Mercury Square Pluto | fallout

drown under by alle design
Mercury (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn). Mercury in Aries gives an edge to our words. Aries is the first sign; the sign of initiation. Aries energy, needing to go where no man has gone before, is, well, kind of, pushy. It's also passionate. And uncompromising. And often angry.

With Mercury (communication, intellect) in Aries we might speak before we think. Yes, our words can be braver and more groundbreaking, but also more thoughtless.

With today's square there is tension and frustration. Squaring Pluto there could be challenges to power dynamics and authority. Maybe jealousy. After last week's Full Moon eclipse relationship shake-ups some spaces could already be sensitive.

We don't have to be silent, but let's think before we speak. If we are courageous enough (Aries is the space in our chart where we need to stand up for ourselves after all) to launch any verbal truth bombs, we best be prepared for the fallout. xo all

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