New Moon in Aquarius - January 20th, 2015 - Reinventing the "flock"

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Today the Capricorn Sun passes the baton to Aquarius - OK, we've done the work - now let's make it work for all of us.

The Sun moves into Aquarius and the Moon follows.

This is the 4th zero degree New Moon since November. This means we move through the entire 30 degree cycle of Aquarius in 30 days, just as we did with Capricorn, Sagittarius and Scorpio. This makes the whole month a bit more intense and emotional, especially for Aquarius renowned for her detachment. 

This is an opportunity to take a look at how the life we are building fits in with the other lives we share the planet with and move in a more powerful direction of building a space that supports everyone.

It's also an opportunity to stay true to ourselves in the process. 

Aquarians deal with an intense pressure to conform to our culture's established pattern of behavior. This is strongest for Aquarius suns (like me) and rising signs, but we all have this energy in some house in our chart. It's the space where we have certain values, hopes and ways of doing things that are different from the plans society and our flock has for us.

It's the space where conformity is a death sentence and conventionality is a mask.

"I will be sane, even if everyone else thinks I'm crazy" - is my and her motto (and many people do). We just shake it off.

This is excellent energy to think about, and take action on, the groups we choose to support (creative tithing is a practice of trusting life to bring us what we need by releasing what we have in support of others) and the flock(s) we find a home in - this is a great time to go back in and establish our identity within a group and to even re-establish what the group should/could be now.

Setting intentions and making affirmations are two of the early steps to making something happen (the first steps are releasing resistance to it and creating the space for it) people sometimes think of the intention as separate from the action, but intention, particularly when part of a ritual, is action.

It welcomes the thing we are focused on into our energy.

Now is a great time to focus our intentions on Aquarius stuff : friends, the future, humanitarian issues, inventive ideas, trends, goals, technology, freedom, networking and Aquarius health stuff : ankles, calves, circulation, varicose veins, spasms and cramps

Astrologer Jan Spiller suggests writing 10 intentions - she calls then wishes - and 10 is a nice number to work with so I try to go with that. I usually list my affirmations here but this month mine are words I need to write only once and burn - here is a link to an example of affirmations and tips from another month.

Know these things are already yours. xo

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