Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Jan 21-Feb 11, 2015

All the Mercury Retrogrades in 2015 will be in air signs.

This means they will be more about communication breaking down than actual appliances. This month it's in Aquarius and Aquarius rules the internet, so computers, cell phones (I dropped mine yesterday and shattered the screen), Kindles, etc are fair game.

It's important to relook at emails before hitting send, review materials being submitted to clients and bosses, rethink that thing we are about to say that might hurt someone's feelings - you get the idea.

The "re's" rule now. Life is giving us permission to regroup - let's take it.

(the biggest no-no is signing a contract now - postpone these kind of iron clad commitments because we will want to revise things later and this might not be possible)

Was planning to write more - but I am down with the stomach flu - be back soon! xo (through one of those biohazard masks, of course) all


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this morning my internet provider was down...
Sorry to hear you are ill - wishing you speedy recovery.

DancingMooney said...

Our internet was down for a while today too, not kidding. Hope you feel better soon!!

Hopemore Studio said...

Ugh, sorry you are not feeling well!! Hand sanitizer has been my constant companion since November, germs are sneaky.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks guys xo (through the mask again) - I know Angie, I thought I washed my hands a million times, still caught it or it caught me!

KJ said...

Glad you are well enough to check the comments.

You know I re-read, hit send, and then the mistake actually gets processed in my mind. Time to be careful.

Time to take care too- hope you are well down the path to healing. Which reminds me, I heard a podcast this week by Krista Tippet interviewing a woman who studied the interaction between place and health- as in people heal faster with a better view. Here is the link to The Science of Healing Places:

xo back to you too Cat, with a mask of course!

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks for the link Kathy. I'll listen. I love Krista Tippet. I haven't listened to her in awhile. I think you introduced me to her with that Seth interview. That makes total sense. Probably one of the reasons sanitariums worked.

I hear you about the double-check. Every single ball I was juggling hit the ground this week and every ball someone else was holding for me - some things that had been pending for weeks and I was waiting to hear back from people - came back to me, all within that 48 time frame. I think being sick eliminated my resistance because I was all tied up in outcomes and life takes me out of the picture - poof - all this crap was able to sort itself out, without me. Or fall apart, without me. I think you are onto something with place - I still need to move ... I hope you are enjoying NC. I watched 2 seasons of Selfridge's on Netflix and something with Gillian Anderson - both excellent. The Gillian Anderson was a crime drama- of course with the required dead and tortured women, something I usually will not watch, but I admit I got caught up. Hate that a million things happen everyday that do not include a woman being raped and murdered but that's all they can crime dramas about - I'd prefer an Agatha Christie whodunit I admit. But I'm old now. And cranky. And have had almost nothing but grape juice since Tuesday afternoon.

KJ said...

The Gillian Anderson show is from the BBC and is titled The Fall and is really excellent. It not only had dead and tortured women but strong and complex women. I don't watch much TV but I watched that and really enjoyed it.

Nothing wrong with being cranky, I get that way myself.

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes- that's it - The Fall it was excellent. Yes, I think the complex women took my mind off the dead ones. GA was excellent. In one of the first scenes she sat down at a conference table and there was something about the way she interacted that had me thinking she did that just like a man. I have to rewatch that early scene. She was so good. That character wasn't about making other people comfortable - something women get too caught up in. Loved it.