Mercury into Pisces | this is our brain on drugs

floating from a dream by dloraas

Another planet joins the Pisces pile up as we ready for the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday. With Mercury's (communication, intellect) move from Aquarius into Pisces our thinking becomes less stubborn and more flexible. Our focus will not be as razor sharp but seeing the gray areas (as opposed to black and white, good or bad thinking) has its upside, too.

Decisions will become more intuitive and left brained. But the truth can get a little bit stretchy. If we need to make a major decision now it will be hard to tell the facts from the fiction. Stay grounded - meditate!

Mercury, is considered in his detriment in Pisces - he's a Virgo guy and likes things a little more cut and dried. BUT his annual trek through Pisces is excellent energy for artists, healers, fiction writers and everyone working with their imaginations. Muses are standing by!

Our communications and conversations can be more compassionate and inspirational now.

Our Pisces natal house might be the space where we avoid looking at what is really going on. Rose colored glasses and fuzzy edges make everything a little less solid here. Things can be hard to hold onto. It can also be the house of tremendous healing and creativity. Mercury here can open up lines of communication.

Our imaginations will be working overtime. We can use this time glued to a screen watching television or the internet (there are studies that show night time television watchers have less colorful and memorable dreams) or we can use this imaginative energy to lead more creative, intuitive lives.

Also remember Pisces is the South Node collective energy (been there/done that, ready to move on) and Mercury is the ruler of our North Node (Virgo) so having Mercury in this space can usher in a time when we open up to or move past (Pisces) old information (Mercury) in our journey forward or in order to bring some story to its natural conclusion. The victim/martyr/addict energy of Pisces is something we are all releasing now and whatever is ripe for release has a way of bubbling up for us to look at/work through and move past.

xo all

FYI Mercury is the natural ruler of communication, the intellect, siblings, short distance travel, teaching, writing and on the flipside things like nervousness, worry, fidgeting, rationalization, gossip - these areas and our Pisces houses are affected by this transit. 

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