Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 28th - look up

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I hope everyone had a nice Easter. I will write about my trip next post, but here is a short update about the week ahead!

OK we begin this week with Saturn standing still; allowing us to refine our approach to whatever we are working on now. The stuff (habits, fears, etc) that is in the way of us getting what we want will become clear to us during this transit.

In Sagittarius, the sign of our beliefs and subjective truths, Saturn's five month retrograde will bring support to the beliefs that are working for us (as internal obstacles become clear to us and we build the patience to work through those external barriers) and clarity about the beliefs we need to release.

What really matters to us? 

Is what we are willing to work for actually worth working for?

If we think what really matters to us is having a "successful" business, we need to get clear about what this means. Because maybe we do have one by the standards that really matter, but are measuring our success by some artificial metric. Or maybe what really matters to us is something else and focusing on that will create the movement that brings the "success" we want/need.

The things we value most are always the things we spend the most time on - what does this tell us about ourselves? If we spend most of our time at a job we dislike maybe we value security/safety above everything else, even our own happiness. What needs to change here?

Saturn rules time, the most valuable gift we get on our journey, and there really are no shortcuts with this. That strawberry patch will bear fruit when that strawberry patch is ready to bear fruit and so will we.

On Monday/Tuesday, Venus conjuncts the South Node (in Pisces) and Mercury (in combative Aries now) trines (brakes off) Saturn in Sagittarius. We will be looking backward with Venus ruled love, values and money and existing structures, rules and commitments will be up for review.

This will be one of the last Piscean situations (healing, addiction, art, romance, spirituality, deception, what is hidden) we have been dealing with since eclipse season started three weeks ago. Pay attention to dreams and synchronicities now. This is about endings and what is happening behind the scenes.

On Wednesday, Mercury (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) and conjuncts Uranus (in Aries) on Thursday. Surprising information will come to light (if you are like me, this hit last week) - it could be upsetting, maybe come through in anger or provoke anger. Either way something will probably hurt. With Mercury in Aries words tend to fly out (or be received) like bullets. Know this. Be sensitive. Conversations/communications with authority figures can be testy.

On Friday, Mercury is inconjunct the North Node in Virgo - the "news" from earlier in the week will need to be factored into our future path. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. Now we know what we are dealing with. Check the details, think like a Virgo, just do the work. xo all

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