Is this procrastination or preparation? - Astrology for Creatives, Friday January 16th

I received two promotional emails yesterday from coach bloggers about how to stop procrastinating. I guess they are hearing from people who are having trouble getting $hit done.

This is perfectly normal because 1. it's not really the new year until spring, most of us are still kind of hibernating and 2. the astrology has felt like we are driving our car with the parking brake engaged PLUS we are in the waning crescent moon phase and 3. baby, it's cold outside

(and now I am thinking about Bill Cosby - that song has been ruined for me forever)

The waning crescent (Balsamic Moon phase) is our monthly window of opportunity for seeing our life more objectively and becoming more aware of what is important to us. What are our dreams? What larger community goals can we aspire to that will expand vitality, creativity and love in the world? This is a time for resting and gaining inner strength to prepare for a new cycle that starts new week. Not to mention Mercury is stationing about to go retrograde. And we know what that means.

This isn't about procrastination - this is preparation. 

And this doesn't mean we can't get $hit done. We can get a lot of $hit done now, maybe just not as much as we would like to. Maybe not big leap kind of $hit, but lots of little $hit (and when I curse like this, it sounds nicer to pronounce it in your head with an English accent, that's what I do). I designed a new line of jewelry this week and another line popped in my head and more importantly I got my Christmas tree off the front porch. Talk about productive energy!

Yesterday, we had an exact square between Pluto (power) in Capricorn (stability) and the Nodes of Destiny (our collective future). 

This has been building since the Full Moon, so we may have already dealt with these issues - this won't be something new that pops into our life but our way of working with it can be. 

A square to the Nodes is a turning point when we can choose to stay with the South Node’s old agenda (in this case Aries) or move on to the North Node's NORTH STAR (in this case Libra). 

This doesn't make Aries bad or Libra good - but embracing the positive qualities of Libra while releasing the negative qualities of Aries - moves all of us forward now. 

The Mars in Pisces square to Saturn in Sagittarius was exact yesterday, too, narrowing down our options and increasing the pressure. 

Venus and Mercury are coming off a big transition to the Nodes. They are still our best way forward now. Both are in Aquarius.

Aquarius is our bull's eye (where's Aquarius in your natal chart?). So what do we do? We open our eyes. We open our hearts. We take a step backwards and we look at the big picture. Remember Aquarius will always be the unexplored territory.

Next week the Sun moves into Aquarius (wake up fellow Aquarians!), we have a New Moon in Aquarius and Mercury officially goes retrograde in (you guessed it) Aquarius. Cue the Vitamin C, people! And get ready to take some wobbly first steps of liberation in the dark ....


lynn bowes said...

Funny thing, I read thru this blogpost and was thinking about it as I drifted over the Pinterest. Because, well, you know - procrastination and distraction and all. (Oh look, a kitty...) Here's the quote that was on my first page:

"The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."

I always try to link up what happened that something I was thinking about just 'happens' to pop up in front of me. If I could just harness whatever is speaking to me, you know? Damn that elusive energy.

lynn bowes said...

Am I so distracted that I can't spell anymore? Or that none of my words link into coherent sentences?

Catherine Ivins said...

"The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."

the 'rest of your life' line must be written by a 20 something - only someone very young thinks anyone wants to do anything for the rest of their life :)

are you meditating? we get so full, so fast now without it - the good news - you are aquarius rising right? - the good news, we have 2 new moons in aquarius over the next 30 days - lots of initiating energy, the bad news mercury goes retrograde in aquarius - ha!

lynn bowes said...

I kind of glossed over that 'rest of your life' stuff and stopped at the 'work you should be doing' part but I do understand what you say. Then again, all I have is the rest of my life now so I'm taking it at face value -ha!

The good news/bad news thing is an astrologer joke, amiright? =-D

Catherine Ivins said...

yeah me, too - I'm always thinking of this as my last chapter! ack! xo