Chasing Venus - BUSINESS Astrology for Tuesday, January 13th
I've decided to move the daily horoscopes back here for a bit since posting in two places is above my energy level and pay grade at the moment and this blog feels a little lonely.

(it's this or I get her a boyfriend and she's very head strong and difficult to please these days)

Maybe since we are approaching my Aquarius Sun season, my freak flag needs to fly! I hope you enjoy them.

Our Libra Moon is void all day and moves into fiesty Scorpio tonight. This is a productive day, but not a good day to launch something brand new. Attractive and creative Venus is sextile impulsive and "out of the blue" Uranus making this a great time to work on "out of the box" ideas for products and processes designed to make money. Venus also connects with Saturn and financial issues. Mercury in Aquarius allows us to see the big picture - what is best for all of us now.

That same balanced Libra Moon encourages us to compromise and keep the peace. We won't be quick to let go of our unconventional wants with the Venus/Uranus aspect, but with the Nodes in the Aries/Libra polarity of doing it alone vs. doing it together - doing it together will bring the most success now. Whatever we are seeing in the world we are living out in our own lives and vice versa. World peace starts in our kitchens and bedrooms.

Mars is in Pisces approaching his exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday.

If we try for big movements, we will feel like we are running in water. Stuff gets slippery. Better to wait this one out if possible - if we must make a move - go with the flow. Imagine ourselves dealing with whatever is happening in a pond of water - think lilypads and dragonflys with this one - deliberate movements and patience are needed. We must stay conscious or we're going under. It may be a pretty place to drown but we will still be dead.
It's difficult to come up with effective solutions when the issues keeps drifting. Direct actions will not work, but our initial focused effort followed by acceptance of whatever which way the waters take us, for now, could bring about favorable results.

On Thursday we will be asked to make a choice. Destiny beckons - more on this tomorrow.

Creative people are being called to be creative now. Where's Venus in your chart? Try chasing her. She's "attractive" and not so hard to catch.

xo all

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KJ said...

Good choice. No need to run two blogs on top of everything else that you want to accomplish.

Hopemore Studio said...

Well now I'm officially nervous about Thursday...;-)

All good stuff here! Love all your posts though I don't get the chance to comment often. Such is life when quickly catching up on blogs before work...rush, rush, rush! Just know I appreciate what you share with us.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Kathy - hey angie! Thursday's square has been building so won't hit us out of the blue and it might even be something subtle that we do that sets something into motion that is very long lasting or it will be something that closes off - we'll just work with these days, especially the 15th-19th, very thoughtfully and consciously