Hitting the Security Checkpoint - BUSINESS Astrology - Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

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I launched/limped/leaned into the New Year with my only resolution "remember to write 2015 instead of 2014", which I just did several times this morning while writing out a few checks and high fived myself afterwards.

Note if you are reading my blog, this is the kind of person you might be taking advice from - don't say I didn't warn you.

Mercury (communication) makes a sextile to Uranus (revolution) today making it a great time to present new, cutting edge information to people. Stay open. That amazing idea could pop right into your head now. This is an excellent time to meditate. Mental breakthroughs can happen.

We have the Moon in Scorpio trining Neptune (and Mars!) in Pisces - water, water everywhere. Today is a day to process our emotions, take our time, maybe we don't have to be overwhelmed.  There is still a lack of clarity around our actions.

Whether we are working high Neptune (acceptance, forgiveness, intuition, creativity) or shadow Neptune (sacrifice, delusion, escapism, confusion, deception) and most of us are probably working both - with Mars in Neptune squaring Saturn, something is going to hit the security checkpoint. Creative actions will be challenged by Saturn's structure. Escape hatches will be closed. Do we have our creative $hit together? We are asked to take responsibility for our dreams.

This can be a moment of "YES!" we have our photo ID and our suitcase and we push on through and get on that plane or a moment when we stop and head back to the flight information board to check on another flight or head home to get our papers in order. 

It all depends on how we deal with Saturn’s limits. 

If we’re exhausted from trying to force something that was never meant to take off, we’ll probably collapse in a pile at the airport information desk.

Pluto squares the Nodes of Destiny tomorrow and we make an important choice - more on this tonight or early a.m. tomorrow.

Remember everyone is unbalanced. Things are not going back to the way they used to be. We have to learn to somehow work with this chaos and release our desire to control our feeling that something has to be a certain way or else.

We are straddling two eras now, which is a tricky place to stand even for those of us with very long legs, as we move from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius, BTW, is nothing like the song (which is astrologically incorrect) or the play. The hippie movement - lack of boundaries, drugs, mysticism, the music - are all firmly within the Pisces (Neptune ruled) realm. Aquarius rules technology and egalitarianism - it's also a very detached worldview.

So many people have been lulled into a false sense of approaching "heaven on earth" with that damn song! The good news with this living between two eras is we get the positives of both Pisces and Aquarius right now to fix the mess we're in. The downside is we have to deal with the negative polarities of both eras - before we move out of the dark shadow of Virgo's perfectionism we get hit with the dark shadow of Leo's greed.

Life is contrast. Contrast creates the choices that equal freedom - we have to decide if we value freedom over security. And we are still dealing with the Uranus Pluto square until April. This isn't one big decision in the outer world or in our own life, this is many, many little decisions that eventually push all of us over some hill somewhere.

One example - we had a police shooting (multiple) that felt like "now wait a minute the police have to be held accountable they can't just be shooting us" - then we have the police being shot "now wait a minute, we can't just have people shooting our policemen."

Then the police (rebellious Uranus) turn their backs on the mayor (the powers that be Pluto) at the funerals (this is NYC if this isn't on your radar) - then we have a kinder, gentler police force only giving out 1 ticket on New Year's Eve (as opposed to several hundred last year) the result of which I'm sure is hundreds or thousands of partying people (Uranus) who came in contact with police (Pluto) when they were not behaving their best - the drunk revelers, I mean - and coming away with a new opinion (Uranus) of the police but all the news (Pluto) talked about was the loss in city revenue.

We decide - what do we value .... we are defining our worldview all the time. And we all flip from Uranus (rebellion) to Pluto (power structure) as we work with this energy in our own lives ...

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