NEW Moon in Aquarius/Pisces Tonight - well begun is half done

Tonight's New Moon is a bit of a question mark with some astrologers calling it an Aquarius New Moon and others calling it a Pisces New Moon.

It's in the very last degree of Aquarius and moves into Pisces within a couple minutes, so it's either the 2nd Aquarius New Moon this year or the 5th zero degree New Moon in a row!

Either way with Aries coming home to Mars tomorrow it's very potent and an excellent time to clear our heads and set some intentions.

This is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces including our imagination, compassion, releasing victim-hood, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, addictions, lymphatic system, colds, feet, toxicity.

Aquarius rules the new and unusual, genius, ingenuity, computers, friendships at a distance, groups, the internet, detachment, rebelliousness, standing up for what we believe in, the outsider, long range goals, the ankles, veins and circulatory system.

One word about intentions/affirmations/wishes - whatever you feel most comfortable calling them. They can only work when they are written by you and for you. They can't be used to influence the will of anyone else. Also remember after your intentions are released it's important to take appropriate action on things that come our way.  

These are the gifts we've asked for.

For example if we set an intention to become more compassionate - when something happens that enables us to be more compassionate (for example an opportunity to give ourselves a break or to let someone else off the hook) - we notice it (aha this is my opportunity to practice compassion!) - we act on it - we are grateful for the gift we have been given.

INTENTION TIPS: let your intuition guide you, forget logic, clear your head, write what you mean not what you think you should write, write your intentions down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.

Know these things are already yours.

With a New Moon the seeds are placed in the ground - we can't keep digging them up to see what they are doing. Trust that the seeds we have planted know what to do. xo all


lynn bowes said...

Best phrase ever "Seeds are planted. We can't keep digging them up to see how they're doing". Marvelous post for things that are happening now and trusting those seeds is difficult. Patience and letting stuff unfold in its own way in its own time - not my time. Trust and patience.

Catherine Ivins said...

"trust and patience" that's the key to the kingdom - trusting the hidden, creative potential inherent in any situation - the path that will further everyone and everything - open mind, allow it to emerge. xo Lynn