Mercury Trine Saturn | devil in the details

"All good things are one thing. Sunsets, schools of philosophy, cathedrals, operas, mountains, horses, poems - all these are mainly disguises. One thing is always walking among us in fancy-dress, in the grey cloak of a church or the green cloak of a meadow."
 - G. K. Chesterton

details in the fabric by apples revenge

Mercury is trine (brakes off) Saturn making this a good day to put our mental faculties to use. This energy allows for excellent concentration and attention to details and we can get a lot of accurate, and otherwise tedious, work done now. Our thinking will be clear and realistic (although we might have a lot of details coming at us).

On the flip side, accurate work will be expected of us and small errors can derail big projects, so we'll double check things now.

We can be taken seriously and gain the respect of other people. With Mercury in Aries for the next couple weeks, we will need to be sure our words are not too aggressive - we can use Saturn to temper this now.

Tomorrow, Mercury will square Pluto; agreements and interactions with authority or established protocols may not go as smoothly. Today is more of a 'green light' day for important conversations and commitments.

If you have need of this energy (good energy to do our taxes!) use it. xo all

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DancingMooney said...

ha! Actually I *am* doing the taxes today... well, getting started. I'm normally not this late in the game, but this month has been a big fog.. nice to be finally coming out of it now.

Hope your trip was lovely, and travel wasn't too challenging.