you can lead a horse to water ....

girl and the sea by liquid sunny day

I am out of town for a few days. Right now we have five planets in water signs - so some space in all our lives is probably feeling "all wet", "washed up", "under water", "like a fish out of water", in "troubled waters" or "uncharted waters" or maybe "mouth-watering" - damn the water idioms are just too good and too many!

We have Jupiter and Pluto in stable earth signs. There is solid ground under all this wetness. 

Tomorrow the Sun (in Pisces), Moon (in Leo) and Mars (in Sagittarius) will form a Grand Trine. This will give all of us some oomph, and courage if needed, with whatever stories need to be heard and whatever narratives we need to finally put to rest.

It also feels like a good time to have a good time, so let's use that for the weekend.

Jupiter is the king of the cosmos right now and sitting uncomfortably in tidy Virgo, we might be feeling like our house is falling apart when we are simply rearranging the furniture. Let's keep it all in perspective and just take care of the things that are right in front of us now - nothing ever seems quite as bad, (or quite as good dammit), the day after and as the Sun moves into firey Aries on Sunday our 'day after' is coming.

I'll be back to write about that next week (plus the Full Moon eclipse!) - xo all


DancingMooney said...

Travel safe and be well! xoxo

Unni Strand said...

Hi Cat.
I hear you!
I feel I have been drowning (!)in this messy house for some time now. Finally, theese days off work for Easter have given some time to catch up with things. My partner has actually (drumroll) been tidying the garden shed! (Nearly finished. Need some coffee too, you know. Probably finished within a couple of days.)
And, I have started reading blogs again. -And blogging. Hopefully it will last.