TOGETHER is Where the Magic Lives - Astrology for Creative People - Thursday, January 15th, 2015

We have the Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo - we need to teach, but also to preach now. With Mercury in Aquarius and preparing to go retrograde - the same old thing will fall on tired ears. This is a great day for productive work!

We still have Mars (in Pisces) square Saturn (in Sagittarius) - think about what happens when a rock is thrown into still water. The water is affected and continues to move long after the stone has landed. Impact can be made by being like that stone now. Saturn is nothing if not patient.

Many of us will meet our first Saturn in Sagittarius (in effect through 2017) obstacle during this transit. Notice what keeps your dreams at bay now especially any kinds of Neptune style escapism.

Let's say you are a guy named Pete and you have a habit of looking at pornography on the internet; maybe a couple hours a day, maybe more, maybe less - whatever it is, it is impacting your ability to do what you came here to do - evolve and live a creative life. Well, maybe last night you had a little tiff with your wife about it. Or maybe you missed your kid's hockey match because of it or were late to work this morning. And maybe this one thing is enough to wake you up and get you back on course - but maybe it's not. So maybe next time your computer breaks down or maybe you are reprimanded at work about it. Maybe you even lose that job. Maybe you even lose that wife. Whatever it takes to close that escape hatch and wake you the hell up will happen during this transit. Saturn doesn't play around.

Pluto square the Nodes of destiny marking a time we make an important choice that affects everyone and it may seem like the individual choices in our individual lives do not connect to the big picture, but there is truly only one of us here - they always do.

Pay attention to what draws our attention in the outer world and in the news now - these are areas we are energetically lining up with.

We have the south node in Aries (ruled by Mars now in Pisces) and the north node in Libra (ruled by Venus now in Aquarius). We will be moving into the Pisces/Virgo polarity later this year so do not have that many more chances this impactful to get this Aries/ Libra stuff right for the collective.

Mental Mercury in forward thinking Aquarius supports us in choosing if we will be brave and strong enough to choose toward the North Node - our collective North Star now.

Whatever decisions and choices we make between now and Monday think about the positives of Libra - EASE, diplomacy, charm, cooperation, partnership, fair play, doing it together. We want to move away from the negatives of Aries - arrogance, impulsiveness, stubbornness, confrontation, doing it alone.

(remember that flock we have been looking for since late summer and early fall that I sure as hell hope we found - well this is it, this door is closing (metaphorically) - if we want to energetically push the collective into more cooperative, balanced behavior - we need to choose this in our own life first)

With Pluto this will be about power issues - how we work with the power story playing out in our own life. On Monday Uranus moves into the South Node and we will release a bunch of stuff. This only happens once every 19 years. It's important. We are making important decisions about our life path now.

Libra is ruled by Venus; Goddess of Love and Aries is ruled by Mars; God of War - which direction is calling to you and what decision / choice are you making now to get you (and the rest of us) there?

xo all


DancingMooney said...

I played with some calculators yesterday and came to the realization that there is no money in soap. I already knew this, but it's sinking in now. (once you figure in eBay and Etsy and PayPal's portion, where is mine?!) If I had a space where I could easily make more of it, or a way to sell more of it... then there is some value there. Or am I just tired of all the making? Trying to stay open and not freak out right now.


Catherine Ivins said...

Ugh! I think a lot of us got all caught up in the making and then at some point we might realize that maybe we have taken on something that undervalues our worth and then we have to deal with that and learn from it. Etsy can't even make money with handmade - hence the sell out of us, how can we expect ourselves to .... we make a business, we make a life, we make connections with other people - you are way bigger than soap, even the delicious and awesome stuff YOU make!

Catherine Ivins said...

maybe delicious is the wrong word here - I haven't actually eaten your soap - although some people think I need my mouth washed out at times! xo

DancingMooney said...

"maybe we have taken on something that undervalues our worth and then we have to deal with that and learn from it."

There is something about 'making a life' and sharing THAT - that's in my heart, I just haven't figured out how to put it all together yet.

Thank you Cat for reminding me that I'm more than just soap. :) I know this, but thank you for reminding me, because I sure needed it. ♥

lynn bowes said...

Huh. I thought maybe I was the only one going through the angst of leaving my metal art behind and focusing on the painting aspect of my work. (Jeez, that's poorly phrased but you get what I mean, I think.) I have been agonizing over this for months and sold nothing online and, frankly, wasn't much interested in etsy. At the same time, I have been so irresistibly drawn to watercolor and pencil and oil that I could care less about metalwork. Wow, I'm not alone? Add to that the sad fact that my very best and favorite gallery in Omaha closed on 31 Dec and that money stream just dried up forcing me somewhat to change course. So change I will. With two jewelry commitments in January and February, the summer shows will be watercolor. Eek. Scared. To. Death.

Srsly. Not the only one . . .

Catherine Ivins said...

You are definitely not the only one Lynn - I don't think it's a coincidence that we all found Etsy at the same time and are all changing directions in some kind of rudderless, messy way at the same time. I am in this group - sort of, they are probably about to evict me for being awol - it's many of the artists who were on the front page of etsy all the time right up until this most recent switch over a couple months ago (I haven't been on the front page in years) and their sales this holiday season were around 50% off last year's numbers. Lots of people are thinking "what's next" - for financial reasons, creative burnout, etc - maybe there is synchronicity in this, too - Etsy enabled these large numbers of creative people to find each other and work from their hearts and now that's no longer working but no one wants to give up this space we have created inside ourselves that was always bigger than Etsy anyway ... so what's next .... "so change I will" you said it. I'm a fixed Aquarius/Scorpio - usually I only change course with every door in front of me nailed shut, working on that .... xo wait are you a sun virgo? I'm not on the right computer - you're in a Lilith transit until August, if you are let me know and I will email you a link to listen to, maybe something in it will be helpful, lots of cutting away of what's not working ...

lynn bowes said...

Yep, that Virgo thing. Lilith transit? I don't think we ever crossed that bridge. Did we?

Funny about that etsy thing you talk about. Yes, so many of us who started at the same time who are exiting the train slowly (but surely) and waiting at a station just looking blankly at the Arrival/Departure board, right? I read thru the forum posts every morning and just shake my head - don't they get it? That train has pulled out. See, I'm okay with watching the caboose fade in the distance and I'm reasonably sure there will be another train coming 'round the bend, but still . . . I need to know that the next one has called in range of the station. No, I need to know that what I have will be accepted on the train. That's more like it, I think.

I had not heard that about etsy's own bottom line off by 50%. I have always gotten the impression that they rely too much on the Brooklyn-esque vibe (I hate that word) and not paid enough attention to "we really need to buckle down to make $$$" thing. Sometimes capitalism isn't a dirty word. Another story for another time.

So. BTW - Rachel's reading? Spot on.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Lynn- I thought Virgo- I will email you that link.

Yeah that was a nice train ride for a while there - same thing happened to me with Ebay and before that my mall carts - I came in one morning and they had moved me from center court to the front of Sears - my customers didn't shop at Sears - I died almost overnight. But there were signs and I chose to wait until the door was nailed shut.

The 50% decline wasn't etsy - I'm sure etsy is doing just fine with their new goods - the 50% was the sellers who were on the front page and now aren't. I'm down 50%, too, but it's been slower - I'm down 50% from 2009, not 2013 and I've a lot of wholesale to make up for it - of course wholesale is double the work ...

thanks for referring Rachel- I'm so glad it was spot on - was worried! xo