Full Moon in Cancer Part II - shifting away from what is weighing us down and preventing us from stepping into our own power

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Part I is HERE

On December 23rd, Saturn moved out of Scorpio (that sigh of relief is the fixed signs - Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio exhaling) into Sagittarius. The mutable signs will be dealing with his greatest personal impact now, but it will shift directions and activities for all of us.

Then tonight, to kick 2015 (the Year of the Sheep) off with a bang, we have the first Full Moon of the year; a Full Moon in Cancer - the Wolf Moon. Full Moons shine a light on something or bring a culmination to something that has been expanding in our lives. The work we have done or not done in the past (in particular intentions and activities set into motion at the Cancer New Moon last July) begin to bear fruit or regrets now.

This Moon connects us to the Uranus/Pluto square we have all been working since mid 2012. In the outer world this could show up as revolution, rebellion, protests, stuff coming to light about things being done "for our own good" that don't feel so good. 

Personally, maybe this Full Moon will be the strength we need to release what is no longer working (in particular things that should be comforting or nurturing but are smothering). The key to working with any light and in particular this light is - honesty. Any lies we tell ourselves about what we want and need will surface through loss and defeat or the kind of stifling madness that sends real wolves howling into the night.

Cancer craves security. As human beings we need a certain amount of security to stay sane and functioning. This Moon is square Uranus in Aries so will shine a light on the the areas we feel most insecure or where we are depressed by what someone else needs or wants. Insecurity is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes people will say all they want is to be happy and then take steps that show all they really want is safety and security. This is the kind of dishonesty that backfires on us.

Where does this Full Moon hit in our chart?

This is the space we can use this light to shift away from what is weighing us down and preventing us from using our own energy (we actually always do this to ourselves, but it often looks like - since they mirror us - some other person or some outside situation doing it).

* This wolf quote (which I think has been usurped from a lion quote) was annoying the hell out of me last year as it made its way around Pinterest. I kept reading it as the people's opinions and needs not mattering to the elite that are running things and the various ways this plays out in our lives. Which is probably what it was written to mean. I have to Google it.

The Wolf Moon having all these strong astrological aspects when we are about to kick off the Year of the Sheep makes me think 1. in terms of the elite wolves - they will definitely be losing sleep this year and 2. at their best (wolf totem) wolves represent strength through solitude (sounds like Saturn), commitment to the pack (sounds like Cancer) and courage (sounds like Aries). Maybe just what we need now to live more authentically and create a new kind of stability through freedom. xo all

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