Mars into Sagittarius | sky's the limit

sky is the limit by zedlord-art

Today we have Mercury (post tomorrow) and Mars BOTH changing signs and squaring each other as they do. It's kind of like an argument that continues from the bedroom into the backyard, but then suddenly we realize we are standing around the backyard in our underwear and the neighbors are looking at us and we forget what we are fighting about ... or maybe we find something bigger to fight about in the backyard, and the neighbors just pull up a chair. It could go either way.

Mars, ruler of Aries and co-ruler (ancient ruler) of Scorpio needs to be doing something. Anything.

He flies out of sharp focused Scorpio today and into big picture, sky's the limit, freedom loving Sagittarius. He's looking for action. Maybe he's even looking for a fight. Actually in Sagittarius he will probably be on a crusade. Our natal Sagittarius house is AWAKE while Mars is visiting. And he is preparing for a LONG visit. He's brought a full set of Samsonite and will be with us until the end of September (minus the weeks Mars will retrograde back into Scorpio - end of May thru early August).

It might be hard to focus our actions now. In Sagittarius, Mars will be eager, revitalized .. and distracted. There's just so much to do. We could find ourselves with several projects going all at once and nothing gets finished. 

He will stir up activity in our natal Sagittarius house and with the themes Sagittarius rules - legal, travel, foreigners, teaching, higher education, media, marketing, publishing, wedding, philosophy or politics (yes, the fighting is about to get even more intense - stay off Facebook!).

It will be easy to go off the rails when people don't agree with us. We need to take the time to think things through. Everyone will be trying to persuade everyone else to see things their way - probably ain't gonna happen. Keep this in mind. The dogmatic spewing of our own "truth" and "wisdom" might not be as welcome as we hoped. It's a good time to take a long look at what we are really fighting for.

With Mars in Sagittarius we will all have more of a tendency to "just wing it" and that may not be a good thing in our "Virgo (attention to detail) is the king of the playground" year.

A good way to work with Mars "antsy-ness" and/or "know-it-all-ness" is exercise - especially the kind that starts with us heading outdoors and ends with us too tired to move.

On the plus side, there is lots of energetic support here to take action toward something very "big picture", and act in big and loving ways toward others - both my Sagittarius rising nieces give the BIGGEST hugs.  We can use this energy to embrace all kinds of newness now. With Sagittarius the sky really is the limit. We are encouraged to set in motion anything that we would want to receive if we were on the receiving end. xo

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