ALL ABOARD the train leaves the station! uh, sort of ... Astrology Forecast for Creatives - Week of January 19th -

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I am going to nix the daily reports in favor of weekly

(although this week I will pop back in with the New Moon & Mercury Retrograde posts)

to get back on track with the goals for my jewelry business and my meditation practice and I've got some business stuff I want to write.

Once I write the daily forecast my brain goes, "OK, writing's done" - it's like a switch I can't flip back and I can't write anything else. Even my to-do lists have been all in my head - a very precarious place for anything these days. I think the weeklys will be better for planning and manifesting anyway.

This week we've got lots of stuff going on - get to sleep early.

We are in revolutionary Aquarius territory now - time to focus on our uniqueness and bring that energy to our groups while we release that tribal instinct that says we must fit in to survive - the only survival gear we need now is what we bring to the table by being ourselves.

On Monday we have Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces. And Venus in Aquarius is opposing Jupiter in Leo. Neptune (strong in Pisces since he rules Pisces - think God of the Sea here) dissolves boundaries. He confuses. He undermines. He mystifies and transcends. Jupiter increases the potential for stuff to expand. In Leo, which is ruled by the Sun and the sign of expansion - he is one happy camper. Throw our actions and energy (Mars) and relationships, projects and money (Venus) into the mix and

there are real opportunities to launch a successful and supported dream project, receive recognition or publicity or wander aimlessly into self-sabotaging neighborhoods and maybe all three ...

(yes, there's always a fly in the ointment, even when it's 20 degrees outside and the nearest fly is 500 miles south)

We are intuitively foundation-ing for our future now.

These energies lead us straight into AQUARIUS - which is an air sign, so think VITAMIN C and getting enough sleep - here are some great long herbal infusion recipes.

On Tuesday the Sun changes signs (bye, bye Capricorn) and we have a New Moon (the final zero degree New Moon, 4th in the series of monthly fresh starts we've had since November). The same day Uranus conjuncts our South Node (Aries). And Uranus rules Aquarius. Are you following this? Well, here's my take on it:

Uranus will end situations that are past their expiration date. He will put us where we need to be by whatever means it takes when we do not have the strength, stamina or foresight to do it ourselves. Aries will lead us into brave new beginnings with extra warrior hutzpa. 

Aquarius makes this all future focused and requires our relationships offer up radical equality, breathing room, innovation and FREEDOM.

(if you don't know hutzpa - don't google it - I could be using it wrong - think: courage, think: sass)

After the murders in Paris this month, millions of people marched the streets of Europe carrying signs that read I AM CHARLIE, to indicate their solidarity with the newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Because the name Charles means "free man" (and we know how powerful the words "I am" are) we had millions of people on the planet, standing in solidarity and proclaiming I AM FREE MAN!

I don't know how many people picked up on this, but it was a monumental, energy shifting, subconscious leap toward freedom for all of us.

However, (yes, here's another damn fly - where the hell are they coming from?) Mercury almost immediately (hours after the New Moon's initiating energy) goes retrograde in Aquarius (where else?) until February 11th and slows down our train - which is probably still in the station getting gassed up.

It doesn't stop us. It just slows us down a bit. So, we get out. We stretch our legs - these coach seats are tight and kind of crampy. We look behind us to make sure we haven't forgotten our bags, our eyeglasses or old Aunt Ida. We check to make sure our wheels aren't hung up somewhere. If they are hung up on Aunt Ida, she does wear those long skirts with those dangerous pleats, maybe we just cut her loose.

In short and less flowery language - we use this time to get our act together and focus our intentions. This isn't a bad thing. So, let's not get all stressed and impatient and turn it into one. Life is short. But it's also long and winding. Time is on our side. 
xo all 

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