Mercury Conjunct Uranus | flashes of genius, unexpected news

"Here's a terrific exercise that has to do with both geography and point of view: draw a map of where you live, your turf. You know where your house is, where the gas station is, where the mall is, and - if you're virtuous - where the church is. If you're the adventurous type, you know where the vacant lot is where you once set that fire. But soon - past the freeway, or by the railroad tracks - your knowledge stops. Drawing where you are in the world is marvelously helpful in showing you where you are in the world." -  Carolyn See

the way i see it by mellow spring

Mercury (intellect, communication) meets up with Uranus (eccentric, genius, rebel, out of the blue, out of the box) in firey Aries today. It will be harder to concentrate, but easier to be open-minded.

There could be unexpected words delivered like a slap to the face. With Aries, reaction time is rapid so there will be conversations/thoughts interrupted and conclusions jumped to. Nail biters, hair twisters and leg shakers will wear themselves out now. Computers and electronics could get wonky. Patience will be hard to come by.

This could also be the unexpected moment of genius - the flash of insight that offers us a breakthrough. Learning something new now might come in handy in a few months. Think - new and unusual. Think - outside the box. Think - safety first when driving or operating heavy (and not so heavy) machinery ..... xo all

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