Mercury Moves Direct ... when you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this .. you haven't ... Edison (Aquarius)

I tell myself, "that's it! Not one more astrology post until you write 5 posts about something else!", then I write another astrology post.

They are like potato chips, I can't stop.

This blog now has 1000 posts in almost 8 years. It's totally mind boggling. I've blogged my work, total nonsense, giveaways, tutorials, interviews, Etsy, biz advice, blah, blah, blah. I must have set some kind of record for long winded rambles.

Not that many posts are about astrology, but for the last year it's been almost all astrology all of the time. It could be worse poor reader, at least it's a hobby worth talking about - imagine if I were stamp collecting! It would be all philatelics and gum conditions (what?!) and centering - see you are luckier than you thought you were!

Actually we all are because that pesky Mercury retrograde ends this morning when Mercury moves direct in forward thinking Aquarius. 

Whatever the last three weeks have had us ruminating over will begin to move forward. We could get some news now or the information we need to move forward on our project pops into our head or space. Stuff gets green lighted.

This isn't the time for really major moves quite yet, let Mercury get a little wind beneath his wings, but movement forward will definitely start to happen now. Mercury turns direct at one degree Aquarius which is the same degree of that New Moon back in late January - something from that period or maybe something from late October, will begin to get some traction now.

Mercury will be in Aquarius until mid March which gives us plenty of time to work with this genius, innovative energy. Ideas will pop into the heads that will put them to the best use. Being open minded helps. Innovation seeks access.

Mercury sextiles Saturn until the end of next week - so whatever we are germinating will be carefully and appropriately planned and organized. We are building stuff that lasts now. This week getting clear on our intentions and developing an action plan are our best bets. By next week the energies will all be shifted and this weekend looks like a stormy Valentine's day for many - lots of break ups, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Next week we have a New Moon and Mars moves into Aries - his favorite place to be and a great energy to initiate. Spend the next week getting ready for that! xo all


DancingMooney said...

I did some spring cleaning yesterday and it kept me busy, bu today I wake up and realizing how slow this month has been. I know things will get going again with time but it's heavy to be patient.

"This week getting clear on our intentions and developing an action plan"... sounds right up my alley, Cat! ;)


stregata said...

Well, I don't know about other people, but I love your astrology posts - so please keep them coming.

Catherine Ivins said...

"heavy to be patient" so well said Jannell. Thank you Renate - I won't be stopping! - I just need to better organize so it's more useful. xo to you