifts to share strength, joy, clarity, creativity and abundance with others - plus they are kick-ass cool, recycled, stackable and fun!

Coming to my online stores and (fingers crossed) a favorite winery near you. I'll pop back in with a coupon code when these beauties are available! xo all


KJ said...

Those are really cute Cat.

I caught your cold despite the mask. :)


Catherine Ivins said...

ugh- feel better Kathy! xo