I know the captain always goes down with her ship but maybe the ship doesn't have to go down with the captain ....

finch and hare card
It's a good idea to have procedures in place for our businesses in case of an emergency. Start with something simple.

Make a list of email addresses, accounts, passwords, automatic message responses, phone forwarding or remote phone message access - whatever someone else would need to know to take care of, postpone, cancel or dial things down for us if necessary.

Use my emergency procedure form to get started. You can decide how detailed you need this to be.

I was sick for just a couple days this week and I swear every ball I had in the air hit the ground in the 36 hours I was away from the computer. It was like one of those tennis ball machines on fast forward and no one on the other side of the net to lobby back. Some balls had been tossed up so long ago, the chances would seem to be a million to one for them to come back to me at exactly the moment I was unprepared to catch them.

But maybe it's not so freakish.

When we release our attention (and this doesn't have to be our conscious attention) from something we also release our resistance to it. So it makes perfect sense that when my full attention was on my bathroom toilet, I was pretty much resisting nothing - all the minutia that was dragging on my energy was free to snap back at me like a rubberband.

This is one of the reasons the answer comes to us when we are no longer thinking about the problem or no longer need the answer. And the same reason (one of them at least) we can be at work for months, handling hundreds of customer interactions and never have a customer call us about something we have forgotten and then we will go on vacation and within hours our boss gets a call from a customer about something we have forgotten. We've released our energetic line to 'work' and anything resisting release has to snap back.

The fact that it was also the day Mercury went retrograde in Aquarius (my Sun sign) and we had a New Moon in Aquarius a few hours before, just allowed the whole thing to be more dramatic.

finch and hare card
I also learned -

1. Hubs likes having his own room way too much.

We have an extra bedroom. He moved into it as soon as I got sick. And I mean "as soon as" and I mean "moved in" - everything on his side of the room disappeared while I was on my first bathroom run. There must have been moving men, maybe a U-Haul - it was a lot of stuff. I think most guys would have grabbed their pillow and toothbrush.

He'd show up every morning smiling like a cat with a canary breakfast talking about the great night sleep he had (I was starting to wonder if he poisoned my pop-tarts). Then, he'd take one look at my raggedy self and switch gears. How did I feel? Did I need anything? Man, he hated sleeping alone! He didn't fool me. I may have been a different woman yesterday, one who showered and combed her hair, but I wasn't born yesterday.

We really didn't want him to get sick, too, and I wanted him to stay away. But did he have to look so freakin' happy about it? At night he'd stand solemnly in that same doorway telling me how much he missed me and hoped I would feel better tomorrow. Then he'd skip down the hall, I am seriously serious and it was seriously depressing, hugging a bag of pistachios and a copy of Suburban Farmer(?). I must be suffocating the poor guy.

2. Olive thinks she's a cat.

Usually Olive lays in our bed until we throw her out and then sleeps in her own. With two bedroom doors open, both beds with plenty of extra room, George out cold and me distracted, Olive was back and forth, back and forth all night. She was also up and down the stairs and all over the house. She padded around like a cat. I heard her go into the fridge and have a snack. I think she went out for a smoke. She seemed pretty damn happy, too. 

So, everyone's happy except the girl with her head in the john. 

BTW I watched 2 seasons of Selfridge's and The Fall and 1 season of Happy Valley thru Netflix on my Kindle this week and recommend all highly - if you are ever looking for serial shows to watch in a similar predicament, which I hope you don't find yourself in .... (I should warn I'm partial to BBC stuff right now)


lynn bowes said...

I'm sorry. How can you be so sick and so funny at the same time? Sad you have the creeping crud, girl, and I swear I would hold your hair back for you but I think you'd make me laugh even then. Sending chicken soup wishes and ginger ale dreams your way.


stregata said...

Poor girl - as if hugging the loo weren't bad enough. Please get well soon.

DancingMooney said...

So glad you are feeling better Cat, and I agree, how can you be so damned funny, when you're sick?! Xoxo