Full Moon in Cancer - January 4th-5th, 2015! Pluto, Pluto, Pluto! Part I

Full Moon have reputations for high drama. One moment we are on a quiet, late afternoon hike through the park and the next we are howling at the night sky, biceps ripping out of our shirts, running naked through the trees. We don't notice the branches cutting into our feet, the cold winds whipping our ears or the icicles beginning to dangle precariously from our private parts.

The high drama at the Full Moon is about our awakening to something that has been building to a point where we finally notice it. Full moons bring in lots of light, after all, and the werewolves, like us, had lots of little clues, ie wolf bite, growing hairy fingers and pointy canines - that something was amiss long before the full moon beckoned them (and us) into the woods.

We have to remember the full moon is our full point, too. The place in our breathing cycle when we are holding air. We need to exhale before we can take in any more. Howling at the moon (which seems like a good long exhale to me) is not really such a bad idea.

A small example of this energy is this morning I realized, yes, I'm just going to go there, my back was larger than it used to be ... I was like - what the hell is this? I swear I went to bed with one back and woke up with someone else's. Now, of course, based on my recent diet, activity level and tight fitting bras, this is most likely something that has been growing over a period of time. It was already a real thing. On the other hand it only became real for me in the moment I noticed it.

This sudden realization which can be anything from our spouse lying to us, our child failing math, our bank account being overdrawn, Etsy being filled with resellers - you get the idea. And you might be thinking, Hey Cat, can't this thing we are carrying that is suddenly "brought to light" be a good thing. Sure.

We could look at our spouse who just brought us a cup of hot tea, again, and suddenly realize he/she is very thoughtful and that was the one thing we always thought they weren't or the one thing we always said we wanted. Or we might suddenly realize our child, who we were dragging to school last year, has been happily flying out the door every morning this year or our bank account has five hundred dollars more in it than we thought it did and all our outstanding checks are paid or Etsy is filled with resellers now, so we can stop making the stuff that is giving us a carpal tunnel injury and buy some knitted boot toppers or knit headbands on sale at Walmart, add a cute button or ruffle and sell those. Ack!

Anyhoo, this weekend's Full Moon has lots of tricky aspects. It is a completion of the New Moon energies of 2 weeks ago, the culmination of something started at the Cancer New Moon in July, it reconnects us with the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square - will we step back into our old way of thinking or step into our power and responsibility and actually create the life we want?

The urgency we felt back in April about whatever was happening then will be reactivated now. Stuff that survived April and October's eclipse seasons may be rocked again. Social justice and equality, the Libra/Aries axis, Capricorn, Cancer - lots to report with this one, so I will finish it up tomorrow. For now look for repeating patterns, synchronicities and symbolism while I google back reduction exercises ... xo all


DancingMooney said...

Get an exercise ball, the weighted ones that are the size of a basketball, hold the ball in both hands, arms out straight, and do diagonal twists. You should be able to find a pin on my Pinterest in health & wellness... will keep my eyes out for what happens today. ;) xo

Catherine Ivins said...

I have an exercise ball but it is one of those huge bouncy things that always sends me flying into the wall - I will check your pinterest - I was hoping for some kind of miracle back-fat reducer that involves me lying in bed reading my Kindle :)